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How Donald Trump’s tax plan might save Apple billions of dollars

Over the past few years, Apple’s cash hoard has swelled to near unthinkable levels. Per the company’s most recent earnings report, Apple now has more than $237 billion in cash and other securities, anchored of course by the company’s insanely lucrative iPhone. Though the iPhone only has a thin slice… – Continue reading

McDonald’s UK pays £123m in royalties to Luxembourg

The British arm of McDonald’s paid £123m for “franchise rights” last year, as part of a controversial structure that is under investigation for enabling unfair tax avoidance. The European Commission launched a probe last year into whether Luxembourg’s tax arrangements for McDonald’s amounted to illegal state aid, as part of… – Continue reading

OECD official says EU Apple ruling not precedent for future tax cases

A multi-billion euro back tax bill handed to Apple by the European Commission should not be seen as a precedent for future tax cases as it was based on state aid rather than tax law, the OECD official spearheading global tax reform said on Monday. European Union antitrust regulators last… – Continue reading

EU finance ministers to discuss how to make tax policy more evenhanded

European Union countries should better coordinate tax rules to avoid hitting corporations too hard, the Slovak presidency of the European Union has proposed. This would be an effort to provide more balance to an EU campaign against tax avoidance by multinational companies. The proposal will be discussed at an informal… – Continue reading

How Amazon Values Its Tech Assets for Tax Purposes

Regulators in Europe and the US say that the value Amazon places on the technology behind user experience varies radically depending on which appraisal will lower its tax bill. Jeff Bezos’s relentless focus on user experience has helped him make Amazon the most valuable e-commerce company in the world. But… – Continue reading

Disingenuous Statements About Tax From Apple’s Tim Cook

Apple is a major part of why the United States is the world’s leading innovator on new technologies, particularly those involving telecommunications and computers. The company has over 66,000 domestic employees, and a large percentage of its customers are here — at least 40 percent, according to its latest annual… – Continue reading

Tim Cook addresses Apple’s US taxes, says no repatriation without ‘fair rate’

Apple CEO Tim Cook struck back at critics of the iPhone maker’s strategy to avoid paying U.S. taxes, telling The Washington Post in a wide ranging interview that the company would not bring that money back from abroad unless there was a “fair rate.” Along with other multinational companies, the… – Continue reading

Apple’s latest tax avoidance ruse: Tech giant issues $12bn in bonds so that it doesn’t have to move money out of low-tax offshore havens to pay dividends

Apple has sold $12billion in bonds as part of another scheme to lower its tax bill. The tech giant got itself further into debt even though it has $215billion in the bank, more than the US Treasury. California-based Apple sold the bonds under a complicated scheme which is reportedly designed… – Continue reading

Election is the calm in the storm of maintaining a competitive corporate tax regime

When Tim Cook and his two senior Apple colleagues were questioned by a US Senate sub-committee back in May 2013, the headlines generated in the world’s business press were unsettling. Some lawmakers repeatedly characterised Ireland as a tax haven, saying behemoth Apple channelled billions of dollars of global revenues generated… – Continue reading

Apple Steps Up Lobbying Efforts Against European Tax Probe

Apple Inc. is pushing back against an European tax investigation that could force the iPhone maker to pay more than $8 billion in back taxes. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook met with the European Commission’s antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager in Brussels on Thursday to press the company’s case. After the… – Continue reading

3 Stocks to Buy if Chris Christie Becomes President

A Chris Christie administration would likely make shareholders at some major U.S. companies very happy. The two-term New Jersey Governor has called for an array of pro-growth, business-friendly reforms as he bids for the Republican nomination. Christie is in favor of lowering corporate taxes so companies earn more profits, raising… – Continue reading

Apple Inc. (AAPL), Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Agree on This Strategy

Data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shows that at 39%, the U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate among the 20 most developed economies. Yet, the average rate of taxation imposed on the 100 biggest S&P corporations was 28.4% in 2014. Apple and Alphabet paid even lower… – Continue reading

Carl Icahn Forms Super PAC Aimed At Tax Reform

Carl Icahn, the iconic activist investor, has shifted, if only for today, his cross-hairs of contempt from the boardrooms of corporate America to the nation’s capital. Icahn sends members of Congress a word of warning Wednesday saw Carl Icahn warn several members of Congress a letter laying out his plans… – Continue reading