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CF Industries (CF), OCI N.V. Amend Merger Agreement

CF Industries (CF – Analyst Report) and Netherlands-based fertilizers and industrial chemicals producer – OCI N.V. – said that they have amended their merger agreement originally announced in Aug 2015. Under the modified agreement, the jurisdiction of incorporation and tax residency of the new combined company has been changed to… – Continue reading

Abandoned Yahoo Spinoff a Sign That Tax Is Fading as a Deal Driver

Yahoo has reportedly abandoned its plan to spin off its stake in Alibaba. Yahoo’s proposed spinoff had been driven by tax concerns. In a world without taxes, Yahoo could have simply sold its Alibaba shares and distributed the proceeds to shareholders. Yahoo will now concentrate on other strategic options, including… – Continue reading

Why are Tax Inversion” Relocations Accelerating?

Tax inversions — the process of U.S. firms, merging with or buying foreign companies to shift their taxpaying headquarters abroad — have deprived the U.S. Treasury of ever-increasing billions of dollars. Although President Barack Obama promised to take punitive action against companies deliberately engaging in mergers and/or acquisitions for tax… – Continue reading

High U.S. Tax Rates Force American Companies to Flee Overseas

The largest producer of nitrogen-based fertilizer in the United States, CF Industries, is considering merging with a Dutch competitor and moving its headquarters overseas to avoid the “double taxation” of profits earned by overseas subsidiaries going to the domestic company. Curtis Dubay, a tax and economic research fellow with The… – Continue reading