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Australia Urged To Scrap GST On Digital Imports

An Australian taxpayer advocacy group has joined forces with a coalition of international taxpayer organizations and academics to condemn the Government’s plans to abolish the low-value goods and services tax threshold on imports. In separate submissions to the Senate inquiry into the proposes GST changes, the Australian Taxpayers Alliance and… – Continue reading

Etsy facing renewed pressure over Irish tax strategy

Call to strip company of transparency standards certification A leading tax policy advocacy group has called for online retailer Etsy to be stripped of a certification awarded to companies that adhere to strict standards for transparency and social accountability unless it dismantles its offshore tax cutting structure. Last month, Bloomberg… – Continue reading

Will Etsy’s Brazen Tax Avoidance Cost the Company Its “B Corporation” Status?

The online craft website Etsy is facing new scrutiny for its recent decision to shift some of its intellectual property into a secretive Irish subsidiary. As Bloomberg reported last week, the company’s Irish subsidiary has been made into an “unlimited liability corporation,” a form that exists primarily to avoid disclosure… – Continue reading