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IRS plans regulations on non-grantor trusts and new tax law

The Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department issued a notice Friday saying they intend to issue regulations around estates and non-grantor trusts, which may affect one tactic that some wealthy taxpayers have been using to get around the cap on deducting local property taxes under the new tax law…. – Continue reading

Ireland: Holding Companies In Ireland – August 2016

Ireland has become a destination of choice for holding companies due to its capital gains participation exemption, generous foreign tax credit system, membership of the EU, ever expanding double tax treaty (“DTT“) network (72 signed, with 70 in effect), lack of controlled foreign companies legislation, thin capitalisation rules and the… – Continue reading

FATCA documentation for US-based trusts

Introduction Even though a trust may be established under the laws of a US state and have a US trust company serving as trustee (hereinafter a ‘US-based trust’), this does not mean that it is a US domestic trust for income tax purposes. If non-US persons make substantial decisions for… – Continue reading

Tax incentives for small and mid-size companies

Most small and mid-sized companies can qualify for tax incentives if they claim to be developing, engineering, designing, modifying, researching or evaluating new products or product alternatives. Among those incentives is the research and development tax credit. The R&D credit is a way for companies to access cash and reduce… – Continue reading

Cayman copies US tax haven’s limited liability law

Cayman Islands has introduced limited liability company (LLC) legislation that combines the key features of a company and a partnership, intended to increase the structuring options for US investment funds. US clients have reportedly been requesting this legislative development for some time to provide a better match with the Delaware… – Continue reading