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Travelers CEO says U.S. tax policy sends insurers offshore

Congress needs to lower the corporate tax rate from its current 35% to discourage U.S. insurers from moving offshore, according to the head of Travelers Cos. Inc. “Reducing this rate would end a self-defeating policy that distorts corporate behavior, weakens domestic companies and ultimately harms the U.S. economy,” wrote Travelers… – Continue reading

American Dream Relocates to Bermuda, Says Fishman, Blaming Taxes

Jay Fishman, who built New York-based Travelers Cos. into one of the world’s biggest insurers, lamented that disparities in tax rates are pushing established rivals and industry newcomers outside the U.S. Over the past 15 years or so, “we’ve counted 10, 12, maybe even 15 Bermuda-based startups that ultimately became… – Continue reading