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Special investigation: Why it’s not just planes that vanish in Bermuda

Journalist Steve Topple investigates Bermuda-based big business tax avoidance and its links with UK political parties – and even some charities LAST WEEK saw the news emerge that everyone’s favourite search engine, Google, only had to pay £97m in back-tax (not the “major success” of £130m as was first reported)… – Continue reading

How Microsoft moves profits offshore to cut tax bill

SEATTLE — When someone in Seattle buys a copy of Office at a Microsoft Store, that cash doesn’t take the short route to the company’s area headquarters. Instead, after accounting for state taxes, the profit goes to a Microsoft sales subsidiary in Nevada. From there, much of that money begins… – Continue reading

The richest 20 Americans are as wealthy as half of the entire U.S. population combined

 Wealthiest 20 Americans, with combined net worth of $732billion, are as wealthy as half of the U.S. population, new study says  Study found country’s richest 20 people now own more wealth than bottom half of population which is about 152 million people Wealthiest 20 people includes eight founders of corporations,… – Continue reading