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Tackling tax evasion vital in current economic conditions — experts

AMMAN — Addressing tax evasion efficiently has become of vital importance to the state budget and the overall economy in light of Jordan’s current economic conditions, experts agreed on Saturday. Participants in a panel, organised by the Jordan Transparency Society, agreed on the need for stricter inspections and more awareness… – Continue reading

Special tax regime for Non-Habitual Portuguese Resident individuals

Portuguese income tax law provides for a 20% reduced rate and, in respect to income obtained abroad, a full tax exemption, for certain types of income derived by individuals having the status of Non-Habitual Portuguese Residents (NHPR). Any individual that in a certain year becomes tax resident in Portugal will… – Continue reading

The competition of tax rates

A European nation appears “hungry” for business after lowering its corporate tax rate. But what does that say about the United States? Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, has announced the government will introduce a flat corporate tax rate of nine percent, the lowest in the European Union. The average corporate… – Continue reading

Labour and unions demand action on temp agencies’ tax avoidance

Opposition vows to shut down scheme that uses ‘contrived’ financial arrangements to slash national insurance bills Labour and trade unions have called on the government to take action after a Guardian investigation found that an aggressive tax avoidance scheme used by temporary recruitment agencies is depriving the taxpayer of “hundreds… – Continue reading

German chemicals firm BASF avoided nearly €1bn in tax, says report

Network of foreign subsidiaries reported key to €923 million windfall over five years German chemicals manufacturer BASF has been accused of avoiding close to €1 billion of tax. In a report published on Monday, the company is alleged to have used aggressive tax-planning strategies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and… – Continue reading

CBDT signs 5 Unilateral APAs with Indian taxpayers

The APA scheme was initiated in 2012 in the IT Act and in 2014, rollback provisions were introduced. The Dollar Business Bureau The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on Thursday signed five Unilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) with Indian taxpayers, making the total number of APAs to 108. “The… – Continue reading

Ukraine and Luxembourg sign a Protocol modifying their double tax treaty

On 30 September 2016 Ukraine signed a protocol (the “Protocol”) modifying the not-yet-in-force Convention between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income and Capital (the “Convention”)…. – Continue reading

Finnish Royalties To Estonia No Longer Taxed

The Finnish Tax Administration has confirmed that the payment of Finnish-sourced royalties to taxpayers in Estonia are not subject to withholding tax under the Finland’s double tax avoidance treaty with the Baltic state. In a tax administration bulletin issued on October 3, the Finnish tax authority said that as of… – Continue reading

India, Mauritius to discuss revival of FTA, two-way investments today

Top officials from India and Mauritius will meet in Port Louis this week to discuss revival of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations that were suspended three years ago by New Delhi. The talks were suspended to build pressure on Mauritius to expedite the double taxation avoidance agreement. Deliberations on two-way… – Continue reading

Govt likely to issue notices to industrialists for tax evasion

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is likely to issue show cause notices to owners of about 20 industrial units for not paying infrastructure development cess, according to sources. They said that provincial government had levied one per cent infrastructure development cess on imported items. “Now majority of the businessmen have… – Continue reading

City firms could face 100pc fines for helping with tax avoidance

City firms that help businesses run tax avoidance schemes could face huge financial penalties under fresh Government proposals. Banks, accountancy firms and lawyers could be forced to hand over underpaid tax if they are found to have broken the law. Currently, advisers who facilitate tax avoidance by exploiting loopholes and… – Continue reading

Scotland formally calls on UK to close “tax haven” loophole

SCOTLAND has formally called on the UK to close a legal loophole that allows Scottish firms to be used as secret offshore tax shelters. Holyrood politicians have been demanding action on Scotland’s limited partnerships (SLPs) ever since some of the unique corporate arrangements were exposed as Eastern European money-laundering vehicles… – Continue reading

UK offshore companies side-step new transparency rules

Some of Britain’s offshore companies have continued to wriggle out of new transparency restrictions according to research released this weekend. Under rules brought in on 1 July 2016, British companies need to disclose on an annual basis any changes to directors or shareholders – both being deemed “persons of significant… – Continue reading

Equalisation Levy seeks to cast Indian tax net wider

Budget 2016 introduced a new tax called Equalisation Levy (“EL”), aimed at taxing online transactions. EL was originally mooted by the OECD in Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project Final Report on Action 1 – Addressing the Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy (the “Report”). We will examine Equalisation… – Continue reading

Warning against tax evasion: Indonesia to adopt aeoi next year

Indonesia will be among the first to join the group of countries adopting the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) in 2018. AEOI would provide automatic exchange of tax information among the members of the group. All bank accounts in the world would be accessible for taxable assets. Dishonest and greedy… – Continue reading

Ukraine, Austria Increase DTA Withholding Tax Rates

Ukraine and Austria have agreed to sign a protocol to their double taxation agreement to increase withholding tax rates on dividends, interest, and royalty income. The protocol increases the withholding tax rate for dividends and interest to 15 percent and five percent, respectively. Additionally, the royalty rate for patents, trademarks,… – Continue reading

Ashgabat, London sign convention on double taxation avoidance

Turkmenistan and the UK signed an intergovernmental convention in Ashgabat on avoidance of double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion from taxes on income and capital gains, said the Turkmen foreign ministry in a message June 10. According to the ministry, the signing ceremony took place as part of a… – Continue reading

Cyprus says ‘very close’ to revising tax treaty with India

In a step forward, Cyprus has said it is “very close” to revising the bilateral tax treaty with India as the island nation has accepted “in principle” proposals made by the Indian side on taxing capital gains. Cyprus, a source of significant foreign fund flows into the country, said rising… – Continue reading

EAC fail to reach consensus on common tax rates

East African Community member states have failed to reach a deal on a common tax rate as the bloc’s smaller economies worry about significant revenue losses. The failure to harmonise value added tax, income tax and excise tax rates has left the regional bloc deliberating on how to harmonise legislation… – Continue reading

National Assembly’s Procrastination to Lead to Extra Taxes with Korea-US FTA

The National Assembly of South Korea is postponing the ratification of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) for the automatic exchange of South Korean and U.S. taxpayers’ financial information. Under the circumstances, South Korean financial companies are about to be forced to pay more than 600 billion won (US$521… – Continue reading

Irish Revenue Explains Estonia DTC Royalty Tax Changes

The Irish Revenue has issued a brief explaining how the implementation of a most favored nation clause in Ireland’s tax treaty with Estonia will affect the tax treatment of royalties. Ireland’s Double Tax Convention (DTC) with Estonia became effective in 1999. It contains a provision whereby the tax treatment of… – Continue reading

UAE – Jersey trade relations: from a tax haven to taxonomy

As with any offshore financial centre, secrecy has been synonymous with the Channel Islands of Jersey. But the reason for the strong relations between the self-governing British dependency and the United Arab Emirates – still not known to many – is not confidentiality alone. It has not been so long… – Continue reading

LuxLeaks whistleblower trial begins in Luxembourg

The former PwC employee turned whistleblower behind the LuxLeaks scandal that implicated Luxembourg in industrial tax avoidance went on trial in the tiny European duchy on Tuesday. Antoine Deltour, 30, a former auditor at global accounting firm PwC, is accused of stealing documents from his employer before he quit the… – Continue reading

Why We Should Be Really Worried About the Panama Papers

History shows us that tax evasion can have terrible effects, from economic inequality to societal collapse. In a world seemingly inured to financial scandals, the Panama Papers leak has reminded us of their capacity to shock. This huge document dump, which has revealed thousands of offshore accounts held in the… – Continue reading

U.S. Treasury readies new tax rules as G20 vows to fight evasion

The U.S. Treasury Department is finalising new tax rules aimed at combating the use of shell companies to evade taxes, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Saturday amid increased pledges by global finance leaders to cooperate on tax issues. In a statement to the International Monetary Fund’s steering committee,… – Continue reading

Cyprus-India build on ties

Lobby groups and business associations from Cyprus and India are working to build trade relations between the two countries with an eye to a new double taxation agreement that is being negotiated. The two sides see mutual benefits to their cooperation. The Indian High Commissioner Ravi Bangar said in an… – Continue reading

Follow Ireland’s Example on Corporate Tax to Stop Inversions

Ireland’s 12.5 percent corporate tax rate has encouraged several major U.S. companies like Medtronic, Pfizer, Johnson Controls, and Baxalta to move there in tax inversions in recent months, saving them billions of dollars of taxes and protecting themselves from international competition in the process. The U.S. corporate tax rate, on… – Continue reading

Singapore-UAE Tax Treaty Improved

The second Protocol to the double tax agreement between Singapore and the United Arab Emirates entered into force March 16, 2016, and will become effective from January 1, 2017, lowering withholding tax rates and amending permanent establishment rules. The protocol, which was signed in October 2014, revises the terms to… – Continue reading

Withholding tax on digital transactions

THE digital economy has increased opportunities for digital commerce companies to reap substantial sales from a country without establishing a taxable presence in that country. Existing permanent-establishment (PE) rules in both domestic laws and tax treaties require some type of physical presence before a PE is established in another country…. – Continue reading

Offshore Yuan Declines as China Seen Planning Currency Trade Tax

The offshore yuan was set for the biggest two-day decline in six weeks after China’s central bank reduced the currency’s reference rate and policy makers were seen preparing a levy on foreign-exchange transactions. The monetary authority has drafted rules for a so-called Tobin tax in an effort to curb currency… – Continue reading

Talking Tax in Shanghai

In Shanghai, Wolfgang Schäuble is urging his fellow G20 countries to put new rules to tackle tax avoidance into law. Back home, business leaders worry that German companies could be left exposed by the new rules if they are introduced unilaterally or go too far. The finance ministers of the… – Continue reading

Who’s got guts enough to go after Canada’s tax-dodging corporations?

In its time, the Irving empire has had plenty of federal contracts — all of them lucrative, many of them controversial. So it wasn’t a surprise to hear that a federal cabinet committee is reviewing Irving’s $26 billion sole-source (but still unsigned) contract to build a fleet of warships for… – Continue reading

Automatic exchange of financial account information

The Government recently introduced into the Legislative Council a bill to provide a legal framework for the implementation of automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters (“AEOI”). This would have significant implications both for financial institutions and, in a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong, for many of their… – Continue reading

Federal govt authorised to levy sales tax on entire supply chain, manufacturing’

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued a detailed clarification, which clearly defines that the federal government is authorised to levy sales tax on supply and manufacturing of goods, whereas the power to levy sales tax on services have been vested with provinces. The clarification was made in… – Continue reading