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Republicans Take New Tack on Taxing Companies’ Overseas Profits

Democrats are likely to object to the House GOP’s and Donald Trump’s plans for sharply lower rates President Ronald Reagan once chided government’s approach to the economy as following this mantra: “If it moves, tax it.” Today’s Republicans are following Mr. Reagan’s ideas by trying the exact opposite approach. The… – Continue reading

States vie with feds to punish company moves abroad. But does it work?

State lawmakers are getting into the act of demonizing corporate inversions even though there is not much they can do to stop them. Corporate inversions, in which U.S. companies merge with or are acquired by an overseas business, are a hot topic on the campaign trail and in the halls… – Continue reading

Paulson Reinsurer Winds Down After Slump, Tax Criticism

Billionaire John Paulson’s New York hedge fund firm has shut an operation in Bermuda that had been targeted by a Democratic lawmaker as a tax shelter. Paulson’s venture, a reinsurer named PacRe Ltd., has stopped writing new coverage, and its insurance policies have expired, according to two people familiar with… – Continue reading

Hillary Clinton targets ‘Bermuda reinsurance loophole’

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants to end what she calls “the Bermuda reinsurance loophole” as part of her tax program outlined Tuesday. In a factsheet entitled “Investing in America by Restoring Basic Fairness to Our Tax Code” posted on her campaign website, Ms. Clinton says that “high-income money managers… – Continue reading