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The EU just put 3 Arab countries on a ‘blacklist’ of tax havens

Blacklisted nations may face sanctions. The European Union released its first-ever “blacklist” of global tax havens this week, including 17 territories, three of which are Arab countries. Deemed to fall short of EU tax standards, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Bahrain joined American Samoa, Barbados, Grenada, Guam, South Korea,… – Continue reading

Agreement to implement FATCA signed with US

Manama, Jan. 22 (BNA): An agreement was signed between the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Government of the United States of America to improve international tax compliance and implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The agreement was signed by the Minister of Finance, H.E. Shaikh… – Continue reading

Germany and Panama move closer towards information-sharing agreement

Talks on a data exchange agreement have progressed following Panama President Varela’s state visit to Berlin. Panama is looking to clean up its reputation in the aftermath of the “Panama Papers” leak earlier this year. Germany and Panama moved a step closer towards signing an information-sharing agreement, German Chancellor Angela… – Continue reading

Nine Middle East Countries At Risk Of EU Sanctions Over Tax Governance

The European Commission has put nine Middle Eastern and North African countries on notice that they are at risk of measures being taken against them to deter tax avoidance. The nine countries (see table below) are Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates… – Continue reading

India to get tax, banking related info from Seychelles

NEW DELHI: Aiming to curb tax evasion and avoidance, India has operationalised the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with Seychelles, one of the major sources of foreign investment into the country. The agreement will enable the authorities of both nations to provide assistance through exchange of tax and banking information,… – Continue reading

OECD to report on countries’ non-compliance in tax transparency

At the recent G20 meeting in China, finance ministers stressed their support for greater tax transparency, calling for a report from the OECD on the implementation of automatic exchange of information before the end of the year, and stating that by July 2017 it wants a list of non-compliant jurisdictions… – Continue reading

Global Tax Update – June 2016

Asia Pacific The January – March edition of tax highlights for the Asia Pacific region highlights industry developments from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore including: Australia’s new tax system for Managed Investment Trusts The final stage of China’s B2V reform to be rolled out from… – Continue reading

Panama Papers : Panama commits to automatic exchange of tax data

Global economic body OECD today said Panama, along with few other jurisdictions, has committed to the internationally accepted norm of “automatic” sharing of financial and tax data with other countries, a development coming in the backdrop of the ‘Panama Papers’ offshore assets leaks where at least 500 Indian names have… – Continue reading

OECD launches common reporting standard

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has launched the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) also known as the common reporting standard (CRS) – a globally co-ordinated approach to disclosure of account information between tax authorities. It follows on from several country’s successful implementation of the US Fatca regulations… – Continue reading

Vijay Mallya’s secrets buried in offshore tax havens

It’s not just the Indian banks that business tycoon Vijay Mallya has taken for a ride. The chairman of United Breweries (UB) group and promoter of now defunct Kingfisher Airlines also concealed in his election affidavit, filed before the Rajya Sabha, his business interests in offshore tax havens elsewhere. dna… – Continue reading

Gulf oil dilemma drives tax reforms to shore up deficits

The oil price slide is driving tax reforms across the region as Arabian Gulf economies seek to shore up a potential US$700 billion deficit. All six Arabian Gulf states are planning to introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) collectively. Various other tax reforms are also underway. The IMF warned in October… – Continue reading

The biggest loophole of all

Having launched and led the battle against offshore tax evasion, America is now part of the problem DEVIN NUNES raised eyebrows in 2013 when, as chairman of a congressional working group on tax, he urged reforms that would make America “the largest tax haven in human history”. Though he was… – Continue reading

India’s Axis Bank seeks Gulf expansion with branch in Sharjah

Axis Bank, India’s third-largest private bank by assets, is aiming to open branches in Sharjah and Bahrain by March next year as part of plans of increasing its presence in the Arabian Gulf region, a senior executive said. Axis Bank has nine overseas offices: branches at Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai-DIFC,… – Continue reading

Saudi Arabia third in global ranking for tax payment ease

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has maintained third in the global ranking for ease of tax payment, according to the latest release of the Paying Taxes report by the World Bank and PwC. With the least demanding tax framework, well below the world average, the Kingdom has a total tax rate of… – Continue reading

Al Baraka Bank Egypt employs SAS FATCA solution to meet international compliance standards

SAS and DataGear implement tailor-made FATCA solution within Al Baraka Bank Dubai, UAE – Al Baraka Bank Egypt , a subsidiary banking unit of Al Baraka Banking Group B.S.C. (ABG) , partnered with SAS®, the leader in analytics, and Data Gear, a Business Intelligence (BI) software & services provider, to… – Continue reading

MoU signed with BD, Bahrain

Bangladesh and Bahrain have signed three instruments in Manama to further strengthen cooperation in various fields between the two countries. The instruments are Agreement on the Reciprocal Protection and Promotion of Investment, Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and a MoU on Foreign Office Consultations. The first two instruments… – Continue reading

Arab League intent on increasing investments in Brazil

The organization’s new ambassador in the Brazilian capital Brasília claims trade and mutual investment between Arab countries and Brazil can be worked on. São Paulo – Newly appointed to represent the Middle East and North Africa countries in Brazil, the ambassador of the League of Arab States in the national… – Continue reading

Top tax havens for the rich

Offshore tax havens came under fire after the global financial crisis in 2008. Front and center among the countries calling for transparency was the U.S., which made a stand against Switzerland in particular, by demanding release of the names of ultra-rich account holders. So it might surprise you to learn… – Continue reading

Ghana weak laws offer 67% tendency for illicit financial flows

Ghana’s financial secrecy – the tendency to facilitate tax evasion, money laundering and illicit financial transfers – has been rated at a fairly high 67 per cent. The Tax Justice Network, an organisation concerned with tax havens and tax evasion, ranked Ghana 48th out of 92 territories, in its 2015… – Continue reading

Hong Kong second worst in financial transparency, says survey

Hong Kong is the world’s second least transparent financial center, making it vulnerable to tax evasion, money laundering and other wrongdoing. It is topped only by Switzerland in a global survey by Tax Justice Network, a coalition of researchers and activists focused on tax avoidance issues. The United States ranks… – Continue reading

US overtakes Caymans and Singapore as haven for assets of super-rich

The US has overtaken Singapore, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands as an attractive haven for super-rich individuals and businesses looking to shelter assets behind a veil of secrecy, according to a study by the Tax Justice Network (TJN), reports The Guardian. The US is ranked third, behind Switzerland and Hong… – Continue reading

Liberia amongst top countries operating in financial secrecy

In a report leased by the international group Financial Secrecy, the group that carries out analysis of how far the legal systems of countries facilitate financial secrecy, Liberia is ranked amongst the top 30 countries in the world that deals in secrecy. While the Government of Liberia continues to boast… – Continue reading

Reports finds U.S. financial secrecy worsening

WASHINGTON—The United States is one of the world’s most secret financial jurisdictions, according to a watchdog group’s new global ranking. The Tax Justice Network, an international think tank based in the United Kingdom, on Monday unveiled the 2015 Tax Secrecy Index, which lists the countries that most allow financial secrecy… – Continue reading

D.C. Made A Change To Its Tax Law, And Caribbean Countries Aren’t Happy About It

Faced with outrage from over a dozen otherwise placid Caribbean nations, D.C. officials are backtracking on a plan to openly call out countries it says allow big U.S. businesses to skip out on paying local taxes. At issue is a change to existing tax law made through the 2016 D.C…. – Continue reading

Dhaka, Thimphu in talks to sign double taxation avoidance deal

Staff Correspondent The National Board of Revenue on Monday started negotiations with Bhutan to sign an agreement on avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion and capital flight from the country. A five-member delegation led by NBR chairman Md Nojibur Rahman has been carrying out the first round… – Continue reading

NBR to sign deal with Bhutan to avoid double taxation

Bangladesh is set to sign an agreement with Bhutan to avoid double taxation to boost investments, trade and facilitate information exchange between the two Saarc nations, the National Board of Revenue said in a statement. A team led by NBR Chairman Md Nojibur Rahman is now in Thimpu to take… – Continue reading

Malta – the optimum choice for private equity

Malta provides an outstanding opportunity for private equity and venture capital managers. It has a flexible LP structure, an extensive network of double tax treaties, a favourable local tax regime and experienced service providers who can provide a cost-effective solution,” comments Felicity Cole (pictured), Head of the Funds Department at… – Continue reading

India approves pact with Seychelles to curb tax evasion, avoidance

To check black money generation, the government today approved signing and ratification of the agreement between India and Seychelles for exchange of information with respect to taxes, reports the Economic Times. The agreement will stimulate the information exchange between India and Seychelles for tax purposes, which will help curb tax… – Continue reading

Islamic banking ‘a possible option’ for BMIO as reorganization plan is implemented

(Seychelles News Agency) – Onshore banking activities, including the possibility of introducing Sharia-compliant banking are being considered for the Seychelles-registered Bank of Muscat International Offshore (BMIO). The Al Salam Bank of Bahrain, which now owns 50 percent shares in the Seychelles-registered Bank is engaging with the Seychelles authorities on the… – Continue reading

Growing trend: Islamic finance goes offshore

The rise of Islamic finance and sukuk issuances have brought with it a growing phenomenon: Shariah banking is increasingly taking advantage of offshore banking jurisdictions, and this for a number of reasons, reports the Gulf Times. Many offshore centres around the world meanwhile offer a wide range of features allowing… – Continue reading

Cabinet approves co­op agreements with several countries

KUWAIT, July 13 (KUNA) ¬¬ The cabinet, under the chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al¬Mubarak Al¬Hamad Al¬Sabah, approved Monday a number of agreements to boost cooperation with several friendly countries. The endorsed agreements included a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in social insurance with Bahraini government,… – Continue reading

Cyprus: Cyprus’s New Double Taxation Agreement With Bahrain

Taxes covered The agreement applies to taxes on income imposed by either country. In Bahrain these are currently the income tax payable under Legislative Decree No. 22/1979 (“the Oil Tax”); in Cyprus they are income tax, corporate income tax, Special Contribution for Defence (known as SDC tax) and capital gains… – Continue reading

Retiring overseas: a checklist before heading for your dream home

We consider the retirement options for three top expat destinations – New Zealand, Bahrain and Singapore Retiring overseas is an aspiration for many expats, especially after they have spent much of their working life outside the UK. But while you may think you know what’s involved, there are many things… – Continue reading

FATCA – Which Countries Are In And Out

FATCA – Which Countries Are In And Out The controversial US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) law is set to start from July 1, 2014, so with less than 21 days to go, here’s a look at which countries are in and who is outside of the tax network…. – Continue reading

Switzerland still a haven for rich and their money

A report released today by the management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that Switzerland remains the world’s largest offshore centre. However, Hong Kong and Singapore could pose a challenge in the future. For now, Switzerland stands heads and shoulders above the rest booking over $2.4 trillion in wealth… – Continue reading

OECD says countries won’t be able to game tax system

Short cuts, loopholes and other forms of skulduggery will not be tolerated when the automatic exchange of tax information comes into force, a top official from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has promised Swiss bankers, reports FinFacts. Grace Perez-Navarro, second in command at the OECD’s tax policy… – Continue reading

OECD insists tax playing field will be level

Short cuts, loopholes and other forms of skulduggery will not be tolerated when the automatic exchange of tax information comes into force, a top official from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has promised Swiss bankers, reports Swiss Info. Grace Perez-Navarro, second in command at the OECD’s tax… – Continue reading