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Swiss Federal Council Adopts Dispatches On New DTAs

The Swiss Federal Council has adopted dispatches on five double taxation agreements, which will now be submitted to Parliament for approval. The treaties with Estonia, Ghana, Iceland, and Uzbekistan either replace or revise the current deals, while the agreement with Cyprus is Switzerland’s first with the territory. All of the… – Continue reading

Protecting Expat Cash In Offshore Savings Accounts

Expat savers dealing with unfamiliar banks are unlikely to know how much of their cash is protected if the foreign bank goes bust. In Britain, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) safeguards up to £85,000 held by each person in accounts under a single banking licence. Each building society has… – Continue reading

Switzerland, Iceland Sign Double Tax Pact

Switzerland and Iceland have signed a new double taxation agreement (DTA) which lowers withholding tax rates and provides for the exchange of information in line with international standards. It will replace the existing DTA, signed in 1998. The treaty sets a withholding tax exemption for dividend payments from significant holdings… – Continue reading

British Virgin Islands: BVI & Canada: Down To business – TIEA Now Effective

The Canada-BVI Tax Information Exchange Agreement (“TIEA”) came into force on 11 March 2014. The TIEA was signed in May 2013, and the effective date provisions are set out in Article 13 of the Agreement. The BVI is now party to 25 TIEAs. What are the benefits? The BVI/Canada TIEA is significant due… – Continue reading

Worldwide: Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta, Greece, Iceland And Colombia Commit To Automatically Share Tax Information

Back in April 2013, the G5 Governments agreed to work together on a pilot scheme on multilateral and standardized exchange of tax information, with a new initiative on information exchange, based on the so-called FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) exchange model. Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta, Greece, Iceland and Colombia have… – Continue reading