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Last year Jersey cemented its position as a leading centre for companies looking to list – as reflected in the rise in volume and value of Jersey companies listed on exchanges around the world. Here are some challenges that lie ahead in this jurisdiction over the next 12 months. In… – Continue reading

Italy’s ‘white listing’ of Channel Islands important step in attracting European business, says Ogier partner

Ogier partner Marcus Leese has welcomed news from Italy that Guernsey and Jersey are no longer on any Italian ‘black lists’ and will be included on Italy’s ‘white lists’ from early 2016, reports Isle News. Among other benefits, it is anticipated that this will enable Italian resident investors to invest… – Continue reading

Dispelling offshore myths

Although the British Virgin Islands is often seen as an offshore tax haven, a closer look shows such opinions may be overstated There is a stereotypical image of the so-called ‘tax haven’ for ‘shady people to put their money’. While it is true that BVI Finance enjoys warm, sunny weather… – Continue reading

Bermuda On “Best Tax Havens In World” List

Bermuda has “long been a popular tax haven” according to a story by, which ranked the island as one of the “top 10 best tax havens in the world.” The story said “Bermuda has long been a popular tax haven, said Ravi Ramnarain, an independent certified public accountant. “Wealthy… – Continue reading

Worldwide: Common Reporting Standards Come Into Effect For Many Offshore Funds On January 1, 2016

On January 1, 2016, the new standard for automatic exchange of information between tax authorities developed by the OECD (the “Common Reporting Standard”) becomes effective in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Guernsey, Jersey and a number of other jurisdictions that are part of the “Early Adopters Group.”… – Continue reading

George Osborne’s tax avoidance crackdown misses target by hundreds of millions of pounds

The Office for Budget Responsibility says some areas of scheme are underperforming compared to expectations George Osborne’s plan to crack down on tax avoidance has fallen £600m short of its hearalded benefits, according to an analysis by a Government watchdog. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) said in an analysis… – Continue reading

Ireland Issues Brief On EU Savings Taxation

The Irish Revenue has released a new brief detailing the impact on Irish paying agents of the European Union’s decision to replace the Savings Tax Directive with legislation providing for the automatic exchange of tax information. On November 10, the European Council repealed Directive 2003/48/EC on the taxation of savings… – Continue reading

Additional OECD CRS self-certifications required from investors subscribing to Cayman Islands (and other non-U.S.) investment funds on or after January 1, 2016

The Cayman Islands (along with the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands and over 70 other countries) has committed to implementing the OECD Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”), which will require investment funds to collect tax identification and tax residency information from all new subscribers and transferees (including… – Continue reading

Spain and Finland sign new treaty to avoid double taxation and to fight tax fraud

Given that the latest treaty was signed on 15 November 1967, the two countries felt it was appropriate to revise it in full. The new treaty, signed on Tuesday by the Spanish Ambassador to Finland, María Jesús Figa, and the Finnish Minister for Finance, Alexander Stubb, seeks to enable tax… – Continue reading

Will Sri Lanka follow the dismal road to tax havenry?

An article in today’s edition of Sri Lanka’s Mirror newspaper draws attention to that island’s plans to develop an offshore financial centre in Colombo. According to the article the proposal is modelled on the Dubai International Financial Centre, a notorious centre for moneylaundering and illicit financial flows. Now this doesn’t… – Continue reading

Business Brief – Double Tax Agreement – Residence – change of HMRC practice

Following an agreement between the UK and Jersey, HMRC has published an important change of interpretation on residence for treaty purposes. HMRC’s view now is that the better interpretation of residency article in the UK-Jersey Double Tax Agreement 1952 (“UK Jersey DTA”) is that it includes a tie breaker provision… – Continue reading

Worldwide: A Guide To The Top 20 Offshore Fund Locations

There are a variety of benefits to moving offshore, yet few would argue the assertion that tax neutrality is paramount among them. As anyone familiar with the phrase “tax haven” would surely recognize, many countries offer strongly favorable tax terms as an incentive to draw new business. Written by CT… – Continue reading

US Justice Department Announces Two Banks Reach Resolutions Under Swiss Bank Program

The Department of Justice announced today that Cornèr Banca SA (Cornèr) and Bank Coop AG (Bank Coop) reached resolutions under the department’s Swiss Bank Program. The Swiss Bank Program, which was announced on Aug. 29, 2013, provides a path for Swiss banks to resolve potential criminal liabilities in the United… – Continue reading

Guernsey: regulations on Common Reporting Standard entered into operation

On 1 December 2015, the Income Tax (Approved International Agreements) (Implementation) (Common Reporting Standard) Regulations 2015 came into operation. The regulations implement the Council of Europe–OECD Mutual Assistance Treaty (1988) (as amended through 2010), under which, in order to improve international tax compliance, information will be automatically exchanged in accordance… – Continue reading

HMRC changes view on the company residence tie-breakers in certain double tax agreements

HMRC has reached an agreement with Jersey concerning the interpretation of the company residence tie-breaker in the Jersey-UK 1952 double tax agreement. This change also affects the interpretation of 15 other double tax agreements (DTAs) which have identical or very similarly worded company residence tie-breakers. The issue concerns dual residents… – Continue reading

Sunshine Islands Feel Heat Over Tax Avoidance

The British government is about to get tough with so-called tax havens that are dragging their feet on revealing the secret ownership of thousands of offshore companies. One of the main thrusts of Britain’s drive to clean up the murky world of tax avoidance has been to put pressure on… – Continue reading

Guernsey: Guernsey Issues Regulations To Implement Common Reporting Standard

On 23 November 2015 Guernsey issued regulations to implement the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) under Guernsey’s domestic law. The regulations follow on from the commitment made on 29 October 2014 by Guernsey, along with the other Crown Dependencies and a number of other jurisdictions, to start exchanging information under the… – Continue reading

Change in UK Treatment of Dual-Resident Companies May Affect U.S. Tax Planning

On November 30, 2015, the UK tax authorities at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) reached an agreement with Jersey about the interpretation of the company residence tie-breaker provision of the Jersey-UK income tax treaty. After reviewing other income tax treaties that contain similar provisions, HMRC will now take the view… – Continue reading

UK government amends view on DTA residence articles

UK tax authority HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced a change of view on the interpretation of the company residence articles in 16 double taxation agreements (DTAs), reports Tax News. The change was prompted by an agreement with Jersey on the interpretation of the company residence tie-breaker article in… – Continue reading

British Virgin Islands: BVI Financial Account Reporting — Preparing For The CRS

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is the standard for automatic exchange of financial account information produced by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which provides for systematic and periodic automatic exchange of information between signatory jurisdictions. At its heart is a requirement for financial institutions, including British Virgin… – Continue reading

Real Estate Investment into London and Europe

The Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey) have long been known as leading offshore centres for the establishment of investment funds and other investment structures. In particular, Channel Island vehicles are often used for alternative investment structuring – including private equity, infrastructure and real estate. This article explains the trends in… – Continue reading

UK Gov’t Amends View On DTA Residence Articles

UK tax authority HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced a change of view on the interpretation of the company residence articles in 16 double taxation agreements (DTAs). The change was prompted by an agreement with Jersey on the interpretation of the company residence tie-breaker article in their 1952 DTA…. – Continue reading

HMRC warns offshore evaders on ‘tougher’ penalties from 2016

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has warned people with offshore assets they will face ‘tougher’ penalties if they do not declare their full tax situation before the end of the year. Currently, people with offshore assets can use disclosure facilities to prevent criminal proceedings being issued and to reduce their… – Continue reading

Wealth inequality and tax justice

Wealth inequality is a scourge of many countries. Last year, Credit Suisse reported that the richest 0.7% of adults in the world owned 44% of global wealth. Closer to home, earlier this year, the Lien Centre for Social Innovation’s ‘A Handbook on Inequality, Poverty and Unmet Social Needs in Singapore‘… – Continue reading

Offshore land ownership secrecy blocks police investigation into wildlife crime

Ownership of Kildrummy Estate creates legal block for police investigators POLICE INVESTIGATIONS into wildlife crime failed in the face of a bureaucratic nightmare identifying the landowner behind a complex structure of offshore land secrecy. The conviction of gamekeeper George Mutch for wildlife crimes committed in 2012 on Kildrummy Estate opened… – Continue reading

Finance Malta wants faster innovation

Malta recently ranked first for efficiency in transposing directives into national legislation – but the chairman of Finance Malta, Kenneth Farrugia, believes that the pace of innovation needs to accelerate. “We claim to be nimble, but we need to push it much more. Innovation needs to be much faster paced…. – Continue reading

Jersey and Spain sign tax information exchange agreement

As early adopters of the new global standard for the automatic exchange of information; Jersey and Spain signed a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) on Tuesday. The agreement was signed at the Spanish Embassy in London by Jersey’s assistant chief minister, senator Philip Ozouf, who said: “We attach great importance… – Continue reading

Global Tax Network Will Impact Every Investor

Global tax is set to face the biggest shake up ever that will affect every saver and investor with accounts in any of the world’s major financial centres. Financial firms and governments are readying to start the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) from January 1, 2016. CRS is a souped up… – Continue reading

EU Savings Directive repealed

On November 10th 2015, the European Council announced that the EU Savings Directive 2003/48/EC (EUSD) has been repealed in order to eliminate the overlap with other legislation developed in the aspect of preventing measures of tax evasion. Brief Background The 2003 EUSD, which originally came into effect on 1 July… – Continue reading

Brazil Concludes Four New TIEAs

The Brazilian Government has submitted to Congress four tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs) concluded with Uruguay, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Cayman Islands, Brazil’s Ministry of Finance said on November 11, 2015. Congress will also consider a protocol to expand and upgrade provisions for the exchange of information with India in… – Continue reading

HMRC publishes a policy paper setting out planned negotiations on DTAs and TIEAs

On November 13, 2015 the UK HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) published a policy paper setting out planned negotiations on Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) and Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs). According to the policy paper HMRC will begin negotiations on double taxation agreements with: • Nepal • Romania • Trinidad… – Continue reading

BEPS and real estate investment funds: What are sponsors to do?

The final reports on the G20/OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project were issued on 5 October (the “Reports”) after a two-year consultation period during which 62 countries and many other stakeholders (such as the World Bank, the IMF, and many trade associations) participated. These Reports, split into 15… – Continue reading

As It Turns Out, Every Country Is A Tax Haven

While the United States works to get tax dollars from corporations hiding assets elsewhere, they offer the same opportunity in U.S. states to businesses from other countries. To some, “tax haven’’ is a dirty word, describing as it does a place where wealthy people and large corporations can hide assets… – Continue reading

Brazil signs agreement for information on assets in tax havens

Presidency sent to Congress ratification of treaties with Jersey, Guernsey, the Cayman Islands and Uruguay; text follows the G20 guidelines The Presidency referred for evaluation of Congress four agreements for the exchange of tax information (TIEA, which stands for the English term “Tax Information Exchange Agreement”) entered into with Uruguay,… – Continue reading

The Common Reporting Standards – New Global Tax Information Exchange Regime Begins January 2016

The Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) will impose new investor due diligence and reporting obligations on funds and other financial institutions based in “early adopter” participating jurisdictions, with effect from January 1, 2016. According to the OECD, all major financial centres have now signed up to the standard. Financial institutions should… – Continue reading

Private Client 2015: Trust & Advisory Services Analysis

In this edition we also include the leading trustees, private bankers and accountants serving the private client industry. RBC Wealth Management leads our research in trust and advisory services with an impressive 18 names recommended. Alan Binnington specialises in establishing and administering trust and fiduciary structures for high net worth… – Continue reading

Michael Gray: The UK’s tax avoidance scandal is a sorry tale

DID you hear the story about the Queen, tax evasion, a nationalised British bank for the rich and famous, a whistleblower and a £7bn under sale to ‘reward cronies and cheat the taxpayer’? Sounds like a pretty big deal, right? But last Thursday’s damning testimony from Helen Goodman MP –… – Continue reading

US corporations avoid an estimated $2 billion tax every year in Australia: report

United States corporations avoid an estimated $US1.45 billion ($2.06b) of tax in Australia each year by shifting their profits to low or no tax countries, research shows. A joint report by advocacy and union groups Tax Justice Network, Oxfam, Global Alliance for Tax Justice and Public Services International says in… – Continue reading

UK takes two-faced approach to tax, new report suggests

The UK government has a ‘Janus-faced’ approach to tax, a new report suggests: promising an increasingly intolerant approach to evasion and avoidance while being an aggressive participant in global tax competition and tolerating the UK tax havens which facilitate financial crime across the world. The report, Fifty Shades of Tax… – Continue reading

US overtakes Caymans and Singapore as haven for assets of super-rich

The US has overtaken Singapore, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands as an attractive haven for super-rich individuals and businesses looking to shelter assets behind a veil of secrecy, according to a study by the Tax Justice Network (TJN), reports The Guardian. The US is ranked third, behind Switzerland and Hong… – Continue reading

UK ‘more of a tax haven’ than Channel Islands, says report

The UK has been rated “more of a tax haven” than the Channel Islands, in a financial transparency report. The biennial study by campaign group Tax Justice Network (TJN) ranked the UK above the islands. TJN director, John Christensen, said the islands had “made significant improvements” by signing up to… – Continue reading

Reports finds U.S. financial secrecy worsening

WASHINGTON—The United States is one of the world’s most secret financial jurisdictions, according to a watchdog group’s new global ranking. The Tax Justice Network, an international think tank based in the United Kingdom, on Monday unveiled the 2015 Tax Secrecy Index, which lists the countries that most allow financial secrecy… – Continue reading

Accountant says dentist had 41 local and offshore bank accounts

Case involving Dr Brian Mulrean and firm Keveney Monahan settled confidentially An accountant who sued a Dublin dentist for just under €50,000 in professional fees told a judge he had to navigate his way through 41 offshore and local bank accounts. Barrister Jeananne McGovern said in the Circuit Civil Court… – Continue reading

Tax havens become less attractive

THE NUMBER of Slovak companies with ownership registered in a tax haven decreased in the first half of 2015 by 112, to a total of 4,250. The biggest outflows were recorded in Monaco and the British island of Jersey. The declining trend of companies selecting a tax haven for their… – Continue reading

EU Lawmakers Set to Vote on Tax Avoidance in Split Europe

Lawmakers at the European Parliament are set to vote on a controversial series of proposals to harmonize the corporate tax system in Europe in a move that will put them on a collision course with some member states which favor sovereignty over taxation. The EU lawmakers on the TAXE committee… – Continue reading