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Vatican advances financial clean-up with Italian tax deal

Individuals and entities that have accounts at the Vatican bank and are subject to taxation in Italy will have until mid-April to report to Italian authorities the income earned by their Vatican accounts. As part of ongoing efforts by the Vatican to increase financial transparency and accountability, an agreement between… – Continue reading

Offshore Perspectives: News Update – Globally Combating Tax Evasion

TWO NEW SWISS BANKS REACH JUSTICE AGREEMENT On June 19th, 2015, the Department of Justice (DOJ) came to an agreement under the Swiss Bank Program with two new Swiss banks, Bank Linth LLB AG and Bank Sparhafen Zurich AG. BANK LINTH 126 U.S.-related accounts are attributed to Bank Linth Bank… – Continue reading

Vatican agrees to share tax info with the US in new step to improve bank’s transparency

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican has agreed to share tax information with the United States in its latest move to improve the reputation of its scandal-marred bank and crack down on tax cheats. Vatican and U.S. officials signed an agreement Wednesday in which the Holy See committed to comply with… – Continue reading

Italy Looks To Vatican For Next Tax Deal

After recently completing tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs) with Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Monaco, the Italian Government is now looking to agree a similar treaty with the Holy See in Rome’s Vatican City. The TIEAs between Italy and Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Monaco, and the prospective treaty with the Vatican, all provide… – Continue reading

Vatican Bank Complies With FATCA. St. Lawrence Pray For Us!

Forbes is reporting on the Vatican Bank’s decision under pressure to comply with the FATCA requirements for reporting on American citizen accounts. In his annual Christmas messages to more than one billion Catholics, the Pope may have left out something: offshore account compliance. Maybe, but the U.S. Treasury is more… – Continue reading