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Cuba Worries About Tax Evasion

HAVANA – Tax evasion and smuggling have forced the government of Cuba to stop issuing new licenses for some businesses. The government of Cuba is ceasing the issuance of business licenses until the problems associated with self-employment have been perfected. Previously, Cubans who wanted to strike out and be self-employed… – Continue reading

Private Eyes They’re Watching You – Offshore Planning after the Panama Papers

Overview If you have been reading my articles on JD Supra for a while, you will know that I love Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. Nevertheless, the Hall and Oates song Private Eyes, is a more fitting song to describe the state of offshore planning in Tax Havens than “Oye Como… – Continue reading

IRS now allows Cuban tax credit

President Barack Obama is heading to Cuba next week. When Air Force One lands on that island nation on March 20, Obama will become the first U.S. commander in chief to visit Cuba in 88 years. In advance of that historic visit, which the administration hopes will eventually lead to… – Continue reading

Algeria: President Bouteflika Inks Presidential Decrees Ratifying Many Agreements

Algiers — President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika signed presidential decrees on the ratification of many cooperation agreements between Algeria and other States and international organizations, in accordance with Article 77-11 of the Constitution, said Sunday the Presidency of the Republic in a statement. One of the decrees concerns the… – Continue reading

Two Little Known Tax Treaties Will Lead to Substantially More Identity Theft, Crime, Industrial Espionage, and Suppression of Political Dissidents

The Protocol amending the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters will lead to substantially more transnational identity theft, crime, industrial espionage, financial fraud, and the suppression of political opponents and religious or ethnic minorities by authoritarian and corrupt governments. It puts Americans’ private financial information at risk…. – Continue reading

Clock Ticking for U.S. Holdouts as BNP Joins Swiss Tax Pact

The clock is ticking for American tax dodgers around the world after BNP Paribas SA’s Swiss unit and two other banks joined a U.S. program to avoid prosecution, revealing the exact methods of Swiss bankers’ legendary discretion. BNP agreed to pay $59.8 million in a program that has brought in… – Continue reading

Gillibrand proposes reinsurance tax gimmick to fund 9/11 victims

In his seminal 1987 work Crisis and Leviathan, economic historian Robert Higgs traces the pattern of government growth as a response to catastrophic events. The federal government, in particular, grows over time through a “ratcheting up” effect, as politicians respond to disasters and catastrophes with calls to “do something,” often… – Continue reading

Colombia and Panama fail to meet deadline in tax evasion dispute

Colombia and Panama have given each other another 60 days to come to agreement on how to combat Colombian tax evasion through Panamanian banks. The two countries failed to meet the negotiation deadline set for the exchange of tax information after one year, extending a further 60 days, in a… – Continue reading

World can end AIDS epidemic by 2030, finance conference hears

The world can end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, the United Nations said on Tuesday, highlighting global success in rolling out life-saving drugs over the last 15 years. The UN Millennium Development Goal to halt and reverse the spread of the disease has been achieved, said UNAIDS, the global body’s… – Continue reading

Corporate Investigations & White Collar Defense – April 2015

In This Issue: • It’s Stifling in Here! SEC Rules That Companies Can’t Put Restrictive Language in Confidentiality Agreements That Could Potentially Stifle Whistleblowers • An Opinion on Opinions: U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Omnicare • Is OFAC the New Black? Schlumberger and PayPal—The Rise in the Enforcement of Sanctions… – Continue reading

Gibraltar is absolutely not an obscure tax haven”, Says Gibraltar First Minister During Madrid Speech

NEWS: Spain’s Foreign Minister said “it was fine” for Fabian Picardo to speak in Madrid: “as long as no one forces me to listen”. The Chief Minister was introduced by the British Ambassador. In a breakfast speech in central Madrid to a room filled with some 250 politicians, businessmen, diplomats… – Continue reading

Bank Negara urged to act on 1MDB funds in Cayman Islands

The existence of 1MDB’s RM7 billion in the Cayman Islands and its return to Malaysia must be verified. KUALA LUMPUR: Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli urged Bank Negara Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, in a statement on Wednesday, to invoke the Anti Money Laundering Act and ensure that a reported RM7 billion… – Continue reading

The Vatican Bank, Christmas Cheer, And FATCA

For centuries the inner workings of the Vatican Bank have been cloaked in secrecy. That was before Pope Francis, who has pledged to restore public confidence in the administration of the Roman Catholic Church. This week we learned the United States and the Holy See have brokered a FATCA agreement… – Continue reading

Colombia tax evaders have $50B parked in tax havens: Minister

Colombia’s minister of finance stated this weekend that Colombians are hiding $50 billion abroad in an attempt to avoid paying taxes over their assets. Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas told Spanish news agency EFE that no penalties for Colombia tax evaders had been finalized, but that they were on the agenda…. – Continue reading

Cayman included on FCA high-risk list

The Cayman Islands, an important international business competitor for Bermuda, is expressing “consternation” that they have been included on a new list of high risk jurisdictions for financial crime. There are a total of 95 countries listed including Brazil, Afghanistan, Cuba, Russia, China, Iraq, the Republic of Congo and Jamaica…. – Continue reading