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Ecuador endorses double taxation agreement with Belarus

The National Assembly of Ecuador endorsed the agreement on cooperation in taxation with Belarus by a majority vote. The document is meant to avoid double taxation and prevent property and real estate tax evasion. The agreement was endorsed by the Belarusian and Ecuadorian governments in 2016. The Special Permanent Commission… – Continue reading

Ecuador Referendum Blazes Trail in Fight Against Tax Havens

If the referendum passes, all public servants and elected officials in Ecuador will be barred from holding wealth in offshore accounts. As Ecuador heads to the polls Sunday to elect a new president and National Assembly, deciding the fate of President Rafael Correa’s 10-year Citizens’ Revolution, the small South American… – Continue reading

The G77 will push for ‘tax justice’ through a UN tax body, says Ecuador’s foreign affairs minister

The creation of a new United Nations tax body to clamp down on tax dodging, which experts say could cost developing countries more than $200 billion a year in missed revenues, will be a key priority of the Group of 77 and China under Ecuadorian leadership, according to the country’s… – Continue reading

Double taxation: Ecuador, Italy sign agreement to foster private investements

Ecuador signed an agreement with Italy to define the tax obligations of the citizens of the two countries, in order to avoid double taxation on income taxes and equity and prevent tax evasion, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry said. “This protocol modifies the agreement signed in Ecuador and Italy in 1984… – Continue reading

Ecuador a Step Closer to Ending Politicians’ Use of Tax Havens

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa wants the country to consider a novel approach to limit the use of tax havens: preventing politicians from using them. Accompanied by leaders from social movements and political allies, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa made the case before the constitutional court for a plebiscite to give lawmakers… – Continue reading

Ecuador Fights for Global Rules to Clamp Down on Tax Evasion

Ecuador’s foreign minister, leading economists and campaigners call for a new U.N. body to root out tax evaders and crack down on offshore havens. Ecuador ramped up its fight against tax dodging Wednesday as the South American country proposed a plan on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in… – Continue reading

20 Caribbean, Latin American Nations Named Major Money Laundering Countries

Twenty Caribbean and Latin American nations have been named by the U.S. as “major money laundering” countries in the 2016 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) from the U.S. State Department released Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2016. A major money laundering is defined by statute as one “whose financial institutions engage… – Continue reading

TTIP could block Governments from cracking down on tax avoidance, study warns

Similar trade agreements have been used to facilitate apparent tax avoidance in the past A controversial new trade deal between the EU and the United States could make it more difficult to fight tax avoidance, a new report has warned. TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is expected to… – Continue reading

Brazil: Tax Treaty Series: The Bilateral Income Tax Treaty Between Brazil And Canada

This is the first of our series of posts on Brazilian tax treaties. In each post we will provide an overview of a specific tax treaty between Brazil and a particular foreign country, as well as comments on any Brazilian administrative or judicial precedents applying the treaty, and highlights on… – Continue reading

Singaporean – Ecuadorian DTA entered into force

On December 18, 2015 the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore issued a press release announcing that on that same date the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Singapore and the Government of the Republic of Ecuador for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion… – Continue reading

Africa: Designing Flexible Fiscal Regimes to Protect Revenues

Protecting the tax base of extractive industries, moving toward more responsive and flexible fiscal regimes, and improving international cooperation have become priorities in the Andean region, as commodity prices and revenues from extractive industries continue to decline, participants at a recent IMF conference heard. The three-day conference, Determining the Tax… – Continue reading

Still Broken: major new report on global corporate tax cheating

“In 2013 the OECD, supported by the G20, promised to bring an end to international corporate tax avoidance which costs countries around the world billions in tax revenues each year. However, with the recently announced actions against corporate tax dodging, G20 and OECD countries have failed to live up to… – Continue reading

G20 among biggest losers in large-scale tax abuse – but poor countries relatively hardest hit

Headline: G20 among biggest losers in large-scale tax abuse – but poor countries relatively hardest hit G20 countries are the biggest losers when US multinationals avoid paying taxes where they do business. This is the main finding of a new report on the global tax system, ‘Still Broken,’ released by… – Continue reading


The multinational companies in Latin America demand security, efficient services, infrastructure and good educational standards, but they are not very willing to contribute themselves by paying their fair share of tax. Honduras is a case in point, and is one of the most unequal countries on the continent. The government,… – Continue reading

Resolving cross border tax disputes through Australia’s investment treaties

1. Global focus on transfer pricing There has been a recent surge in regulatory attention around the world towards pricing arrangements within multinational corporate groups. Regulators are concerned that these pricing arrangements may be used as a means of profit shifting and therefore tax avoidance. The price at which an… – Continue reading

Russia’s Offshore Money Looks Set to Stay There

Russia is set to enact an amnesty on offshore assets next month, but disagreement and lack of clarity over the terms of the pardon threaten not only to render the measure impotent, but undermine the government’s very drive to lure overseas money back home. The capital amnesty, part of a… – Continue reading

Legal flash Shanghai – 2014 special edition – Update on tax regulations 2014

In 2014, China continued to develop its taxation system affecting domestic and crossborder transactions. This “Legal Flash – Special Edition 2014” highlights the most significant tax updates of the year. Please see our monthly legal flashes for more information and analysis here. Taking a step-forward on anti-avoidance provisions, the State… – Continue reading

Costa Rica submits to money laundering probe by Latin America task force

Costa Rica’s going under the magnifying glass for the next two weeks as international money laundering experts comb through the country’s books. President Luis Guillermo Solís declared the audit from the Financial Action Task Force of Latin America (GAFILAT) a subject of national interest in Monday’s edition of the official… – Continue reading