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Tech-based tax services gain pace to ensure businesses comply with global digital transparency standards

Global consultancy EY among firms now offering advanced services that redefine how companies face new developments in tax, audit and compliance Rigid new global initiatives to increase transparency of business data are giving rise to more advanced professional tax services, which employ innovative tools that include cloud computing, financial technology… – Continue reading


In an effort to create a ‘level playing field’, Asian economies are committing to new standards of transparency At the risk of losing some foreign investors, Asian jurisdictions are stepping up efforts to combat corporate tax avoidance to meet new global transparency standards. More than a dozen Asia-Pacific jurisdictions have… – Continue reading

Black money: Switzerland finds India’s data security laws ‘adequate’ for auto-sharing banking info

The notification follows hectic parleys between India and Switzerland for introduction of AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information) under guidance of G20, OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and other global organisations. Switzerland found India’s data security and confidentiality laws “adequate” for entering into an automatic exchange of information pact,… – Continue reading

OECD Praises Luxembourg’s Tax Regime

The OECD has praised Luxembourg’s tax regime for its predictability, although it sounded a warning about the volatility of tax revenues from the financial sector. In its latest assessment of the Luxembourg economy, the OECD said that Luxembourg’s strong economic performance was due partly to “business-friendly regulations, a predictable tax… – Continue reading

Cameroon works with OECD to fight against tax evasion of multinationals

Cameroon has officially become the 70th country to adhere to the convention of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), on mutual administrative assistance in tax matters. The act of accession to this convention has just been signed between OECD and the Cameroonian Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey…. – Continue reading

Singapore ready to exchange account info with Indonesia

Swop of taxpayer financial data can start when Jakarta puts safeguards in place, says Indranee Singapore stands ready to have a Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (AEOI) relationship with Indonesia, as soon as Indonesia is ready, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law Indranee Rajah has said. This… – Continue reading

Germany’s Schaeuble Defends Resistance to EU Public Tax Reporting

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble defended his opposition to pending European Union legislation that would force large multinational companies to publicly disclose, on a country-by-country basis, their taxes paid and profits. Schauble, who testified before the EU Parliament’s Panama Papers investigative committee July 11, said public reporting of companies’ tax… – Continue reading

Drazen Turujlija: «Loopholes in Data-Sharing Pact»

New data-sharing rules aren’t without pitfalls for clients of private banks, as authorities race to shut loopholes, Bank Reyl lawyer Drazen Turujlija told Switzerland is set to begin exchanging data with other countries from next year, a move which has fundamentally shifted the dynamic in Switzerland’s trillion-Swiss franc offshore… – Continue reading

Exchange of information about multinational firms will be easier

Slovakia is the first V4 country to sign the agreement on country-by-country reporting. Slovakia’s Financial Administration has obtained easier access to the information of US multinational companies. The representatives of Slovakia and the US signed a bilateral agreement on country-by-country (CbC) reporting on June 21, the TASR newswire reported. The… – Continue reading

BEPS: Mauritius inks multilateral convention on tax

Mauritius has signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (MLI). Once ratified, the MLI will affect as many as 23 tax treaties entered into by this island nation, which has been an important jurisdiction for routing investments into India. Interestingly,… – Continue reading

Indonesia, Switzerland Agree to Tax Information Exchange

Indonesia and Switzerland have signed a joint declaration on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (AEOI) yesterday. The signing was held at the Directorate General of Tax in Central Jakarta. At the signing ceremony, Indonesia was represented by Director General of Tax for the Finance Ministry Ken Dwijugeasteadi and Switzerland… – Continue reading

More clarity on reporting requirements for multinationals

Who is required to file, how it should be filed and what is necessary to disclose. Several South African-based multinational companies have less than six months to prepare their country-by-country reports for exchange with other tax jurisdictions. Many have realised the magnitude of the information expected and have been setting… – Continue reading

Better tax system identifies €85bn in additional tax revenue

OECD lauds major progress made €85 billion in additional tax revenue has been identified thanks to progress in creating a fairer and more effective international tax system, the OECD said today. The moves include increasing efforts to close down loopholes, improve transparency and ensure that multinational enterprises pay tax where… – Continue reading

IRS opens Country-by-Country Reporting site online

The Internal Revenue Service has created a new section on its website dedicated to information on the Country-by-Country Reporting rules of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project, which aims to discourage tax avoidance by multinational companies. The new Country-by-Country Reporting web pages… – Continue reading

14 Territories Praised By OECD For Tax Transparency Advances

A number of territories that had failed to demonstrate they have complied with international tax transparency standards have had their ratings upgraded by the OECD, following “fast-track” peer reviews. It said that the territories’ frameworks were reevaluated to assess whether recent progress would result in an upgrade to their ratings… – Continue reading

OECD Issues Further Action 7, Action 8-10 BEPS Guidance

The OECD has released for stakeholders’ comments two new discussion drafts as part of its base erosion and profit shifting work. The first draft builds on the OECD’s final report on BEPS Action 7 (on preventing the artificial avoidance of permanent establishment status). The final Report on Action 7 of… – Continue reading

Malta Outlines Last Offer on Public Country-by-Country Reports

European Union-based multinational companies that exceed consolidated revenue of 750 million euros ($840 million) for two consecutive years would have to report publicly on taxes paid, profits earned, and persons employed on a country-by-country basis, under a proposal from Malta. Malta holds the EU presidency, a position it will turn… – Continue reading

Cyprus: Saying Goodbye To Back To Back Loans And Welcoming Transfer Pricing Regulations

A. Introduction In February 2017 Cyprus Tax Department has announced that the current practice regarding profit margins between related Company loans will be abolished by the 30th June 2017. The announcement indicates that the minimum acceptable margins will apply up to 30th June 2017, and as from 1st July 2017… – Continue reading

Singapore signs two international agreements to facilitate sharing tax info across borders

SINGAPORE – Singapore has signed two international agreements which will make it easier for the country to automatically exchange tax information with other jurisdictions. The agreements are part of ongoing global efforts to combat tax evasion and money laundering as well as improve tax transparency. Called multilateral competent authority agreements… – Continue reading

Botswana joins OECD inclusive framework

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) announced on Tuesday that Botswana has joined the Inclusive Framework on base erosion profit shifting (BEPS) becoming the framework’s 99th member.The Inclusive Framework on BEPS is a group of countries that have pledged to implement measures designed by OECD and G20 countries… – Continue reading

‘Base erosion and profit-shifting’ agreement signed by reps of 67 countries (but not the US)

Senior officials and ministers from 67 countries and jurisdictions have signed an agreement that is designed to make it harder for multi-national companies to avoid tax through the strategic use of cross-border shifting of profits. The US was not among either the 67 countries to have signed the so-called Multilateral… – Continue reading

Panama and Mexico sign Competent Authorities Automatic Exchange of Tax Information Agreement

The Competent Authorities Agreement is part of Panama’s continued commitment to upholding international transparency standards PANAMA CITY, June 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Panama and Mexico signed today a Competent Authorities Exchange of Tax Information Agreement, in accordance with Panama’s commitment to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) of the Organization for… – Continue reading

More than 60 countries sign multilateral tax convention

Effects on Cayman to be relatively benign Ministers and high-level officials from more than 60 countries and jurisdictions on Wednesday are to sign a multilateral convention to reduce the opportunity for tax avoidance by multinational enterprises. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which developed the convention, said the signing… – Continue reading

Ending secret identities is the ‘new frontier’ in fighting tax evasion: OECD’s head of tax Pascal Saint-Amans

Revealing the secret identifies behind shell companies and opaque trusts is the “new frontier” in fighting tax evasion, says the OECD’s head of tax Pascal Saint-Amans. In an exclusive interview with Fairfax Media, Mr Saint-Amans also spoke about the Turnbull government’s tougher domestic laws aimed at cracking down on multinational… – Continue reading

Provider: Automatic Tax Share Breaches Constitutional Rights

A veteran financial services provider yesterday warned that automatic tax information exchange could breach fundamental rights protected by the Bahamian constitution, while threatening to make this nation a “European satellite”. #Anthony Howorth, president of Euro-Caribbean Management Services, questioned whether the Government and financial services industry had “really thought through” the… – Continue reading

Russia To Sign OECD’s BEPS Convention

Russia will sign the OECD’s Multilateral Convention to implement tax treaty-related measures to prevent base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), the Government announced on May 20. The Convention, developed by the OECD under Action 15 of the BEPS project, will transpose BEPS recommendations into over 2,000 tax treaties worldwide. According… – Continue reading

Bahamas Moves To Stop ‘Devastating’ Blacklisting

The Government yesterday moved to prevent the “devastating” consequences of a financial services ‘blacklisting’ by confirming its readiness to alter the Bahamas’ automatic tax information exchange approach. A Ministry of Finance statement, issued yesterday evening, said the Minnis administration had “formally indicated its interest” to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation… – Continue reading

Bahamas Moves To Stop ‘Devastating’ Blacklisting

The Government yesterday moved to prevent the “devastating” consequences of a financial services ‘blacklisting’ by confirming its readiness to alter the Bahamas’ automatic tax information exchange approach. #A Ministry of Finance statement, issued yesterday evening, said the Minnis administration had “formally indicated its interest” to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation… – Continue reading

New reporting will be costly and time consuming

Pretoria – South African financial institutions, which include banks, long-term insurers and asset managers, will have to exchange financial account information in terms of the common reporting standard for the first time this year. Financial institutions, although having to do similar exchanges in terms of the US’s Foreign Account Tax… – Continue reading

Jaitley to visit Paris next week,sign OECD pact on tax evasion

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will travel to Paris next week to sign the OECD multilateral convention that aims to check crossborder tax evasion by multinational companies. During his three-day visit beginning June 7, Jaitley will also attend the OECD Ministerial Council meeting, in which ministers from the OECD and partner… – Continue reading

Early Adopters Successfully Report under the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) with BearingPoint’s FiTAX

The tax reporting solution FiTAX enables financial institutions worldwide to comply with OECD and local requirements on tax-reporting Management and technology consultancy BearingPoint, which ranks among the leading providers of Risk and Regulatory Technology (RiskTech/RegTech), announced today that the first institutions in early adopter countries successfully submitted their initial reporting… – Continue reading

Tax administrations prepare for automatic exchange of CbC reports – are you ready? Three takeaways

OECD announced that another important step has been taken to implement country-by-country (CbC) reporting requirements, as signatories to the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on the Exchange of CbC Reports (the CbC MCAA) activated their automatic exchange relationships. The OECD also signalled that additional jurisdictions will nominate partners with which they… – Continue reading

Lebanon Joins OECD’s Multilateral Tax Pact

Lebanon became the 111th jurisdiction to sign the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters on May 12, 2017. The OECD describes the Convention as the most powerful instrument for international tax cooperation. It provides for all forms of administrative assistance in tax matters: exchange of information on… – Continue reading

Why U.K. ‘Google Tax’ is Hitting British Plc

The U.K’s diverted profits tax was dubbed the ‘Google Tax’ even before its introduction in April 2015. Yet instead of netting foreign tech companies engaged in complex tax planning such as California-based Google Inc., only U.K. multinational companies outside the technology sector have issued warnings so far over the tax… – Continue reading

OECD Seeks To Prevent Common Reporting Standard Avoidance

The OECD has launched a disclosure facility allowing the reporting of potential schemes to circumvent the Common Reporting Standard, the new international standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information in tax matters. The facility is part of a wider three-step process the OECD has put in place to… – Continue reading

Voices UN seeks a broader transfer pricing role

Four of the most significant transnational organizations are working together to eliminate transfer pricing schemes and abuses. The four organizations—the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the United Nations and the World Bank Group—are seeking to achieve global cooperation in tax matters. Transfer pricing is one… – Continue reading

Kuwait Signs OECD’s Multilateral Tax Pact

Kuwait became the 110th jurisdiction to sign the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters on May 5, 2017. The OECD describes the Convention as the most powerful instrument for international tax cooperation. It provides for all forms of administrative assistance in tax matters: exchange of information on… – Continue reading

‘Ball In Bahamas Court’ Over Tax Exchange Pledges

“The ball is in the Bahamas’ court” to meet its automatic tax information exchange commitments, a senior industry executive yesterday saying there is “no alarm” about this nation having to alter its approach. #Tanya McCartney, the Bahamas Financial Services Board’s (BFSB) chief executive, told Tribune Business that the private sector… – Continue reading

UK Legislates For Broader Automatic Tax Information Exchange

HM Revenue and Customs has updated the International Tax Compliance Regulations to include provisions on new automatic tax information exchange agreements and to clarify how non-compliance penalties will apply. The amendment clarifies due diligence and reporting requirements for financial institutions, to ensure the UK complies with international tax reporting standards,… – Continue reading

License barrier as of January 2018: Limited tax deductibility for cross license order royalty payments to foreign related parties

Germany will introduce “license barrier rules” as of January 2018. The new rules will limit the tax deductibility of license fees or royalty payments to foreign related parties that benefit from preferential regimes (“Patent Box”, “IP-Box”, “License Box”) which are incompatible with the “OECD nexus approach” (“unqualified preferential regimes”) (sec…. – Continue reading

Russia introduces draft law on country-by-country reporting requirements: implications for multinationals

A newly published federal draft law introduces Russia to a three-tiered approach to transfer pricing documentation and brings Russian regulations in this area in line with the OECD minimum standards under Action 13 of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan. The draft law, published by the Ministry… – Continue reading

Early adoption of tax common reporting standard problematic

Many of the data submissions made by early adopters over the next two months under the new common reporting standard (CRS) are likely to be rejected and returned for correction and resubmission, adding to compliance costs, according to predictions from Sovos, a global tax compliance solution provider The UK is… – Continue reading

Bahamas Under Rising Tax Exchange Pressure

The Bahamas is under growing pressure to bow to international demands that it automatically exchange tax information on a ‘multilateral’ basis, with the European Union (EU) and its members refusing to accept this nation’s preferred approach. #Well-placed Tribune Business sources, both inside the Bahamas and internationally, have confirmed that the… – Continue reading

Sharif’s finances in foreign tax havens not accessible to JIT

ISLAMABAD: Even before the formation of a seven-member joint investigation team (JIT) on the money trail of assets owned by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family, in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court, new questions have arisen over its supposed modus operandi. The JIT team will not… – Continue reading