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India Resident Foreign Companies to Pay 40 Percent Tax: Latest POEM Guidelines

In June this year, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) came out with final clarifications regarding the rules on Place of Effective Management (POEM). POEM is an internationally recognized test for determining the residence of a company incorporated in a foreign jurisdiction with a view to assessing its tax… – Continue reading

Taxation of foreign companies regarded as ‘resident’ in India

Tax liability under the Income-tax Act, 1961 (‘the Act’) of any person is determined based upon his residential status. A person resident of India is taxable on his income accruing across the globe [see End Note 1] while a non-resident is taxable only on the income accruing or arising or… – Continue reading

Draft modifications to tax provisions applicable to foreign companies with poem in India

Introduction Finance Act 2016 replaced the test for corporate residency of foreign companies from “control and management being situated wholly in India” to “place of effective management (POEM) in India”. POEM has been defined to mean a place where key management and commercial decisions that are necessary for conduct of… – Continue reading

GAAR & POEM- Combating Tax Avoidance

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has on 24th January 2017 issued final guidelines for determination of “Place of effective management”(POEM). On 27th of January, again CBDT released clarifications on “General Anti Avoidance Regulations” (GAAR). POEM is effective April 01,2016 whereas GAAR is effective from April 01,2017.POEM can be… – Continue reading

Income-tax dept issues norms to determine residency status of companies

New guidelines aim to check tax evasion, ensure foreign firms are not taxed on their global income. New Delhi: The income-tax (I-T) department on Tuesday issued the final guidelines for place of effective management (PoEM) rules that seek to determine the residency status of a firm for calculating its tax liability. The… – Continue reading

Tax conundrum for Indian-focused offshore private equity funds

Foreign private equity investors typically set up offshore pooling vehicles for routing investments into India, which offer them twin advantages of ease of administration and single window compliance with the Indian regulatory regime. Setting up such pooling vehicles in a tax favourable jurisdiction ensures that the interposition of the pooling… – Continue reading

Union Budget 2016 – International tax proposals

With the adoption of the BEPS package, OECD and G20 countries laid the foundations of a modern international tax framework under which profits would be taxed where economic activity and value creation occurs. It is now time to focus on implementation of the recommended changes in a consistent and coherent… – Continue reading

Anguilla Best Flat Tax Country for a Low Tax Lifestyle

Anguilla levies a 3% flat rate of personal income tax and is otherwise a tax haven with a stunning climate and amazing Carribean lifestyle Whilst there are various categories of flat tax, including marginal flat tax and Hall-Rabushka flat tax, in its simplest form flat tax is simply a rate… – Continue reading

Implementation of POEM rules may hit investments

The implementation of place of effective management (POEM) rules in the current scenario in India could not only hurt the nation’s outbound investments, but also discourage overseas multinational companies from setting up their regional hubs here, feel industry watchers. The draft guidelines for implementing POEM, which was released on December… – Continue reading

PoEM not the only solution

The change in definition of an Indian resident company under the Income-Tax Act—from one whose affairs are wholly controlled and managed in India to one whose Place of Effective Management (PoEM) is in India—and the subsequent draft guidelines are giving anxious moments to votaries of simplifying the investment climate in… – Continue reading