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Is Tax Avoidance A Crime In The Uk?

There are financial and criminal penalties involved in tax evasion. Other instances can be civil or criminal. Generally speaking, HMRC deals with all types of fraud and evasion through civil processes. The severity of your tax evasion depends on how large a jail sentence you can expect, assuming you are charged with tax evasion. ... - Continue reading

Polish Deal introduces new minimum tax for corporations

On 8 September, Poland’s government accepted a new tax bill called the “Polish Deal,” announcing after the public consultation on the bill a significant amendment to include a special anti-avoidance measure referred to as a minimum income tax for corporations. ... - Continue reading

7 Ways You’re Accidentally Committing Tax Fraud

Not every fraud artist is a sketchy identity thief or faux Nigerian prince from the dark corners of the internet. In fact, you might end up committing accidental tax fraud or accidental tax evasion yourself if you don’t pay careful attention during this tax season. ... - Continue reading

Banks asked to deduct up to 3pc tax on foreign funds transfer

KARACHI: Government asked banks to impose up to three percent tax on foreign funds transfer made through plastic card in a new finance bill. The finance bill for the next fiscal year of 2018/19 proposed a new advance tax levy on individuals remitting amounts abroad through credit, debit or prepaid… – Continue reading

No Income Tax on Lottery Prize since Tax was already paid under Sikkim State Income Tax Rules: SC [Read Judgment]

In Mahaveer Kumar Jain vs. Commissioner of Income Tax, the Supreme Court held that the income earned by the assessee from lottery prize cannot be subjected to tax under Income Tax Act, 1961 when the same tax was already paid under Sikkim State Income Tax Rules, 1948. The appellant had… – Continue reading

Singapore Urged To Enhance Tax Offering

Ernst and Young Solutions LLP, Singapore, has released its wish list for the Singapore Budget 2018, calling for reforms to sharpen the territory’s competitiveness. The firm said that Singapore should maintain its 17 percent corporate income tax (CIT) rate, which is one of the lowest in the world, but recommended… – Continue reading

Briefing: Proper plan design is way forward

International pension plans involve complex questions of structuring and compliance International Pension Plans (IPPs) are pension plans sponsored and funded by an employer, for employees assigned to work outside their home country, who are expected to receive IPP benefits while they are resident in their home country, or in another… – Continue reading

IRS cracking down on abuses of microcaptive insurance

Forming a small insurance company known as a microcaptive can be a great way for small businesses to reduce insurance costs and realize tax savings. Abusive microcaptive arrangements, however, have attracted scrutiny from Congress and the IRS. Last month, the Tax Court decided an important microcaptive case, holding against the… – Continue reading

Individual Income Tax in Malaysia for Expatriates

Malaysia uses both progressive and flat rates for personal income tax, depending on an individual’s duration and type of work in the country. As expatriates may fall into either tax category depending on their work, it is important to understand Malaysia’s basic tax structure. The Income Tax Act of 1967… – Continue reading

Trump’s tax plan could have rich New Yorkers fleeing for Florida

President Trump has signed three executive orders to spark reviews of tax and financial regulations so taxes on businesses and individuals can be cut. The approach would be different from Trump’s earlier plan, which was criticized as an approach that would mostly benefit higher earners. Michael Zezas, a strategist at… – Continue reading

Chevron: a game-changer for multinational tax avoiders

The Australian Tax Office had a superb win against Chevron in the Federal Court last week, but there is something everyone is missing, something that will turn the art of tax avoidance on its head; a game-changer for multinationals. Put simply, Chevron borrowed US$2.5 billion in the US at less… – Continue reading

10 ways you stand to gain from filing income tax return

Filing of your income tax return (ITR) is mandatory under the Income Tax Act, 1961 under certain circumstances. For instance, if someone’s income exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax, one is required to file income tax return.  Similarly, filing ITR is mandatory for ordinary residents having overseas assets… – Continue reading

Understanding the taxation of international and expatriate assignments

(Second of two parts) In last week’s article, we discussed how or why taxpayers working on international assignments have to consider the impact of different tax jurisdictions on their individual tax obligations. We also explained how most companies implement a tax equalization (TEQ) arrangement for the employees so that they… – Continue reading

3 Key Tax Rules Governing Typical Business Deductions

What is a business expense deduction? A business expense deduction is a deduction allowed for ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred in connection with an individual’s trade, business or profession. IRC Section 62(a)(1) operates to assure that all trade or business expenses, deductible as delineated under specific IRC Sections,… – Continue reading

Company tax: big business already pays less than 30% rate, ATO data shows

Business Council of Australia is urging tax cuts to remain competitive but transparency report show members’ effective rate is 24.3% The members of the Business Council of Australia, who are leading the push to cut Australia’s corporate tax rate from 30%, already pay an effective tax rate five percentage points… – Continue reading

French Panel Adopts ‘Google Tax’ on Diverted Profits

Big U.S. internet companies in France could get hit by a new BEPS-inspired penalty on “diverted profits” under a so-called Google tax measure that France’s National Assembly is set to consider next week. The amendment, proposed by Socialist Deputy Yann Galut and adopted by the Assembly’s finance committee, targets foreign… – Continue reading

13 IRS Tax Rules Trump Tax Plan Won’t Change

With Republican control of the House and Senate, President-elect Trump and Congress might tell the tax code, “you’re fired!” And as big as the coming tax changes might be, it’s worth noting what is highly unlikely to change. Keeping track of these 13 key tax rules could put dollars in… – Continue reading

IRD delayed multinational tax crackdown

New Zealand has delayed cracking down on multinational tax avoidance due to private sector concerns over timing and concerns about “scaring away” foreign investment, the Inland Revenue Department says. Wide-ranging reforms to corporate tax rules proposed by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), known as the base erosion… – Continue reading

Irish corporation tax not under threat – OECD tax chief

The Director of the OECD’s tax policy and administration unit has said there is no pressure on Ireland to change its 12.5% tax rate. “There is no question about the 12.5% rate, even the French have understood that Ireland will not change the rate,” Pascal Saint-Amans said. He said the… – Continue reading

Assessing the Hong Kong – Russia Double Taxation Agreement: Another Step Towards Amplifying China’s Eurasian Connection

Assessing the Hong Kong – Russia Double Taxation Agreement: Another Step Towards Amplifying China’s Eurasian Connection   The long-awaited Comprehensive Double Taxation Agreement (CDTA) between Hong Kong and Russia entered into force on July 29, 2016. The agreement will take effect on April 1, 2017 in Hong Kong and January… – Continue reading

EU anti-tax avoidance directive: Measures to be introduced aimed at curbing abuse

The European Union’s Anti-Avoidance Directive, which has to be put into national legislation by 2019,is aimed at plugging loop-holes in tax systems which allow large corporations to legally avoid paying tax. While Malta has been criticised for offering competitive tax rates, despite the openness and uniformity of such competitive rates,… – Continue reading

Canada willingly makes tax deals with tax havens

The seeds of Canadian corporations hiding billions of dollars in offshore tax havens were sown more than 40 years ago, after the Canadian government pursued a series of tax treaties with tiny Caribbean and European nations. The 92 tax treaties now signed with countries such as Barbados, Jamaica and Malta… – Continue reading

Multinationals warn of tax hit on earnings

The number of multinational companies warning investors about the risk of higher taxes doubled in the past year, according to analysis by the Financial Times. Nearly a fifth of the US companies who warned on taxes were technology companies, the Financial Times found in a study of company filings. A… – Continue reading

Indonesia Seeks To Curb Use Of Tax Havens By Companies

Indonesia hopes its plans for a tax amnesty will dissuade companies from channelling profits through overseas tax havens and shopping around for the most advantageous tax treaties, its finance minister said on Wednesday. Bambang Brodjonegoro said he suspected Indonesian firms of setting up “special purpose vehicles” (SPVs) to benefit both… – Continue reading

With new bill, Clarke takes aim at companies fleeing U.S. taxes

A new bill proposed by City Council President Darrell Clarke last week would ban city government from doing business with companies who move abroad to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Corporate tax inversion might not have a sexy ring to it, but it has been a topic on the minds and… – Continue reading

5 Tax Deductions Homeowners Won’t Want to Miss

One of the biggest financial benefits of owning a home is qualifying for the tax breaks that homeowners are eligible to receive. Many of the tax deductions for home-related expenses are well-known, but others often slip under the radar. Below, we’ll run through the list of deductions for homeowners that… – Continue reading