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Special tax regime for Non-Habitual Portuguese Resident individuals

Portuguese income tax law provides for a 20% reduced rate and, in respect to income obtained abroad, a full tax exemption, for certain types of income derived by individuals having the status of Non-Habitual Portuguese Residents (NHPR). Any individual that in a certain year becomes tax resident in Portugal will… – Continue reading

Switzerland: Federal Council Adopts Dispatch On Exchange Of Country-By-Country Reports

On 23 November 2016, the Swiss Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the Multilateral Agreement on the exchange of Country-by-Country Reports (CbCRs) and draft federal implementing legislation. The proposal is aimed at implementing the minimum standard of the G20 countries and the OECD to combat base erosion and profit shifting… – Continue reading

Curbs on black money abroad: Govt revising tax treaties to share data with ED, CBI

Sources said this amendment will allow speedy prosecution and imprisonment of account holders as enumerated in the Panama Papers, Liechtenstein and HSBC Geneva lists. Moving to register criminal charges and impose stricter penalties against those who have stashed black money abroad, India has started revising tax treaties with partner countries… – Continue reading

Singapore Goes The Mauritius Route, Loses Right To Tax Equity Capital Gains Arising In India

Starting April 1, 2017, India will have the right to tax capital gains arising on Indian equity shares sold by a Singapore resident. The governments of India and Singapore have amended the double taxation avoidance treaty between the two countries, in line with the changes India recently made to a… – Continue reading

Ukraine and Luxembourg sign a Protocol modifying their double tax treaty

On 30 September 2016 Ukraine signed a protocol (the “Protocol”) modifying the not-yet-in-force Convention between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income and Capital (the “Convention”)…. – Continue reading

Finnish Royalties To Estonia No Longer Taxed

The Finnish Tax Administration has confirmed that the payment of Finnish-sourced royalties to taxpayers in Estonia are not subject to withholding tax under the Finland’s double tax avoidance treaty with the Baltic state. In a tax administration bulletin issued on October 3, the Finnish tax authority said that as of… – Continue reading

Tax havens are under attack

Ireland, accused of being a tax haven for multinationals such as Apple to pay nearly zero tax on the bulk of its profits earned outside the United States, finds itself with a new adversary in the global fight against unfair tax practices — Brazil. As of October 1, Brazil will… – Continue reading

Switzerland’s Supreme Court Permits Dutch Tax Info Request

Switzerland’s Supreme Court has overturned the decision of a lower court preventing information on bank accounts held by Dutch citizens with UBS to be sent to the Netherlands tax authority. Upholding an appeal by a Dutch client of Swiss bank UBS in March 2016, the Federal Administrative Court blocked the… – Continue reading

Silicon Valley Issues Netherlands With Tax Warning

A coalition of Silicon Valley tech companies has urged the Dutch Government against making changes to the most “attractive” features of its corporate tax regime, warning that it risks damaging its traditionally strong tax competitiveness by doing so. The Silicon Valley Tax Directors Group (SVTDG), which includes more than 80… – Continue reading

Dublin and Washington enter talks to update Double Taxation treaty

Talks have begun between the US and Irish governments about updating certain elements of the Double Tax treaty between the two countries. The existing treaty was signed in 1997 and a Protocol to the treaty was signed in 1999. The Department of Finance and the Revenue Commissioners are calling for… – Continue reading

Ireland: Holding Companies In Ireland – August 2016

Ireland has become a destination of choice for holding companies due to its capital gains participation exemption, generous foreign tax credit system, membership of the EU, ever expanding double tax treaty (“DTT“) network (72 signed, with 70 in effect), lack of controlled foreign companies legislation, thin capitalisation rules and the… – Continue reading

Changes to India-Mauritius-Singapore Tax Treaties – Mind the Gap?

As many are now aware, the double tax avoidance arrangement (DTAA) between India and Mauritius was amended through the protocol released last month. The direct impact summarized in one line is as follows: India shall now tax capital gains arising from alienation of shares by a Mauritius investor acquired on… – Continue reading

Brexit – The UK and International Tax Consequences

The political, economic and constitutional fallout of the UK’s referendum decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) will continue for some time. In addition to considering some of the possible domestic UK tax implications of Brexit, this OnPoint also considers some of the potential tax implications from the perspective of… – Continue reading

New double tax treaty will help French businesses operating in Singapore, says expert

A new double tax treaty between France and Singapore will be of particular help to French companies operating in Singapore, especially in the construction industry, an expert has said. Franck Lagorce, an expert in French tax at Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind was commenting following an announcement from… – Continue reading

Working group to examine issues on Mauritius DTAA

NEW DELHI: The government has constituted a working group to examine the “consequential issues” arising out of the changes in India’s tax treaty with Mauritius.The India-Mauritius Double Taxation Avoidance Convention was amended last month to introduce a levy to prevent investors from using the island nation as a shelter to… – Continue reading

Netherlands And Switzerland Clarify DTA Fund Treatment

The Netherlands and Switzerland have signed an agreement clarifying the tax treatment of certain collective investment vehicles (CIVs) in each jurisdiction under their bilateral double tax avoidance agreement. The Competent Authority Agreement was signed on June 8, 2016, and deals with the application of the 2010 Dutch-Swiss double tax treaty… – Continue reading

Italy: New international tax ruling in Italy

Multinational companies doing business in Italy, Italian companies doing business abroad and non-resident companies which intend to invest in Italy may use the new international tax ruling procedure to reach an advanced agreement with the Italian Tax Authorities regarding the taxation of income derived from cross-border transactions. Recently, Legislative Decree… – Continue reading

India-Mauritius Tax Treaty Renegotiated

On 10 May 2016, the Government of India issued a press release1 stating that India and Mauritius have signed a protocol (New Protocol) amending the double tax avoidance treaty between the two countries (the Treaty). Based on the press release and the New Protocol, following are the key changes to… – Continue reading

UK Finance Bill 2016 – Royalty Witholding Tax

Domestic UK law imposes a 20% royalty withholding tax on limited types of payment and on specific categories of intellectual property. This year’s Finance Bill expands the scope of intellectual property royalties that are subject to UK royalty withholding tax. UK businesses should review their intellectual property licensing agreements to… – Continue reading

Irish Revenue Explains Estonia DTC Royalty Tax Changes

The Irish Revenue has issued a brief explaining how the implementation of a most favored nation clause in Ireland’s tax treaty with Estonia will affect the tax treatment of royalties. Ireland’s Double Tax Convention (DTC) with Estonia became effective in 1999. It contains a provision whereby the tax treatment of… – Continue reading

UAE – Jersey trade relations: from a tax haven to taxonomy

As with any offshore financial centre, secrecy has been synonymous with the Channel Islands of Jersey. But the reason for the strong relations between the self-governing British dependency and the United Arab Emirates – still not known to many – is not confidentiality alone. It has not been so long… – Continue reading

Tax Notes: Protocol Amending RP – New Zealand Tax Treaty

THE Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) recently issued Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 32-2016 setting the amendments in the provisions of the Philippines-New Zealand tax treaty, which was originally entered into on Oct. 2, 2008. The Protocol includes the following changes: 1. The rate for dividends was changed to a… – Continue reading

The problem of secretive tax havens

Panama is a tax haven, but Mauritius is one with which India has a comprehensive double tax treaty. This complicates matters more. In popular Indian imagination, a tax haven is generally associated with Switzerland and its numbered bank accounts. But tax havens are numerous, have grown in importance, and are… – Continue reading

New qualifying private placement exemption from UK withholding tax on interest: good news

The Finance Act 2015 introduced certain gateway conditions for the new exemption from UK withholding tax on interest payments for “qualifying private placements.” The Qualifying Private Placement Regulations 2015 setting out the detailed conditions for relief have now been made. While January 1, 2016 was appointed as the effective date,… – Continue reading

Budget 2016: Royalty payments – Enhanced withholding tax rights

As part of the Government’s crackdown on profit shifting by multinationals from the UK to low or no-tax jurisdictions, the Chancellor has announced in Budget 2016 a package of enhanced withholding tax measures which are designed to ensure that companies are not able to use intragroup royalty payments for avoidance…. – Continue reading

Important changes and developments in German double tax treaties

1. New double tax treaty between Germany and the Netherlands: tax authorities now bear burden of proof regarding tax- evading or tax-avoiding arrangements A new Double Tax Treaty (DTT) has been in place between Germany and the Netherlands since 01 January 2016. Art. 23 of the DTT introduces an important… – Continue reading

Tanzania: Information Exchange With Tax Bodies

Double tax treaties enable competent authorities of the treaty partners to exchange important tax information necessary for implementing the treaty or the domestic laws on taxes of every kind and description imposed. For instance, exchanges of information may be made regarding tax avoidance by companies of the contracting states.Nevertheless information… – Continue reading

French Tax Update – Recent Case Law and Other Noteworthy Publications

The present French Tax Update will focus on an overview of several noteworthy publications, including decisions issued during the past few months by the French Administrative Supreme Court (Conseil d’Etat) and French Constitutional Court (Conseil Constitutionnel), as well as the European Commission decision in respect of the Belgian Excess Profit… – Continue reading

Tanzania: Managing Tax Risks – Double Tax Treaties and Implications

Can tax treaty provisions override domestic law?In our last article we defined double taxation as an exposure to tax more than once on the same profit or income. We also highlighted the two types of double taxation i.e. economic double taxation and juridical double taxation and also noted that a… – Continue reading

How to take your UK pension pot overseas-and not be hit by a big tax bill

Once the thrill of deciding to retire overseas has subsided, you normally start to think of all the things you need to do before you go. Picking the right removal firm, a lawyer to help you buy a new home are a couple, but the tax & financial implications of… – Continue reading

Redomiciliation of foreign companies

The redomiciliation of companies (ie, movement of a company incorporated in one jurisdiction to another, retaining its legal character) is not recognised under Chilean law. This means that in order to move to Chile, a foreign company must establish a branch or create a subsidiary there. It cannot move its… – Continue reading

Tanzania: Managing Tax Risks – Double Tax Treaties and Implications to Undertakings of Multinationals

The term double taxation refers to an exposure to tax more than once on the same profit or income. There are two types of double taxation i.e. economic double taxation and juridical double taxation. Economic double taxation is broad and occurs in a situation where an amount of income is… – Continue reading

Nigeria signs double tax treaty with United Arab Emirates

As part of the ongoing visit by President Muhammadu Buhari to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), both countries today signed six agreements on Trade, Finance and Judicial Matters; Avoidance of Double Taxation; Trade Promotion and Protection; Judicial Agreements on Extradition, Transfer of Sentenced Persons; Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal Matters;… – Continue reading

Start-up investment in India to get capital gains tax exemption

PM Narendra Modi also announces a Rs.10,000 crore fund to provide support to innovation driven enterprises New Delhi:In an effort to give a fillip to the start-up ecosystem in the country, the government on Saturday announced its intention to exempt capital gains tax on investments in start-ups and a Rs.10,000… – Continue reading

UK Tax Treaties With Croatia, Bulgaria In Force

The UK tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), has announced that new double tax avoidance treaties with Bulgaria and Croatia have entered into force. The 2015 UK-Bulgaria double tax agreement was signed on March 26, 2015, and replaces the former 1987 treaty. It generally limits the withholding tax rate… – Continue reading

New Australia/Germany Double Tax Treaty shows Australia’s policy response to BEPS

On 13 November 2015 the Treasurer and Minister of Finance jointly announced that a new double tax treaty had been negotiated with Germany, replacing the 1972 agreement. The new treaty has not yet been formally adopted as part of Australian law, as a change to the International Tax Agreements Act… – Continue reading

Cyprus: Taxation – Amendments On The Double Tax Treaty Between The Republic Of Cyprus And Ukraine

Representatives of the Cyprus and the Ukrainian governments have signed, in Kiev, on Friday, 11 December 2015, a protocol amending their Double Tax Avoidance Treaty. The protocol is based on the Model Tax Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation OECD. The changes need to be ratified by both the… – Continue reading

New dividend withholding tax of 1.69 per cent for foreign shareholders

Non-Belgian shareholders with a participation in a Belgian company with an acquisition value of at least €2.5m (but not reaching the 10 per cent participation threshold under the Parent–Subsidiary Directive) are now entitled to the Belgian participation exemption regime. In C-384/11 (Tate & Lyle Investments), the European Court of Justice… – Continue reading

Tax Alert – recent Belgian tax developments

Here’s our overview of recent Belgian tax developments, including the main new Belgian tax measures adopted by the laws of 18 and 26 December 2015. Speculation tax A ‘speculation tax’ of 33 per cent is introduced on capital gains realised by Belgian resident and non-resident individuals within six months from… – Continue reading

Mexican Tax Reforms for 2016

On Nov. 18, 2015, reforms to the Mexican Income Tax Law (MITL), Tax Code, Excise Tax and Federal Income Law for 2016 (collectively, the Tax Reform) were published in the Federal Gazette. The Tax Reform reestablishes measures to promote savings and increase incentives for doing business in Mexico, some of… – Continue reading

Luxembourg – Main New 2016 Tax Measures At A Glance

IP regime  To comply with the OECD’s BEPS reports and more specifically its action plan n° 5 regarding harmful tax practices, the Luxembourg intellectual property (“IP“) regime under article 50bis of the Luxembourg income tax law (“ITL“) will be repealed as from 1 July 2016. As such, the Luxembourg 80%… – Continue reading

Russian business shifts upmarket

It has been a tough year for Russian businesses. The latest monthly forecast of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) predicts a contraction in Russian real GDP of 3.8% in 2015 and another 0.5% in 2016. “Structural weaknesses will keep trend GDP growth below 2% a year in the medium term,”… – Continue reading

Malta: The Tax Challenges Of The Digital Economy – Article 3

Main principles of Direct Taxation – Double Tax Treaties In our third article in a series of articles on the tax challenges of the digital economy, we shall be providing you hereunder with a brief overview of the principles of direct taxation, with a focus primarily on the taxation of… – Continue reading

Cyprus: Double Tax Treaty Between Cyprus And Swiss Confederation

On 15th October 2015, the Double Tax Treaty between the Republic of Cyprus and Swiss Confederation had entered into force (the “Treaty“). The said Treaty is based on the OECD Model Convention on the Avoidance of Double Taxation on Income and on Capital. Under the Treaty, there is no withholding… – Continue reading