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Kazakhstan Amends Its Tax Code

General On 30 November 2016, Kazakhstan adopted certain amendments to its Tax Code (the Tax Amendments). Most of the Tax Amendments take effect on 1 January 2017. Below we summarize some of the most important Tax Amendments: VAT Registration Threshold Under the Tax Amendments, the existing VAT registration threshold (i.e.,… – Continue reading

Bermuda is world’s worst corporate tax haven, says Oxfam

Four UK territories in list ‘undermine Britain’s efforts to be responsible member of the international community’ Bermuda is the world’s worst corporate tax haven, according to a list by Oxfam, which includes three other UK territories among those it names and shames. The charity’s list of the “world’s worst” 15… – Continue reading

Taxman targets Real and Barca over fraud, says report

Giants Real Madrid and Barcelona are among five La Liga clubs from whom the Spanish taxman is looking to recover €52 million (RM244 million), online newspaper El Confidencial claimed yesterday. Alongside Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia, the big two are accused of having avoided tax by paying player’s agents directly…. – Continue reading

Labour and unions demand action on temp agencies’ tax avoidance

Opposition vows to shut down scheme that uses ‘contrived’ financial arrangements to slash national insurance bills Labour and trade unions have called on the government to take action after a Guardian investigation found that an aggressive tax avoidance scheme used by temporary recruitment agencies is depriving the taxpayer of “hundreds… – Continue reading

Vietnam Set to Update Transfer Pricing Thresholds from 2017

Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance released a draft circular on October 11th which, if passed, is set to become the largest change to transfer pricing (TP) regulation since the implementation of Circular 66/2010/TT-BTC in 2010 – which the draft updates. Touching on conditionality of TP exemption and thresholds for defining related… – Continue reading

Abolish 20 taxes and set 15% flat rate of income tax in UK, says report

Institute for Economic Affairs says changes would make those at top 13% better off, but incomes of those at bottom would rise 26% National insurance, business rates, stamp duty, the TV licence fee and excise duties on alcohol and tobacco should be among 20 taxes abolished by the government, a… – Continue reading

India-Japan amended tax treaty comes into force

The amended bilateral tax treaty between India and Japan, which provides for strengthened exchange of information to help reduce tax evasion, has come into force from October 29. The agreement to amend the 27-year old Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) was signed when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited India… – Continue reading

Saudi joins talks on VAT, selective tax in GCC states

The Saudi Council of Ministers has authorized minister of finance or his deputy to discuss two draft uniform agreements on value added tax (VAT) and selective tax for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. The agreements shall be discussed within the framework of the GCC financial and economic committee, and sign… – Continue reading

KPMG wants better tax systems

Auditing and tax advisory firm KPMG is calling for establishment of the T&T Revenue Authority (TTRA) so there can be a structured way of collecting taxes. “The current main tax authority does not appear to have structured means, if any, of treating with businesses that conceal transaction to avoid tax… – Continue reading

Ghana loses US$2.1 billion to tax evasion annually

Ghana loses nearly $2.1 billion dollars to tax evasion and incentives annually, reveals a study carried out by the Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC), a civil society organisation. According to the study, which was conducted on behalf of the National Coordinating Council of the Public Services International (PSI), there was… – Continue reading

VAT tweaks to help offset income tax cut

THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT will keep value-added tax (VAT) exemptions for three key sectors, but may opt to remove this benefit from senior citizens and others to arrive at a “fair” tax regime. Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III told reporters late last week that the government is looking to trim… – Continue reading

Jokowi to Lower Income Tax Rate

“Maybe lower the income tax from 25 percent to 20 percent first, then 17 percent.” The government will once again provide the public with tax break following its tax amnesty program. It is currently reviewing a plan to lower income tax rates and the possibility of establishing a tax haven,… – Continue reading

OECD Advises Finland On Growth-Friendly Tax Reforms

A revenue-neutral modification of Finland’s tax structure could boost the nation’s economic growth, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said in a recently released report. Finland has already adopted some measures to make the tax structure more growth friendly in recent years, the report, Boosting Productivity in Finland, said…. – Continue reading

IMF call for ‘comprehensive reform’ of US tax system

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) review has called for a comprehensive reform of the US tax system, with the aim of removing exemptions, simplifying the system, rebalancing from direct to indirect taxes, and reducing statutory rates for individual and corporate income taxes According to its annual Article IV consultation report… – Continue reading

US Consumption Taxes Low In Global Comparison

A recent paper from the Tax Foundation (TF) pointed out that, while most Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries lean more on tax revenue from consumption taxes, the United States relies more on individual income tax, while raising relatively little from consumption taxes. The TF noted that “this… – Continue reading

Tax haven route won’t work for post-Brexit UK, OECD says

The United Kingdom is unlikely to try to lure international investment by becoming a tax haven after it leaves the European Union, according to an internal memo prepared by the body responsible for the drafting international tax rules. The head of tax at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development,… – Continue reading

Brexit – The UK and International Tax Consequences

The political, economic and constitutional fallout of the UK’s referendum decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) will continue for some time. In addition to considering some of the possible domestic UK tax implications of Brexit, this OnPoint also considers some of the potential tax implications from the perspective of… – Continue reading

Google’s offices in Spain raided by tax authorities

Tax authorities in Spain have raided Google’s offices in Madrid as part of an investigation into tax evasion and fraud, TechCrunch understands. Local press and the Reuters news agency are also reporting the raids. The raid on Google’s Madrid headquarters and its Google Campus workspace are related to VAT payments… – Continue reading

GAAR comes into force in Poland

Poland has approved a general anti-avoidance rule (GAAR) which may be used retroactively with regard to undertakings or arrangements made before its introduction. The Act introducing a clause against tax avoidance [a general anti-avoidance rule – GAAR] comes into force within 30 days after its publication, likely in July 2016…. – Continue reading

EU adopts country-by-country reporting directive

The European Council has adopted a directive on the reporting by multinational companies of tax-related information and exchange of that information between member states, which transposes the OECD’s recommendation on country-by-country reporting (CBCR) into EU law Companies with a total consolidated group revenue of at least €750m (£570m) will be… – Continue reading

Sweden Issues Tax Avoidance Action Plan

Sweden will appoint an inquiry to study whether tax advisers should be required to inform the Swedish Tax Agency about tax planning schemes as part of an action plan to combat tax avoidance, which also urges companies to maintain their own tax policies at board level. According to the Government,… – Continue reading

UK Consults On Anti-VAT Avoidance Measures

The UK Government has launched a consultation on plans to make the disclosure of value-added tax avoidance schemes (VADR) system more closely resemble the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes (DOTAS) regime. According to the consultation, “VADR should be more closely aligned with DOTAS to provide early information on new avoidance… – Continue reading

European Commission sets action plan for VAT simplification

The European Commission has set out a proposed action plan to modernise the EU VAT system in a move which should give more freedom to the member states The action plan will include new rules such as the implementation of key principles for a future single European VAT system, short… – Continue reading

Li: Tax reform to boost vitality of real economy

Premier Li Keqiang’s message to the country’s tax and financial authorities is crystal clear: The ongoing landmark tax reform must reduce burdens on all industries. One month before the May 1 deadline of a sweeping reform that seeks to replace China’s decadeslong business tax with a value-added tax, Li visited… – Continue reading

International and Irish Tax Update – March 2016

Summary The pace of change in international tax is dramatic. Each month brings new initiatives and developments at both national and supra-national levels. In this update, we focus on recent changes which are relevant to our clients. The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) reports were finalised in October… – Continue reading

Nigeria: Why Tax Avoidance Does Untold Damage to Business

For now… corporations, as responsible global citizens, should endeavour to pay their fair share of taxes to avoid threats to their own long term sustainability. Multinational companies like Google, Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon and other global corporations are constantly coming under public fire for avoiding taxes on their British sales. For… – Continue reading

Rationalise taxes on media, entertainment sector: Experts

Budget 2016 should rationalise entertainment tax, exempt newsprint from VAT and end double taxation on temporary transfer of movie rights to television channels, experts said. “Currently, entertainment industry players such as DTH and cable service operators are reeling under the heavy burden of multiple taxation and levies such as licence… – Continue reading

Ding ding, seconds out on Malta’s fight to stop Brussels’s tax plans

Malta has always insisted it is no tax haven, but it employs a system which allows foreign shareholders to claim a six-sevenths’ refund on their taxed dividends, taxed at the maximum 35%. There’s a new battle lining up for the Maltese government inside Brussels: an aggressive fight against tax avoidance… – Continue reading

IRS lists hiding money, income offshore on ‘Dirty Dozen’ tax scams

ST. GEORGE — The Internal Revenue Service has announced that avoiding taxes by hiding money or assets in unreported offshore accounts remains on its annual list of tax scams known as the “Dirty Dozen.” “Our continued enforcement actions should discourage anyone from trying to illegally hide money and income offshore,”… – Continue reading

Tax competition – that would be something to thank the Scots for

A 30% tax bracket. A rise in the standard rate, with a rebate for lower earners. Higher taxes all round to finance more spending. In Scotland, ahead of May’s elections for the devolved parliament, a fascinating debate on tax and spending is under way, with the main parties setting out… – Continue reading

Slovak EU Presidency to tackle issue of tax evasion

BRATISLAVA, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) — Preventing VAT evasions should be one of the priorities of the Slovak EU Presidency starting this July, confirmed Andrej Kralik, head of the European Commission’s Representation in Slovakia. Europe is annually losing as much as 168 billion euros (189.5 billion U.S. dollars) on tax evasions… – Continue reading

Beijing Bungles Corporate Tax Reform

China has one of the most archaic corporate tax systems in the world, from which the new value-added tax structure was supposed to provide much-needed relief. China’s tax complexity and inconsistent enforcement has become an efficiency drain on China’s own economy and a roadblock to foreign companies wishing to set… – Continue reading

Scrap high-denomination banknotes, urges ex-bank boss

Former Standard Chartered chief says eliminating €500, $100, SFr1,000 and £50 notes would prevent corrupt payments Governments should consider scrapping high denomination banknotes to combat financial crime and tax evasion, including paying tradespeople in cash, a former bank boss has said. Criminals move more than $2tn (£1.4tn) around the world… – Continue reading

GRA convening meeting with private sector on US Act targeting tax evasion

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is convening a meeting with the private sector on February 16 to discuss FATCA, the US extra-territorial law governing accounts held by US taxpayers overseas. In a notice in today’s Stabroek News, the GRA said that the focus of the meeting will be the Foreign… – Continue reading

The Tax Avoidance Battle: Nations vs. Multinationals

At least this is the goal – member states safeguarding their social models by preventing trans-border operating multinational companies from avoiding “their fair share” of the tax burden. According to the European Commission, small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU pay 30% higher tax burden than large multinational companies. With… – Continue reading

The Italian Patent Box and Its (Non-) Compliance with OECD Recommendations

The Italian Patent Box regime largely complies with the OECD recommendations to prevent base erosion and profit shifting. Its non-compliant features offer a brief window of opportunity for companies able to take swift advantage of its wide range of qualifying intangible assets. Many countries have implemented specific IP regimes through… – Continue reading

Service tax exemption limit to be raised to Rs 25 lakh in Budget

The Ministry of Finance is planning to make the forthcoming general budget people-friendly. According to informed sources, the service tax exemption limit is expected to be increased from Rs 10 lakh at present to Rs 25 lakh. This is being seen as a major step aimed at benefitting traders and… – Continue reading

Cyprus Yacht Registration – New Preferable VAT Treatment

A. INTRODUCTION On the 13th of March 2012, the Cyprus VAT Authority has launched a scheme making Cyprus one of the most attractive EU jurisdictions for yacht registration. According to this scheme, a Cyprus company can enter into a lease-sale agreement of a yacht with a third party, paying VAT… – Continue reading

Can new guidelines get Nigerians into tax net?

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) which is now saddled with the onerous task of getting alternative sources of revenue for the federal government has since adopted a stick and carrot approach to bringing tax payers into the tax net. Assistant Editor, Nduka Chiejina looks at the issues contained in… – Continue reading

Saudi Arabia third in global ranking for tax payment ease

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has maintained third in the global ranking for ease of tax payment, according to the latest release of the Paying Taxes report by the World Bank and PwC. With the least demanding tax framework, well below the world average, the Kingdom has a total tax rate of… – Continue reading