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Fund administration – opportunities for offshore and alternative investment funds

Following the implementation of the EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) Directive (2011/61/EC) and associated legislation, Cyprus now lays claim to being a growth jurisdiction within the European Union for the establishment and servicing of boutique and low cost alternative investment funds based locally or offshore. The choice of fund… – Continue reading

Gibraltar: Rising Above Regulatory Clouds

The medium-term uncertainty of the UK’s continued membership of the EU remains a cloud on Gibraltar’s financial horizon, for the Rock’s membership of the 27-nation body – and thus her role as a stepping-stone into Europe’s vast financial market – is under Britain’s umbrella. And it is partly in response… – Continue reading

Big bucks, but no bankers jailed in $5.7B settlement

Six of the biggest names in global finance shelled out billions of dollars Wednesday to settle charges of rigging currency markets, but liberal lawmakers complain the government is just doling out slaps on the wrist. On Wednesday, the Justice Department announced a settlement that also saw five banks plead guilty… – Continue reading

Azerbaijani stock market fully complies with FATCA requirements

Baku, Fineko/ Foreign investors may not fear the U.S. sanctions on FATCA during operations on the Azerbaijani stock market. Director of local investment company PSG¬Broker Matanat Iskenderova has stated that the stock market of Azerbaijan is fully compliant with the standards in the field of counteraction to money¬laundering. “Likewise, it… – Continue reading

Singapore Enhanced Regulatory Framework for Corporate Service Providers

On 15 May 2015, Singapore has implemented a new enhanced regulatory framework for Singapore Corporate Services Providers. The strengthened regime for Singapore Corporate Services Providers is expected to help further boost the reputation of Singapore as a trusted international financial and business centre with robust regulatory frameworks against money laundering… – Continue reading

Africa loses $50 billion a year through tax avoidance and fraud, report states

Addis Ababa, 19 May 2015- (ECA) – Africa’s money that could be used to improve lives and reduce poverty is leaving the continent through illicit financial flows defined as money illegally earned, transferred and used. As the Chairperson of the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, the… – Continue reading

FATCA, Tax Havens, American Competitiveness And Hypocritical Politicians

While the Bureaucrat Hall of Fame and Moocher Hall of Fame already exist, the Hypocrite Hall of Fame is just a concept. But once it gets set up, Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida will definitely be a charter member. Here are some passages from a column in the Tampa Bay… – Continue reading

FIIs get another small dose of relief, fresh tax notices on hold

The announcement marks an attempt to defuse the raging controversy over MAT payouts, which has dented the outlook of foreign institutional investors toward the country’s stock and bond markets. The government on Monday announced it had stayed the issue of fresh notices to foreign institutional investors regarding the alleged non-payment… – Continue reading

Sebi cracks down on Rs 420-cr tax fraud, bars 178 entities

After finding them guilty of manipulation in the stock market for making illegal gains, Sebi has restrained the 178 entities, including Pine Animation, from accessing the securities market. In a fresh clampdown on misuse of stock market platform for suspected money laundering activity, Sebi today banned Pine Animation and 177… – Continue reading

On stashed cash: State could impose 10% tax on remittances

ISLAMABAD: As authorities struggle to increase tax collection, the state is considering a proposal that could see a levy of 10% tax on profit made on foreign remittances placed in savings accounts. The proposal comes as the government suspects that the amount sent through remittances could be black money being… – Continue reading

Deloitte partner concerned proposed tax law changes targeting foreign corporates will sting NZ banks and thus NZers

There are fears the Government’s plans to prevent foreign controlled banks from slipping under the taxman’s radar, could end up hitting their New Zealand customers in the pocket. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is proposing to impose a higher tax burden on non-resident investors who get income from interest, dividends… – Continue reading

Complex transactions challenge banks’ money-laundering battle

The nation’s anti-corruption campaign and drive to track down economic fugitives and corrupt officials may help banks crack down on money laundering, analysts said. Banks have been updating watchlists for suspected money-laundering activities and heightening scrutiny of transactions and accounts. But they may be challenged by new forms of money… – Continue reading

Panda bonds capture foreign interest

[HONG KONG] Foreign interest is building in China’s Panda bond market ahead of potential rule changes that bankers expect to encourage more offerings. Monetary easing from the People’s Bank of China have dragged onshore renminbi bond yields below their offshore equivalents, raising the appeal of so-called Panda bonds to foreign… – Continue reading

G24: In defense of emerging markets, developing countries

THE global economic recovery, which has been assessed as uneven with manifest divergences across countries and regions, has however, been supported by Emerging Markets and Developing Countries (EMDCs) as the major drivers of global growth, although it is currently moderating in some countries. But the Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on… – Continue reading

Rupee Rises for a Second Day as Global Funds Buy Indian Bonds

India’s rupee rose for a second day as the dollar weakened and global funds resumed purchases of local bonds after the government sought to clear uncertainties over a retrospective tax on capital gains. Overseas funds bought a net $130 million of local-currency notes on April 24, the latest figures show,… – Continue reading

EU Member States should benefit from the Capital Markets Union

On Saturday 25 April, at the second session of the informal meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN), one of most important issues on the agenda was the further development of the Capital Markets Union concept, which was broadly supported by the ministers and Governors of central banks…. – Continue reading

US, UK funds approach India on MAT citing OECD

However, OECD being persuasive may not help funds based out of nations whose treaties do not give specific exemption The Indian government’s clarification that it would honour tax treaties while making a demand of Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) at the effective rate of 20 per cent came as a relief… – Continue reading

Paulson, Highbridge Bermuda Ventures May Be at Risk From IRS

Investment vehicles set up by Paulson & Co. and Highbridge Capital Management in tax-friendly Bermuda may be under threat from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The IRS, in proposed rules published Thursday, said that the favorable treatment enjoyed by insurers under the tax code shouldn’t extend to companies that borrow… – Continue reading

EIB: From bad banking to good banking

Like many other public banks, the European Investment Bank (EIB) leverages its own means by acting as a catalyst for private investment through various financial mechanisms. Too often, though, attempts to attract private capital result in unpredictable risks and higher-than projected costs for the public coffer, write Xavier Sol and… – Continue reading

Attempt to fix Stock Connect pre-trade checking goes live

The Hong Kong bourse has launched a special segregated accounts system for Stock Connect in an attempt to address investors’ concerns over the much-criticised pre-trade checking rules. A reformed trade settlement system was rolled out to Stock Connect investors yesterday in a bid to address concerns over the pre-trade checking… – Continue reading

‘Constructive’ talks on US banks tax evasion row

Tensions between Swiss banks and the United States justice authorities should ease up in 2015, Finance Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf has said on the sidelines of the joint International Monetary Fund and World Bank spring meetings in Washington. The minister said she had received positive signals that this year would bring… – Continue reading

Bahamas to be ready to comply to FATCA

NASSAU, Bahamas — The Ministry of Financial Services is doing everything necessary to ensure the full compliance of The Bahamas with established international norms and standards, as the Ministry prepares the country to be ready to comply with the United States Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The Ministries of… – Continue reading

Syndicated loan borrowings abroad fall as companies tap bonds for expansion

MUMBAI: India’s syndicated loan borrowing in overseas markets has collapsed in the January-March quarter as Indian companies have taken the bond route to fund their expansions, and investments are yet to pick up. Loans denominated in US dollar, Japanese yen or euro dropped 75 per cent year-on-year. India G3 syndicated… – Continue reading

Tax Treaty Changes Boost HK-Shanghai Stock Trading

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited’s securities market turnover has risen to a record high, and the recent signing of the fourth Protocol to the China-Hong Kong double taxation agreement (DTA) will further boost trading activity through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect (SHKSC) program. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited’s… – Continue reading

India sends out nearly $6-billion worth of tax notices to foreign funds

Till March 31, close to 100 FIIs got notices from the Tax Department for a controversial Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) of 20 per cent, while they are now being followed up with Assessment Orders. In the biggest-ever tax demand slapped on them, nearly 100 foreign funds have been asked to… – Continue reading

CORRECTION: AS „TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” audited financial report for the year 2014

Riga, 2015-03-31 08:32 CEST (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the audited financial report of AS “TRASTA KOMERCBANKA” has been made some changes in the design of the document. These changes do not affect the important financial information about the Bank. In 2014, Latvia’s GDP grew by 2.4%, and this growth was… – Continue reading

State Ministers Hold Meeting with Swiss State Secretary on Tax Evasion

The fight against international tax evasion dominated a meeting at Maximos Mansion between Greek State Minister Nikos Pappas and State Minister for Combating Corruption Panagiotis Nikoloudis with Swiss State Secretary for International Financial Markets Jacques de Watteville. The meeting, which was concluded earlier on Thursday, was also attended by Justice… – Continue reading

Gibraltar–A Tax Haven–Sues ABC For Calling It A Tax Haven

According to news reports, Gibraltar’s government isn’t going to take being called a ‘tax haven’ lying down. The little British Overseas Territory at the tip of Spain is suing ABC—not the TV network, the Spanish newspaper—for defamation. Gibraltarians may live in what many call a tax haven, but their government… – Continue reading

Cayman AEOI Portal now live

(CNS Business): On Friday 20 March at 4:15pm the Cayman Islands officially opened the doors to the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) Portal to report tax information to other jurisdictions. The Financial Services Ministry has announced the AEOI Portal is now available for financial institutions to register and report customer… – Continue reading

Cayman’s tax exchange portal ready to run

(CNS Business): After months of preparation, the exchange of tax information from the Cayman Islands to other jurisdictions will become more efficient with the launch of a new online system. The Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) Portal will be launched this month and will be used by Cayman’s financial institutions… – Continue reading

Income tax department to take closer look at bank accounts, property or stocks abroad

MUMBAI: Next time, you will think twice before opening a bank account in Jersey or buying a property in London — even if the transaction is legitimate. Everyone having accounts with offshore banks, or owning properties or stocks abroad will be soon asked a string of questions by the tax… – Continue reading

FATCA: The End of ‘Shadow Boxing’ in the Offshore Trust Industry

Not long after the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division (“DOJ”) made international headlines in 2009 for its bombshell announcement that it had entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), lawmakers in Washington, D.C. began reviewing the testimony of hundreds of UBS’s U.S. clients… – Continue reading

Revealed: Top firm funding Labour is the one savage for promoting tax avoidance!

Labour took £386,000 from PricewaterhouseCoopers in last quarter of 2014 Accountancy company accused of helping clients slash tax bills Former Labour minister says it was ‘inappropriate’ to accept donation Ed had said donors accused of tax avoidance not allowed on his watch Labour was accused of hypocrisy last night as… – Continue reading

Secrecy must be respected in tax information exchange: Germany

The thrust of the Indian government’s economic policy is encouraging, particularly the tax reform of proposed introduction of goods and services tax. NEW DELHI, JAN 20: Germany has made a case for ‘respecting the secrecy’ of any information shared with India for tax administration purposes. This stance assumes significance given… – Continue reading