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Ireland’s budget 2016 will be announced tomorrow, 13 October 2015, and it is expected that additional detail on the research and development (R&D) tax incentive known as the “knowledge development box” would be provided in the budget 2016 statement. The “knowledge development box” is a tax rate for income generated… – Continue reading


The UK government released draft regulations for country-by-country (CbC) reporting, to implement Action 13 of the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project. The draft UK regulations broadly reflect the OECD reports, released 5 October 2015, and specifically make reference to the model legislation. Key points of the CbC… – Continue reading

Ramaphosa and MTN’s offshore stash

Emmanuel Mayah, Jeff Mbanga, Francis Kokutse and Nick Mathiason contributed to this joint investigation by the M&G Centre for Investigative Journalism (amaBhungane) and Finance Uncovered, a global reporting project involving journalists in 54 countries. Shortly after Cyril Ramaphosa left MTN to become South Africa’s deputy president last year, he lashed… – Continue reading

Quarter of businesses to miss BEPS deadline

A quarter of companies say they won’t meet the first deadline proposed by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in its base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) action plan, reports Economia. Globally, 74 per cent said they will complete their country-by-country analysis by the first due date, December… – Continue reading

Canada: International Tax Reform 2015-BEPS Final Reports

On October 5, 2015, the OECD released its final reports relating to the OECD/G20 base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project (the Final Reports). The BEPS project began in 2013 and has received unprecedented attention from governments and the private sector. The Final Reports outline the OECD’s recommendations and the… – Continue reading

United States: US Congress Considers Domestic Patent Box Regime – Should You Reevaluate Your Global Structure?

Patent box regimes typically apply deeply discounted tax rates to income derived from intellectual property. Recently unveiled draft legislation may pave the way for a US patent box regime and incentivize taxpayers to reevaluate their global structures. Introduction The US imposes the highest corporate income tax rate (35%) in the… – Continue reading

Foreign governments ready cash grab on U.S. earnings

Opposition to foreign taxes on American investment and hard work has been coded into our national DNA for almost 240 years. Yet almost two and a half centuries after resolving that we would not stand idle while others decide how to tax us, Americans once again must take decisive action… – Continue reading

Plans to overhaul global tax system to be published

A plan for overhauling the global system for the taxation of multinationals, to be published on Monday in Paris, will contain major challenges and opportunities for Ireland’s vital foreign direct investment (FDI) sector, according to tax experts, reports the Irish Times. The culmination of two years’ work, the report by… – Continue reading

Bye bye Mauritius? With BEPS, tax havens will be viewed differently

With the final draft of the OECD’s BEPS initiative – Base Erosion and Profit Shifting – out later today, the taxman’s ability to tax international transactions as well as those of foreign firms operating in India will go up dramatically; the idea behind the initiative is to treat all cross-border… – Continue reading

Political & Economic week ahead: will TPP deal close?

Two big offshore deals kick off the week. The first is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. The long-awaited deal is a bit like the Jabberwocky poem in Alice in Wonderland – the alarmism means the political atmosphere is full of strange and threatening noises which only leave a general impression that… – Continue reading

OECD to unveil global tax plans

The OECD’s measures to reform international corporate tax systems will cause Ireland fewer problems than forecast, but for eurozone countries it will be just the beginning of greater and more detailed change. Following two years of constant meetings between tax experts from its 34 country members, the Paris-based body releases… – Continue reading

Osborne to net billions as huge global crackdown on multinational tax avoidance begins

The world’s richest nations will launch a huge crackdown on multinational tax avoidance on Monday as part of the biggest shake-up of international tax rules for decades. The move could lead to a multi- billion pound gain for Chancellor George Osborne and higher tax bills for a raft of blue-chip… – Continue reading

New Thomson Reuters Report Equips Tax Professionals to Help Clients Comply with FATCA

NEW YORK, September 30, 2015 – A new report from Thomson Reuters sheds light on the dividend and income reporting requirements for banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Published by Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, New FATCA Compliance Obligations Facing Business Entities can be… – Continue reading

Hammer of BEPS on Harmful Tax Practices in disregard of transparency and substance

By: Pinakin D Desai, Partner – Tax & Regulatory services, EY India The term Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) refers to tax avoidance strategies which, by exploiting gaps and mismatches in tax rules, shift profits of Multinational Enterprise (‘MNE’) Groups to low or no tax locations where there is… – Continue reading

OECD eyes rules to curb tax avoidance

The Yomiuri Shimbun The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development will establish a comprehensive package of international rules to clamp down on tax saving tactics by multinational companies, The Yomiuri Shimbun learned Tuesday. The pillar of the package is to halt tax-saving practices like unrealistic lending and borrowing as well… – Continue reading

Are corporate tax inversions ‘unpatriotic’?

Moving overseas to cut tax burden remains a viable option for some firms, though the presidential candidates may have other plans. With the long haul of a presidential election campaign just beginning, companies that leave the U.S. to lower their tax bills are once again political targets. Donald Trump this… – Continue reading

OECD says Ireland to benefit post-BEPS

The OECD has said that its base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project will create policy challenges for Ireland, but the nation should emerge well placed to attract foreign direct investment, reports Tax News. The report states: “Given the strong presence of intellectual property-intensive information technology and pharmaceutical companies in… – Continue reading

Crunchtime for OECD global tax-avoidance push

Efforts to amend details of new rules on corporate profits raise questions, reports the Wall Street Journal. Nearly 50 governments are set to agree this fall to a new set of rules to clamp down on tax avoidance among multinational corporations. Their chance of success, however, is unclear. If the… – Continue reading

Should Companies Have To Pay Taxes?

Reading companies’ annual reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission is a reliable cure for insomnia. Every so often, though, there is a significant revelation in the paperwork. Last year, one of the most important revelations came from Microsoft’s filings, which spotlighted how the tax code allows corporations to enjoy… – Continue reading


Bloomberg BNA’s first transfer pricing conference in Asia—the latest offering in our Global Transfer Pricing Conference series with Baker & McKenzie—could not have been better timed. The day the conference opened, Sept. 17, China issued a revised draft circular on transfer pricing that completely changed the game for multinational companies… – Continue reading

U.S. Tax Reform update: amid looming budget showdown, drafting of U.S. International Tax Reform Legislation continues

With the August recess now well in the rearview mirror, Congress is already deep into grappling with the imminent expiration of the U.S. Government’s funding authority on September 30. Amid the debates over the “Continuing Resolution” and related funding issues, the Iran deal, and other high-profile issues, the work on… – Continue reading

CORRECTED-UPDATE 1-Dutch trust firm Intertrust seeks 475 million euros in IPO

(Corrects first and sixth paragraphs to make clear Intertrust does not provide tax advice) (Reuters) – Intertrust, which provides tax and regulatory compliance services to 17,000 companies, said on Monday it will seek an initial public offering (IPO) of shares on the Euronext stock exchange. The Amsterdam-based company did not… – Continue reading

Worldwide: Countering Harmful Tax Practices: BEPS Action 5 – Global Tax Update

Past Progress and Prospects Harmful tax practices (e.g., tax havens, preferential tax regimes, tax rulings) are characterised by the propensity to erode tax bases of other countries which allegedly leads to an undesirable race-to-the-bottom on taxation rates. Action 5 of the OECD Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting… – Continue reading

Ireland: Financial services group calls for cut to capital gains tax

The Government should reduce the rate of capital gains tax (CGT) and expand corporation tax relief for start-up companies in next month’s budget to boost growth in the financial technology sector, Financial Services Ireland (FSI), a unit within employers’ group Ibec, has urged, reports the Irish Times. In a 10-page… – Continue reading

The Changing Face of Luxembourg Finance

“Luxembourg is famous for two things: its steel industry and its rose cultivation industry”. This quote from an Italian guidebook of the 1930s was uttered by Luxembourg’s Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna at the annual conference of the Luxembourg Directors’ Association on 17 June 2015[1]. The economic outlook of the tiny… – Continue reading

The Advantages of Enacting a Patent Box Regime

Many countries have enacted a patent box regime in order to spur innovation and create domestic manufacturing jobs. Simply stated, a patent box regime provides a lower tax rate on income from the exploitation of patented goods than for other income. Among the countries that have patent box regimes are… – Continue reading

Guernsey: What Guernsey Can Offer Chinese HNWIs’

In September 2014, the Hurun Research Institute published its annual listing of the richest people in China. It showed that IT tycoon Ma Yun had increased his personal fortune during the last year by 500% to $25 billion and in doing so, had climbed to first position on the list…. – Continue reading

Multinationals ‘exaggerated’ research activity to lower tax bills

Depeartmental review indicates contentious tax credit plays vital role in supporting jobs Several multinational firms have been found to be aggressively and improperly claiming tax credits for research and development to lower their corporation tax bills. A Government scheme gives firms up to 25 per cent of their expenditure on… – Continue reading

Cross-Border M&A Is Hot, but There’s a Trap for Tax Planners: Picking the Wrong Way to Value Intangibles Can Irk Authorities

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Aug 31, 2015) – Cross-border mergers and acquisitions are at their hottest pace since before the financial crisis. In fact, M&A volume was $1.10 trillion in 2014, up from $775.3 billion in 2013 and the highest since 2008. And intangible assets like intellectual property and goodwill… – Continue reading

Taxing multinationals: Patently problematic

Proposals for consistent global rules on company tax cause worries all round CLARITY or chaos? Supporters of the Base Erosion and Profit-Shifting (BEPS) project, being worked on by the OECD, argue that it will bind multinationals to a consistent set of global tax rules, providing them with less licence than… – Continue reading


Multinational enterprises (MNEs) producing or selling their products in China have had to contend with the commercial, legal, and tax challenges of managing how their intellectual property (IP) is used in relation to their Chinese operations. Regulatory approvals for joint ventures operating in China have often required that IP rights… – Continue reading

Use of Estonia in U.S. International Tax Planning

According to recent estimates, Estonia, which is situated halfway between Stockholm and St. Petersburg, currently has more than 350 start-up technology companies – one for every 3,700 citizens – and the government expects this number to reach 1,000 by the year 2020. This makes Estonia the number one start-up technology… – Continue reading


Management and procurement services not taxable as “fees for technical services” under the India-UK income tax treaty: India’s Authority for Advance Rulings concluded that services rendered by a group director to its group company in India were “managerial services” that, as rendered by the UK procurement team, did not make… – Continue reading

Switzerland: Innovation tax breaks “key to attracting companies”

Industry lobby groups are calling on lawmakers to bolster business innovation as they debate corporate tax reforms aimed at retaining Switzerland’s status as a location for multinationals, reports Swiss Info. Parliament is currently looking at a government recommendation to replace Switzerland’s current, and controversial, cantonal corporate tax system – that… – Continue reading

Etsy Taps Secret Irish Tax Haven and Brags About Transparency at Home

Artisan goods marketplace Etsy Inc., which promised to be a beacon for transparency as a public company, recently implemented a strategy that shrouds its offshore tax-cutting arrangements in secrecy. Because of a change in how its Irish subsidiary is registered, Etsy no longer needs to publicly disclose basic financial information… – Continue reading

Tax rate on intellectual property profits would be cut to approximately 10% and appreciated intellectual property could be repatriated free of current tax under bipartisan innovation box proposal

On July 29, 2015, Charles Boustany (R-LA) and Richard Neal (D-MA) released a bipartisan discussion draft of proposed Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”) amendments that would cut the United States income tax rate on corporate profits generated from patents and certain other intellectual property to approximately 10% (the “Tax Rate… – Continue reading

Tax Court: Stock based Compensation Costs Need not be Included in International Cost-Sharing Arrangements

The Stunning Altera Case Employee stock options are an important part of compensation—both as income to the executives and as a deduction for the employer. But when stock options are used by multinational companies, the tax implications are complex and sometimes baffling. A new Tax Court case has just given… – Continue reading

Innovation Promotion Act of 2015: is the United States finally getting competitive in the patent box arena?

The United States finally took its first step toward a more competitive tax position for intellectual property in the United States. Although some might call it a baby step, the release this week of a discussion draft of legislation proposed to lower the tax rate on income from intellectual property… – Continue reading

intellectual property state aid apple fiat starbucks jean-claude juncker ireland luxembourg netherlands automatic exchange of information eu legislation Tax Information Exchange Agreements

Governments that offer multi-national firms sweetheart tax deals should not be allowed to benefit if the European Union orders them to claw back the aid, according to a new report by the European Parliament’s special committee on tax rulings. Instead, the proceeds should be “returned to the member states which… – Continue reading

Tax Savings Drove Valeant, Burger King Deals, Senate Report Says

Tax savings drove the acquisition strategy of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. and led to Burger King’s move to Canada, according to a U.S. Senate committee report. Taxes appear to be much more important to the deals than the companies say, according to an advance copy of the report and testimony… – Continue reading

Consultation on offshore marketing and IP hubs

Consultation on the ATO’s practical guide for offshore marketing hub arrangements is kicking off in August. The guide may also assist taxpayers with offshore intellectual property (IP) hubs. Here is what you need to know if you market Australian produced goods offshore or have centralised your IP offshore. Do you… – Continue reading

The Netherlands: Recent Financial, Regulatory and Legislative Developments

With the focus of 2014 being international tax competition, 2015 shows signs of continuing this trend. The European Commission (COM) and European Parliament (EP) are starting to debate and extensively investigate Member States’ tax ruling policies, partly as a result of the LuxLeaks revelations and partly in relation to the… – Continue reading

The intersection of US tax treaty policy, tax reform and BEPS

Introduction US tax treaty policy can be affected by pressures for tax reform from within the United States and by major developments in international taxation from without. Talk of US tax reform has been widespread for years, although it is sometimes hard to gauge how much of the talk is… – Continue reading

As Apple’s offshore cash pile reaches $190B, US Congress moves closer to multinational tax reform

Apple, Google, and other major U.S.-based multinationals may soon be able to bring more of their foreign-earned income back to American shores without facing a huge tax burden, as lawmakers are moving forward on a tax reform framework that could eliminate taxes on international earnings and authorize a one-time repatriation… – Continue reading