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Inheritance tax Residence Nil Rate Band: why it won’t benefit everyone

The new Residence Nil Rate Band will allow people to pass on property to their descendants tax free. But some people need to take action now or risk missing out. In April, a major change to inheritance tax (IHT) law comes into effect with the launch of the Residence Nil… – Continue reading

EU wants stricter transparency rules on ownership to prevent tax evasion and fight Money Laundering

The European Parliament’s Monetary Affairs and Civil Liberties committees’ overwhelming support for access by EU citizens to information concerning the beneficial owners of companies without having to demonstrate a ‘legitimate interest’ and trusts would have to meet the same requirements. MEPs agreed the on their position on EU Anti-Money Laundering… – Continue reading

Canada: New Principal Residence Exemption Rules

On October 3, 2016 the Federal Government proposed changes to the Income Tax Act (the “Act”) and administrative policies that will impact claiming the principal residence exemption. 1. All dispositions of principal residences must now be reported. Previously, the CRA did not require taxpayers to report the sale of a… – Continue reading

SECP seeks amnesty scheme for offshore company owners

ISLAMABAD – The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has proposed the government to give one time amnesty scheme for the owners of offshore companies to declare their hidden assets by paying nominal tax. “I have asked the Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to give one opportunity to offshore companies… – Continue reading

OECD’s MLI: will tax treaty benefits apply to private equity investors?

The OECD recently released a public discussion draft entitled the “BEPS Action 6 Discussion Draft on non-CIV examples” to clarify when investors like private equity funds, real estate funds and hedge funds should be entitled to tax treaty benefits. The release of the 2017 Discussion Draft is timely, given that… – Continue reading

From Israel to Canada: New Tax Treaty to Help Structure Investments

On December 21, 2016, the new Canada–Israel tax treaty entered into force. The new treaty was signed on September 21, 2016 in New York, and replaces the existing treaty that dates from 1975. For most purposes, the provisions of the new treaty took effect as of January 1, 2017. Overall,… – Continue reading

Automatic information exchange to start from 2018

KARACHI: Finance minister Ishaq Dar on Friday said that tax evaders will find no place to park their ill-gotten money, as Pakistan will begin automatic-exchange of information from next year. “As per international agreement with OECD (Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development), Pakistan will start automatic exchange of information regarding… – Continue reading

Special tax regime for Non-Habitual Portuguese Resident individuals

Portuguese income tax law provides for a 20% reduced rate and, in respect to income obtained abroad, a full tax exemption, for certain types of income derived by individuals having the status of Non-Habitual Portuguese Residents (NHPR). Any individual that in a certain year becomes tax resident in Portugal will… – Continue reading

The favourable tax regime of new Italian residents

The 2017 Budget Law introduced (starting from fiscal year 2017) favourable provisions for people wishing to become tax residents in Italy. It is aimed at wealthy individuals who wish to bring in new capital resources. The regime is inspired by the non-domiciled resident regime which is in force in the… – Continue reading

In Slovakia, 2017 brings new tax legislation

The Slovak Government and Parliament made several changes to the tax system with effect from 1 January 2017. The recently adopted amendments concern – among others – corporate and personal income tax, value added tax, special levy in regulated industries, as well as social security and health insurance contributions. Here… – Continue reading

Black money across the border: Why Pakistan’s elite are quivering as UAE demands tax information

According to unofficial estimates, more than $2 billion has flowed into Dubai real estate from Pakistanis every year for the past three years. Last week, account holders in a major UAE bank began receiving letters alerting them that soon they would be required to furnish information “with a view to… – Continue reading

Kazakhstan Amends Its Tax Code

General On 30 November 2016, Kazakhstan adopted certain amendments to its Tax Code (the Tax Amendments). Most of the Tax Amendments take effect on 1 January 2017. Below we summarize some of the most important Tax Amendments: VAT Registration Threshold Under the Tax Amendments, the existing VAT registration threshold (i.e.,… – Continue reading

How Narendra Modi of India Plans to Wipe Out ‘Black Money’

MUMBAI, India — In one of the most audacious experiments in India’s modern history, Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned the two largest bills — of 500 rupees, or about $7.50, and 1,000 rupees — which account for about 86 percent of the currency in a country where 78 percent of… – Continue reading

Vancouver Announces Empty-Home Tax to Take Pressure Off Rental Market

New tax takes effect on Jan. 1; highest penalties could reach C$10,000 a day Vancouver is implementing a new tax policy to rein in an overheated real estate market by forcing absentee landlords to make their vacant homes available for lease. Starting Jan. 1, the Empty Home Tax will be… – Continue reading

Vulture funds may have to wait until Christmas to learn fate

Department of Finance receives ‘unprecedented’ lobbying from property funds Overseas investors in Irish property may have to wait for a further two months for clarity on how the Government plans to tax structures they have used to snap up billions of euro of real estate after the financial crisis. The… – Continue reading

Indian tax drive offers no absolution, to yield little cash for government

The Indian government has sent out about 700,000 notices to suspected tax evaders to coax them to declare hidden income and assets, promising they won’t be pursued by the authorities if they pay a penalty now to clear their name. But, as the four-month campaign draws to a close this… – Continue reading

New Zealand extends anti-money laundering rules to capture property agents

New Zealand will extend its anti-money laundering laws to cover real estate agents and other professions amid fears the country has become a soft target for illegal fund flows that have also helped inflate the property market. Soaring property prices have become a hot issue among the New Zealand public… – Continue reading

Bank secrecy rules face ‘lethal blow’ in Uruguay

Gov’t sends bill to Congress to force banks to share account data automatically Described by government officials as a “lethal blow” to bank secrecy, Uruguay has sent a bill to Congress that will force banks to automatically provide the DGI tax bureau information on the accounts held by individuals and… – Continue reading

Costa Rica and Germany Sign Agreement to End Double Taxation

Last Wednesday August 10 at Germany’s Federal Foreign Ministry Office, Costa Rica and Germany celebrated the ratification of the establishment of legal instruments as part of an agreement to eliminate double taxation of income and assets, stated Costa Rica’s Ministry of Foreign Relations in a press release Friday. The agreement… – Continue reading

Nine measures taken by government to curb black money

The government is hell-bent on cracking down on black money and undisclosed income of Indians within the country and safely stowed away abroad. While there is no proper estimation of the actual amount of black money in the economy, the government is actively taking measures to stop it. Recent media… – Continue reading

Malaysia ‘won’t protect citizens’ from offshore offences

The Malaysian government won’t protect its citizens from legal action taken outside the country stemming from the scandal surrounding the state investment fund 1 Malaysia Development Berhad, a senior official said this week. Johari Abdul Ghani, who is second in command in the Finance Ministry under Prime Minister Najib Razak,… – Continue reading

Brexit – The UK and International Tax Consequences

The political, economic and constitutional fallout of the UK’s referendum decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) will continue for some time. In addition to considering some of the possible domestic UK tax implications of Brexit, this OnPoint also considers some of the potential tax implications from the perspective of… – Continue reading

New double tax treaty will help French businesses operating in Singapore, says expert

A new double tax treaty between France and Singapore will be of particular help to French companies operating in Singapore, especially in the construction industry, an expert has said. Franck Lagorce, an expert in French tax at Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind was commenting following an announcement from… – Continue reading

Visible change in tax administration, but still a long way to go

The Delhi HC has delivered path-breaking and bold verdicts, quashing proceedings initiated by CBDT and CBEC administrative guidance for assessments and subsequent denial of benefits. A question tax professionals are often asked is: Has the government done enough to address the situation on tax? Several negative catchphrases had peppered headlines… – Continue reading

Greater transparency significant change for UAE-based multinationals: KPMG

Dubai: UAE-based multinationals will start to feel the impact of the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) proposals that come into effect this year, a KPMG seminar on international tax developments has revealed. The BEPS proposals are focused on mitigating tax planning strategies that exploit gaps and mismatches in… – Continue reading

Residence-Based Taxation Put Forward For Americans Abroad

With regard to the increasing talk in the US Congress on tax reform, American Citizens Abroad (ACA) has provided the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee with a full reform proposal for the enactment of residence-based taxation (RBT) for American expatriates. ACA has said lawmakers should enact RBT instead… – Continue reading

Banks to help create a national register of offshore firm owners

Greek banks and the state are in the process of creating a national register for offshore company owners, in compliance with a European Union directive to that effect. The register will be created on the Teiresias databank, known from its list of insolvent borrowers. Access will be granted to the… – Continue reading

Why We Should Be Really Worried About the Panama Papers

History shows us that tax evasion can have terrible effects, from economic inequality to societal collapse. In a world seemingly inured to financial scandals, the Panama Papers leak has reminded us of their capacity to shock. This huge document dump, which has revealed thousands of offshore accounts held in the… – Continue reading

ICRC used to conceal offshore account beneficiaries

The Swiss-run humanitarian organisation International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has allegedly been used without its knowledge to mask the true beneficiaries of offshore accounts whose details were leaked in the Panama Papers. According to revelations by the Swiss papers Le Matin Dimanche and SonntagsZeitung on Sunday, the ICRC… – Continue reading

Li: Tax reform to boost vitality of real economy

Premier Li Keqiang’s message to the country’s tax and financial authorities is crystal clear: The ongoing landmark tax reform must reduce burdens on all industries. One month before the May 1 deadline of a sweeping reform that seeks to replace China’s decadeslong business tax with a value-added tax, Li visited… – Continue reading

Canadian Budget Focuses On Tax Compliance

The first Budget tabled by Canada’s new Liberal Government provides for a major crackdown on tax evasion and avoidance, and streamlines the domestic tax credits system. The Budget was delivered by Finance Minister Bill Morneau on March 22, 2016. He told Parliament: “Today, we begin to restore hope for the… – Continue reading

Southeast State & Local Tax: Important Developments – March 2016

The Williams Mullen Southeast State and Local Tax (SESALT) team is pleased to provide you with a comprehensive recap of important tax developments around the Southeast. VIRGINIA CORPORATE INCOME TAX Conformity with Internal Revenue Code. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed emergency legislation on February 5, 2016 that advances the state’s… – Continue reading

Belarus, Kazakhstan update double taxation agreement

Belarus and Kazakhstan introduced amendments and additions to the intergovernmental double taxation agreement and thus updated the tax legislation, Belarus’ Taxes and Duties Minister Sergei Nalivaiko said after a ceremony to sign the protocol, BelTA has learned. The matter is about the protocol between the governments of Belarus and Kazakhstan… – Continue reading

International and Irish Tax Update – March 2016

Summary The pace of change in international tax is dramatic. Each month brings new initiatives and developments at both national and supra-national levels. In this update, we focus on recent changes which are relevant to our clients. The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) reports were finalised in October… – Continue reading

Impact of new tax rules on BEPS?

New tax regulations dealing with the issue of BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) may have a disproportionate impact on the real estate development sector as they are implemented in the UK. The concept of BEPS originates from the OECD and the G20 nations. The intention is to deal with… – Continue reading

20 Caribbean, Latin American Nations Named Major Money Laundering Countries

Twenty Caribbean and Latin American nations have been named by the U.S. as “major money laundering” countries in the 2016 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) from the U.S. State Department released Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2016. A major money laundering is defined by statute as one “whose financial institutions engage… – Continue reading

Trump, Sanders Agree on Ending Deferral of Overseas Earnings

During a political season in which populist fury and anger at big business is running high, two presidential candidates want to eliminate the ability of multinational firms to keep earnings overseas and avoid U.S. taxes. They also just happen to be the two most surprising and disruptive candidates in the… – Continue reading

BIR sets stricter audit on firms

MANILA, Philippines – Corporations may soon be subject to a transfer pricing audit, a new type of tax audit, from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Transfer pricing is used to describe inter-company pricing arrangements relating to transactions between related entities. These can include transfers of intellectual property, tangible goods,… – Continue reading

Beijing Bungles Corporate Tax Reform

China has one of the most archaic corporate tax systems in the world, from which the new value-added tax structure was supposed to provide much-needed relief. China’s tax complexity and inconsistent enforcement has become an efficiency drain on China’s own economy and a roadblock to foreign companies wishing to set… – Continue reading

Canada: For Tax Purposes, Do You Know Where You Live?

In tax law, the concept of residency is used to determine tax liability based on whether there is a sufficient connection between an individual or legally recognized entity and a jurisdiction such that the jurisdiction is justified in taxing such individual or legally recognized entity on their worldwide income. Generally,… – Continue reading

French Tax Update – Recent Case Law and Other Noteworthy Publications

The present French Tax Update will focus on an overview of several noteworthy publications, including decisions issued during the past few months by the French Administrative Supreme Court (Conseil d’Etat) and French Constitutional Court (Conseil Constitutionnel), as well as the European Commission decision in respect of the Belgian Excess Profit… – Continue reading

Budget cost of family home tax breaks close to $55bn a year, says Treasury

Surge in revenue foregone by exempting family home from capital gains tax – largely driven by higher property prices – fuels fiscal policy debate The budget cost of tax breaks on family homes has reached nearly $55bn a year, fuelling debate about alternative options as the Turnbull government prepares its… – Continue reading