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Foreigner premium’ property taxes highest in Singapore and Hong Kong

Overseas property buyers have to pay significantly more tax than domestic buyers in Singapore and Hong Kong, making them the most costly places for foreigners to invest in residential real estate in Asia Pacific, says Knight Frank Singapore and Hong Kong are the most costly places for a foreigner to… – Continue reading

London mayor’s unpaid tax bill provides food for thought

You may have heard in the news about Boris Johnson. He’s a flamboyant politician in the U.K. with an unruly mop of blonde hair. Recently, he made news by publicly saying he absolutely won’t pay his U.S. taxes. And yes, he is the mayor of London (the “real” London, where… – Continue reading

Bad policy, good politics: Ed Balls’s determination to impose his mansion tax as soon as he can puts the Conservatives in a bind

“The religion of socialism is the language of priorities,” said Nye Bevan, Labour saint and creator of the National Health Service. Now we have discovered the principal priority of one of his heirs, Ed Balls; taxing the homes of the rich. The shadow Chancellor, once so relaxed about the wealth… – Continue reading

The Year of Transparency’s Tipping Point

More countries are requiring an exchange of client information In 2014, we saw a marked increase in transparency regarding foreign assets. The United States took the lead, and other countries followed suit. It looks like we’ve reached the tipping point, that is, “the magic moment when an idea, trend, or… – Continue reading

New UK Capital Gains Tax

KOTA KINABALU: For Malaysian property investors, especially in the London property market where some Malaysian developers, welcomed by Mayor Boris Johnson are active in projects, the United Kingdom Government will introduce new Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the sale of UK residential property with effect from April 6, 2015. Following… – Continue reading

Sebi bars 260 entities; suspects money laundering, tax evasion

Mumbai: In its biggest ever crackdown for suspected tax evasion and laundering of black money through stock trading platforms, Sebi Friday barred 260 entities, including individuals and companies, from the securities markets. While Sebi would further probe these cases, it has also decided to refer the matter to the Income… – Continue reading

Capital Gains Tax Changes for Expat Property Owners

Rules relating to the payment of CGT by non-resident UK property owners will change in April and expats will be affected. Significantly sneaky draft legislation was published last week that will affect the way capital gains tax (CGT) is charged on the sale of UK property assets owed by expats. … – Continue reading

Anti-corruption rules fail to force clarity on property ownership, MPs say

Coalition plan for stripping ‘cloak of secrecy’ from shell firms that leaves housing loophole slated by politicians and other critics Business minister Matthew Hancock unveiled ‘the first UK anti-corruption plan bringing action across the government’. Photograph: Jack Taylor/Barcroft Media Government plans to rip “the cloak of secrecy” from corrupt officials… – Continue reading

Sebi says MF schemes with bonus option ‘not legitimate’

MUMBAI: The capital market regulator has plugged the loophole that allowed savvy mutual fund investors to lower tax by bonus stripping. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has spelt out that it’s not in favour of fund houses launching new schemes with bonus option in their arbitrage funds…. – Continue reading

Exemptions, concessions: FBR suffers Rs 361 billion annual loss

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is suffering massive revenue loss of Rs 361 billion per annum on account of estimated tax expenditure in direct taxes, ie, equivalent to 1.6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a result of exemptions and concessions to various sectors. Former Finance Minister… – Continue reading

Arcade operator, farmer and company director top tax defaulters’ list

A Dublin-based amusement arcade operator, a Co Sligo farmer and a Dublin company director topped the latest list of tax defaulters. The 107-strong list, published by the Revenue Commissioners, made settlements totalling €19.64 million. The largest settlement was made by fair and amusement arcade operators Groundview Limited, of 15 Lower… – Continue reading


NEW YORK (InsideBitcoins) — Federal prosecutors with the U.S. Attorneys Office in Manhattan are suing Deutsche Bank, stating that the German bank owes the US Government roughly $190 million in unpaid taxes. The claims of tax evasion stem from gains related to the sale of Bristol-Meyers shares in 2000. Prosecutors… – Continue reading

American citizens like Boris must pay more tax, says US ambassador to UK (but Google and Amazon are doing nothing wrong)

Ambassador to London Matthew Barzun says US citizens must pay up Boris Johnson was born in New York so faces a tax bill in America London Mayor has branded the Transatlantic rules ‘outrageous’ Barzun defends US firms like Amazon and Google over tax dodging Insists they are just playing by… – Continue reading

Property Council Pushes for Tax Reform

The Property Council of Australia has joined efforts by the broader business community to lobby the federal government to implement significant tax reforms next year. Members of the Business Coalition for Tax Reform (BCTR) will meet with the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) on December 15 to commence discussions… – Continue reading

Peru Capital-Gain Tax Suffocates Stock Market, Exchange Says

The Lima Stock Exchange urged Peru to eliminate a 5 percent capital-gain tax on equities, saying it has deterred investors and contributed to a drop in trading volume over the past five years. The country’s weighting in global portfolios has fallen 40 percent since 2010, and the tax has helped… – Continue reading

UK: Switzerland UK Autumn Statement 2014 Analysis

In yesterday’s Autumn Statement, the UK Chancellor announced several measures that will directly affect non-UK individuals who live or own property in or are considering moving to the UK. Although in many cases the measures will mean that such individuals are liable to pay more tax in the UK than… – Continue reading

UK: Capital Gains Tax On Non-UK Residents

Late yesterday afternoon the Government published its response to the consultation on extending Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to non-UK resident owners of UK residential property.  This is the latest step in a series of significant changes in the last couple of years to the tax treatment of UK residential property…. – Continue reading

UK: Deloitte Preview of Autumn Statement 2014

Bill Dodwell comments: “Chancellor George Osborne will deliver the final Autumn Statement of this parliament. We expect that most of the announcements will concentrate on the outcomes from proposals launched at earlier Budgets, together with some technical changes. There will also be the first consultation on how the UK should… – Continue reading

UK government finalises new capital gains tax charge for non-resident homeowners

Non-resident UK homeowners that have spent less than 90 days in their UK property in the previous tax year will be liable to pay capital gains tax (CGT) on any gains when they sell that property from next year, the UK government has confirmed.02 Dec 2014 Private wealth tax Tax… – Continue reading

London Mayor Boris Johnson makes ‘brave’ stand against American taxes

The refusal by the Mayor of London to pay his American taxes has been hailed as “noble” and “brave” by the CEO of independent financial advisor, deVere Group. The comments from Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere Group, which operates in 100 countries and has $10 billion under… – Continue reading

Taxation of Esops when on a foreign assignment

Stock award is a popular method of rewarding talented and industrious employees. However, employees who render services across different jurisdictions may trigger a taxable presence in two or more jurisdictions. Such employees at times need to deal with the issue of double taxation on such benefits. A normal stock incentive… – Continue reading

China’s offshore empires go from help to headache

When is a Chinese company not Chinese? When it’s a complex web of offshore vehicles rooted in anonymous tax havens. That description includes some of the People’s Republic’s most successful and innovative companies. It will make the country’s apparent new push on tax evasion hard to enforce. Authorities have extracted… – Continue reading

Final regulations – Failure to satisfy gain recognition agreements (GRAs) reporting requirements

November 18:  The Treasury Department and IRS today released for publication in the Federal Register final and temporary regulations (T.D. 9704) concerning the treatment of U.S. and foreign persons that fail to file gain recognition agreements (GRAs) or that fail to satisfy other reporting requirements associated with transfers of property… – Continue reading

Cyprus: Cyprus India Relations – Cyprus May No Longer Be A Tax Haven For Funds Or May It?

A publication in the Economic Times has caused much debate in India since after blacklisting Cyprus for not sharing information on tax evaders, India is now looking to take away the favourable tax treatment available to investors from the European tax heaven under the bilateral tax treaty between the two… – Continue reading

No WHT exemption to foreign institutional investors: FBR

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has proposed that no exemption whatsoever from withholding tax under Eighth Schedule (Capital Gains Tax) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 is available to foreign institutional investors either on the basis of avoidance of double taxation treaties or for any other reason. Through an… – Continue reading

No extra NHR tax exemptions in 2015, say Portuguese officials

Proposals to extend capital gains and investment income tax exemptions under Portugal’s Non-Habitual Residents Tax Regime have not been passed, say government officials It seems that the Portuguese government has shelved plans, at least for 2015, to extend capital gains and investment income taxation exemptions. However, officials say they are… – Continue reading

India: Sham Transactions: Recent Developments In Indian Tax Law

Delhi Tribunal holds that the mere fact that one of the steps in a transaction resulted in capital loss for the taxpayer would not make the series of transactions a sham. Karnataka High Court holds that shares bought at a premium, and sold at a lower value to individuals (ex-employees… – Continue reading

Maine’s largest landowner, billionaire media magnate avoids millions in taxes with inversion deal

NEW YORK — Shifting the address of his Liberty Global Inc. from Colorado to London last year didn’t just put billionaire John C. Malone in a position to reduce his company’s tax bill. He also took precautions to avoid the capital-gains hit that the so-called inversion would trigger for him… – Continue reading

Malone gained double tax break in inversion

New York • Shifting the address of his Liberty Global Inc. from Colorado to London last year didn’t just put billionaire John C. Malone in a position to reduce his company’s tax bill. He also took precautions to avoid the capital-gains hit that the so-called inversion would trigger for him… – Continue reading