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Russia’s Offshore Money Looks Set to Stay There

Russia is set to enact an amnesty on offshore assets next month, but disagreement and lack of clarity over the terms of the pardon threaten not only to render the measure impotent, but undermine the government’s very drive to lure overseas money back home. The capital amnesty, part of a… – Continue reading

HSBC Judge Seeks More Information About Sanctions Compliance

A federal judge demanded to know more about HSBC Holdings Plc’s compliance with its trade sanctions and anti-money-laundering deal with the U.S. after a monitor said the bank was “too slow” to mend its ways. U.S. District Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn, New York, ordered the government to file a… – Continue reading

Govt’s will to bring back black money is on test

India’s stand will show many nations in Asia and Africa the way to regain ill-gotten wealth stashed outside their countries “We have no information on any accounts held by Indian citizens in banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Dubai or any other country. We have no information on the names of persons… – Continue reading

Corporate Investigations & White Collar Defense – April 2015

In This Issue: • It’s Stifling in Here! SEC Rules That Companies Can’t Put Restrictive Language in Confidentiality Agreements That Could Potentially Stifle Whistleblowers • An Opinion on Opinions: U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Omnicare • Is OFAC the New Black? Schlumberger and PayPal—The Rise in the Enforcement of Sanctions… – Continue reading

Azerbaijan can become economic bridgehead for Arab countries

A serious need emerges, amid the global political and economic crisis, for the dialogue among religions, cultures, different political forces, and an important role in this process is in recent years played by Azerbaijan. In this regard, the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Saudi Arabia is significant. It is… – Continue reading

HSBC admits its Swiss private bank may have been involved in tax avoidance

HSBC is under fire, after a large cache of leaked bank files revealed that it helped clients evade taxes and conceal millions of dollars. The files, which cover the period 2005-07, amount to the biggest banking leak in history, shedding light on some 30,000 accounts holding almost $120bn. HSBC was… – Continue reading

HSBC Still Aiding Tax Fraud Even After Justice Department Settlement: Report

This story has been updated. At her confirmation hearing Wednesday, attorney general-designate Loretta Lynch said she has been “very aggressive” in pursuing white-collar crime. “At the outset, no individual is ‘too big to jail.’ And no one is above the law,” said Lynch. Yet according to a new report from… – Continue reading

A Solution for Corporate Tax Avoidance

Some three hundred years ago Sir Walter Scott asked, “Breathes there a man with soul so dead who never to himself hath said, This is my own, my native land.” Well, in America corporations are legally deemed  “persons,” so the answer to Scott’s question is “Yes,” at least when it… – Continue reading