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Is a Canada Revenue Agency landlord avoiding taxes via offshore havens?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rents office space from a Vancouver-based property developer – a company that exploits offshore tax havens in Liechtenstein, the British Virgin Islands and Channel Islands. Larco Investments Ltd. owns three buildings in Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton where they rent office space to the CRA. Larco… – Continue reading

Silver Wheaton faces potential C$353m CRA tax bill for offshore revenue

TORONTO ( – The world’s largest precious metals streaming firm Silver Wheaton is set to challenge the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) over the agency’s decision to reassess the company’s 2005 to 2010 tax years and collect taxes on income earned by Silver Wheaton’s offshore subsidiaries. The TSX– and NYSE-listed company,… – Continue reading

CRA targeting mining-sector tax havens

Tax evasion by Canadian companies using offshore havens promises to become election issue Canadian corporations that use tax havens like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands to reduce the taxes they pay at home have good reason to worry. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been stepping up its scrutiny of… – Continue reading

Uranium demand is putting miner Cameco back on investors’ radar

The outlook for uranium, moribund for some time, is looking up. And that means shares of Cameco Corp., the Saskatoon-based miner one analyst calls “the only real blue-chip stock in the sector,” are up, too – about 20 per cent from their 52-week lows. The stock has received a host… – Continue reading

Investors Should Be Aware Of Cameco’s Dispute With The Taxman

The Canada Revenue Agency is speeding up the frequency of reassessments of Cameco’s tax returns in what may be an attempt to pressure Cameco to settle out of court. Cameco’s cash is being tied up as they are required to remit 50% of each disputed bill. Cameco could ultimately be… – Continue reading