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Tax crackdown is turning American companies into prey

New U.S. Treasury regulations aimed at curbing tax inversions, where U.S. companies acquire foreign counterparts and headquarter abroad, seem to be working. But their broader goal – to keep American corporate capital at home – has failed. Consider the recent mergers-and-acquisitions activity. Chicago-based CF Industrial Holdings and Netherlands-based OCI called… – Continue reading

Reform of the U.S. tax code still needed for the nation’s economy

As the 2016 Presidential campaign heats up with debates and public appearances replete with the candidate’s opinions on the economy, ISIS, and education, among others, few candidates have mentioned the issue of corporate tax reform, especially as it relates to a level playing field between the U.S. and foreign markets,… – Continue reading

Valeant’s latest tax-cutting tactic, courtesy of Luxembourg

Valeant is famous for wringing cost savings out of its buyouts, and its tax-advantaged Canadian domicile helps on that front. Now, it’s leveraging another address to pare down Salix’s tax bill by more than $560 million. But how? According to documents seen by The Wall Street Journal, the strategy used… – Continue reading

Tax Savings Drove Valeant, Burger King Deals, Senate Report Says

Tax savings drove the acquisition strategy of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. and led to Burger King’s move to Canada, according to a U.S. Senate committee report. Taxes appear to be much more important to the deals than the companies say, according to an advance copy of the report and testimony… – Continue reading

Valeant Finally Bags Salix for $11 Billion

After much of a clout about who will acquire Salix Pharmaceuticals (SLXP), Canadian Drug maker Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Ltd (VRX) completed the purchase for $11 billion last Wednesday. Salix Pharmaceuticals works in gastro instrumental drugs and it will provide Valeant with new therapeutic business. This is Valeant’s biggest buy so… – Continue reading

Valeant Pharma raises bid for Salix

NEW YORK — Faced with the prospect of letting another deal slip through its fingers, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International substantially increased its bid for Salix Pharmaceuticals on Monday, putting a quick end to a bidding war with Endo International. Valeant said it would now pay about $11bn, or $173 a share,… – Continue reading

US Tax Inversion Planners Respond To Treasury Measures

The non-legislative measures put forward by the Treasury Department on September 22, to deter multinationals from using corporate inversions to move their tax residence abroad and move away from the high United States tax rate, have so far produced a mixed bag of results. The measures are aimed at preventing… – Continue reading