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Israel Tax Authority is hunting for crypto traders on social media

It has emerged that Israel Tax Authority is hunting for crypto traders on social media. Local sources indicate that various local branches of the organization are sending out letters to those they suspect to be trading crypto without reporting it. In the letters, the authorities demand that the recipients should… – Continue reading

Google avoided billions in taxes by funneling money offshore

Alphabet Inc.’s Google managed to save $3.6 billion in 2015 by shifting its profits to a Bermuda shell company, according to filings in the Netherlands. Google used Ireland and the Netherlands as intermediaries. According to files obtained by Bloomberg, Google used the so-called “Double Irish” and a “Dutch Sandwich” tax… – Continue reading

Commission should speed up and expand Google competition investigation, MEPs say

The EU Commission should investigate why Google offers its “Android” operating system only in conjunction with other Google services and also why manufacturers allegedly may not pre-install rival products; MEPs say in a response to the Commission’s annual competition report for 2014. Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee MEPs approved the… – Continue reading

Justo to remain in custody for another 60 days

Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo will remain under Thai police custody for another 60 days, after investigators uncovered money laundering besides international corporate espionage-cum-extortion. Thai police have assured prosecutors Justo will be charged before his 85th day of detention, but sought further extension for his detention as more details are… – Continue reading

Brazil tries to grasp online cross-border taxation

The Brazilian government has been trying to catch up on a number of areas of the digital economy, one of them being online cross-border taxation – but not without controversy. During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) last month, the Brazilian communications minister Paulo Bernardo said Brazil is a “tax haven”… – Continue reading