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CBI Dominica: Leading with Transparency

19 August 2019, Since 1993, Dominica has been at the forefront of the citizenship by investment (CBI) industry, setting high standards in due diligence, processing times, and most recently, transparency. Indeed, this month the nation liaised with prominent international professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to release a report clarifying the… – Continue reading

EU passes legislation protecting whistleblowers to encourage wrongdoing

Whistleblowers across the European Union have won greater protection under landmark legislation aimed at encouraging reports of wrongdoing. The new law, approved by the European Parliament on Tuesday, shields whistleblowers from retaliation. It also creates “safe channels” to allow them to report breaches of EU law. It is the first… – Continue reading

Including consultancy under Construction PE to impact realty: PwC report

NEW DELHI: Inclusion of consultancy services under Construction PEs, foreign firms engaged in construction activities in the country, is likely to impact the real estate sector, says a PwC report. PE (Permanent Establishment) is a fixed place of business which generally gives rise to income or value-added tax liability in… – Continue reading

Trust Companies, Banks Should Be Main Haven Targets: EU Report

New measures targeting trust companies and banks in their role of helping to create offshore companies, such as the more than 200,000 exposed in the year-old Panama Papers, should be the priority for EU legislators in their efforts to crack down on the use of tax haven intermediaries, according to… – Continue reading

Campaigners demonstrate ‘In Praise of Whistleblowers’

Members of the Methodist Tax Justice Network (MTJN) and the Tax Justice Network (TJN) gathered outside the Embankment headquarters of PricewaterhouseCoopers on Wednesday 5 April 2017 to demonstrate in support of whistleblowers and against the actions of PwC, who have facilitated global tax avoidance, tried to prevent the release of… – Continue reading

Recourse to MAP and bilateral APA rollback available under revised tax treaty: PwC

MUMBAI: The recent changes in the India and South Korea Agreement for Avoidance of Double Taxation provides recourse to taxpayers of both countries to apply for Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) in respect of transfer pricing disputes, and also to apply for bilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) for APA period beginning… – Continue reading

Multilateral Instrument: The new dilemma of foreign investors

MUMBAI: The Multilateral Instrument (MLI), a new global tax avoidance agreement, that is in the process of being signed by 100 countries, is now causing a lot of anxiety among foreign portfolio investors (FPIs). MLI is an agreement put out by OECD, the intergovernmental economic organisation, to stop Base Erosion… – Continue reading

McDonald’s to scrap Luxembourg tax structure

Fast-food chain’s reorganisation means £800m from restaurants in Europe will flow through the UK instead McDonald’s is to scrap its controversial Luxembourg tax structure in a corporate shakeup that means $1bn (£800m) of income from fast-food restaurants across Europe will flow through the UK instead. The move comes 12 months… – Continue reading

Australian Practitioners Urge Zero Withholding for Pooled Funds

Practitioners in the managed funds industry are calling for a zero-rate for withholding tax in Australia amid the government’s proposals for new tax concessions to boost it, saying the proposed measures don’t go far enough. The government released a consultation paper Nov. 3 on non-resident withholding taxes for pooled funds—or… – Continue reading

China’s tax authorities to begin financial data collection on foreign residents from January

Days of underpaying taxes to end soon as China takes part in worldwide scheme on swapping information on foreign residents’ financial assets The mainland tax agency wants to collect the financial information of non residents who live in China as it takes part in a multilateral scheme to crack down… – Continue reading

ATO warns accounting firms on tax avoidance

Back in July, ABC’s The Business and Michael West featured an extraordinary raft of allegations from a 32-year veteran industry insider turned whistleblower, George Rozvany, who claimed that multinational tax avoidance was “out of control” and cost the Budget up to $50 billion dollars a year in lost revenue. Rozvany… – Continue reading

‘Tax avoidance’ masters revealed: EXCLUSIVE

The “Big Four” global accounting firms – PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young – are the masterminds of multinational tax avoidance and the architects of tax schemes which cost governments and their taxpayers an estimated $US1 trillion a year, according to an Australian taxation expert. The controversial new claims… – Continue reading

GAAR not to apply on income from investments before April 1

The industry has been demanding that GAAR provisions should apply prospectively To clear the air on retrospective applicability of the stringent anti-avoidance GAAR rule, the I-T department has said the same will not apply to income from transfer of investments before April 1, 2017. General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR), which will… – Continue reading

Singapore joins tax framework led by OECD and G20

Under the new tax framework, Singapore will implement minimum standards aimed at preventing “aggressive tax planning” by multinationals. Locally headquartered multinationals will soon have to file reports broken down by country as well as income and taxes to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). In a statement on Thursday… – Continue reading

BEPS Takes Center Stage At US OECD Tax Conference

Hundreds of policymakers, business executives, and senior tax officials met at the OECD International Tax Conference to discuss the recommendations proposed under the base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project and their impact on trade and investment. The conference, which was held in Washington DC on June 6-7, 2016, was… – Continue reading

Global Tax Update – June 2016

Asia Pacific The January – March edition of tax highlights for the Asia Pacific region highlights industry developments from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore including: Australia’s new tax system for Managed Investment Trusts The final stage of China’s B2V reform to be rolled out from… – Continue reading

Will new tax treaty with Mauritius turn India into a fund management hub?

The new tax treaty between India and Mauritius may achieve what last year’s budget tried to do, albeit unsuccessfully—encourage offshore fund managers to relocate to India, in the process making the country a fund management hub, much like London, Dubai or Singapore. With the new agreement restoring parity between domestic… – Continue reading

UAE investment in India may bypass Mauritius

The closure of a tax loophole could hit UAE firms planning to invest in India through Mauritius. The Indian government this week amended a long-standing treaty that helped foreign investors to avoid capital gains tax by routing their investments through Mauritius. Mauritius is the biggest source of foreign direct investment… – Continue reading

China airs plan to help close multibillion-dollar corporate tax loophole

Authorities answer OECD call to clamp down on corporate grey area of internal transfer pricing with proposal for tougher reporting standards China is mulling plans to tighten tax reporting requirements on multinationals operating in the country to help close a ¬massive global loophole. If the plan goes ahead, multinationals would… – Continue reading

Banks bear the brunt of tax laws which force foreigners to open an account

Banks say tax rules cracking down on property speculation force them to screen for money-laundering at their own cost. Banks are refusing to open accounts for foreigners if they think the costs outweigh the benefits. New property and tax laws launched late last year made “offshore persons” buying or selling… – Continue reading

LuxLeaks whistleblower trial begins in Luxembourg

The former PwC employee turned whistleblower behind the LuxLeaks scandal that implicated Luxembourg in industrial tax avoidance went on trial in the tiny European duchy on Tuesday. Antoine Deltour, 30, a former auditor at global accounting firm PwC, is accused of stealing documents from his employer before he quit the… – Continue reading

Communications Tax: Experts Decry New Burden On Industry

In the last few weeks, a proposed communications service tax which sought to tax voice calls, SMS, MMS, Data and Pay TV used by subscribers has dominated the telecommunications space since it was presented as a bill before the national assembly with Nigerians describing it as another way of exploiting… – Continue reading

‘Tax me if you can’: Tax activism of a different kind

It’s unlikely anybody was particularly surprised when Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced a number of initiatives to increase the amount of tax revenue; from sugar tax to a “tyre levy” to an increase in a number of existing sin taxes. But it’s perhaps the relaxing of voluntary disclosure rules that… – Continue reading

Gordhan to target offshore funds

FINANCE Minister Pravin Gordhan is widely expected to announce a new foreign exchange control and tax amnesty in his budget on Wednesday in a bid to encourage taxpayers who have not disclosed billions of rand worth of offshore assets to declare them and pay the due tax. The move would… – Continue reading

Gulf oil dilemma drives tax reforms to shore up deficits

The oil price slide is driving tax reforms across the region as Arabian Gulf economies seek to shore up a potential US$700 billion deficit. All six Arabian Gulf states are planning to introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) collectively. Various other tax reforms are also underway. The IMF warned in October… – Continue reading

India, U.S. clear 100 transfer pricing cases

India and the U.S. have reached an agreement to resolve more than 100 pending transfer pricing cases, one of the biggest deterrents for foreign investors planning an India foray, according to a government statement. Some more are expected to be resolved soon. Transfer pricing refers to the setting of the… – Continue reading

Can new guidelines get Nigerians into tax net?

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) which is now saddled with the onerous task of getting alternative sources of revenue for the federal government has since adopted a stick and carrot approach to bringing tax payers into the tax net. Assistant Editor, Nduka Chiejina looks at the issues contained in… – Continue reading

Saudi Arabia third in global ranking for tax payment ease

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has maintained third in the global ranking for ease of tax payment, according to the latest release of the Paying Taxes report by the World Bank and PwC. With the least demanding tax framework, well below the world average, the Kingdom has a total tax rate of… – Continue reading

Ireland – the tax haven

‘We’re not a tax haven, we have never been involved in any kind of tax malpractice’ – Michael Noonan, Irish Minister for Finance 5th October 2015 ‘Nobody is using Ireland as a tax haven’ – Minister for Agriculture, Simon Conveney, The UN’s Philip Aston says, ‘When lists of tax havens… – Continue reading

Indian companies with foreign units likely to be impacted by POEM guidelines

MUMBAI: Many manufacturing and trading subsidiaries of Indian companies that are currently operating independently outside India may have to pay taxes in India as they could fail the new test set under the Place of Effective Management (POEM) guidelines. Not just that, some of the companies could see complications with… – Continue reading

Antoine Deltour — The LuxLeaks Whistleblower

Luxembourg’s long-hidden role as a secret tax haven in the very heart of the European Union has been shattered by one man who happened to be in the right place at the right time to do what he thought was the right thing. Antoine Deltour brought to light how the… – Continue reading

Grant Thornton manpower may touch 10,000 by 2020: Vishesh Chandiok

MUMBAI: When Grant Thornton recently appointed India leader Vishesh Chandiok on its global governance board, it reflected the country’s growing importance as a market for the London-headquartered professional services firm. At 41, Chandiok may be the youngest member of the board ever but points out that he doesn’t lack for… – Continue reading

Is SA heading for a tax revolt?

Taxpayers fume about wastage and corruption, but large-scale evasion seems unlikely. JOHANNESBURG – There seems to be increasing concern that South Africa could be heading for a tax revolt. This comes amid an outcry against corruption, wastage of taxpayer money and the fact that the country’s deteriorating fiscal situation will… – Continue reading

Congress Scrutinizes OECD BEPS Corporate Tax Changes

The House and Senate held hearings Tuesday on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting action plan, also known as OECD BEPS, for combating tax avoidance by multinational corporations. A number of the lawmakers expressed a skeptical view of the international tax reforms. “The OECD’s… – Continue reading

Sea-change in landscape of taxation

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29: “The world of taxation has changed tremendously impacted by FATCA, transfer pricing, Base Erosion and Profit Sharing, and others which require dramatic changes in existing operating models and structures,” remarked Fouad Douglas, PwC Country Senior partner, at a tax seminar organised by the PwC in conjunction… – Continue reading

East Africa: New Reporting Code for Mncs Could Save Africa $35b

East African countries expect to collect more revenue under a new code drawn, by the world’s richest economies to stop foreign multinationals from dodging taxes in host countries. The new code — Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) — adopted by G20 at its meeting in Turkey two weeks ago,… – Continue reading

Punters punting our tax pennies offshore

Australian punters will be thrilled to know that when they do their shirts gambling their post-tax dollars, those very same dollars, which become the pre-tax dollars of the British online betting giants, are funnelled off to places like Gibraltar, pre-tax. University of NSW accounting academic, Jeff Knapp, and Fairfax Media… – Continue reading

Previewing US Tax Reform

The latest Tax Reform Business Barometer survey, issued by The Tax Council and Ernst & Young, found that tax professionals expect Congress to approve tax reform legislation no earlier than 2017, with most congressional leaders having all but given up hope that tax reform is achievable in the remainder of… – Continue reading

DDM Holding AG: Swiss withholding tax applies in respect of interest payments to holders of the DDM Senior Secured Notes

Following a ruling by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration, payments of interest under the DDM Treasury SEK 300 million Senior Secured Notes with ISIN SE0005280831 (the “Notes”) are subject to Swiss withholding tax since the refinancing executed in June 2015. On 23 June 2015 certain amendments to the documentation in… – Continue reading

PwC Makes UK Autumn Statement Predictions

Professional services firm PwC has predicted that UK Chancellor George Osborne will introduce an “apprenticeship levy” and seek to lessen the impact of tax credit cuts when he delivers his Autumn Statement on November 25. In his Summer Budget, Osborne pledged that the Government would “introduce an apprenticeship levy on… – Continue reading

Stricter norms likely for transfer pricing

MUMBAI: India’s forthcoming budget may draw from some of the recommendations, especially in the realm of transfer pricing, contained in the final package of ‘Base Erosion and Profit Shifting’ (BEPS) measures, rolled out in October. Certain anti-abuse measures, such as thin capitalization, which for tax purposes disallows interest payments beyond… – Continue reading