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ADCB launches new private banking proposition

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), today announced the launch of “ADCB Private” , a new private banking proposition providing globally sophisticated banking and wealth management solutions for high-net-worth customers, delivered from the UAE. Wealthy clients in the region and the UAE have historically had to seek international banking and investment services… – Continue reading

Offshore Shell Games 2015: The Use of Offshore Tax Havens by Fortune 500 Companies

U.S.-based multinational corporations are allowed to play by a different set of rules than small and domestic businesses or individuals when it comes to the tax code. Rather than paying their fair share, many multinational corporations use accounting tricks to pretend for tax purposes that a substantial portion of their… – Continue reading

A hidden network of hidden wealth

If taxed on the nearly $100 billion dollars they keep offshore, the largest U.S. financial institutions could cover the U.S.’s entire poverty-focused foreign assistance budget for 2014. Tax havens are a scourge. They allow individuals and institutions to cloak their financial activity in secrecy to escape and undermine other jurisdictions’… – Continue reading

Two more top banks getting away with paying NO corporation tax in the UK: Credit Suisse and Citigroup are latest to admit using previous losses to slash their bills

Two more top banks getting away with paying NO corporation tax in the UK: Credit Suisse and Citigroup are latest to admit using previous losses to slash their bills Seven foreign investment banks in London now pay no corporation tax Fines and lawsuits used to slash their tax bills by… – Continue reading

Exclusive: More banks pay no UK tax, Labour wants tougher approach

Two more investment banks have reported paying zero tax in Britain in 2014, prompting the opposition Labour party to urge the government to reverse a tax change it made for banks last year. Citigroup and Credit Suisse disclosed in the past fortnight that their main UK subsidiaries paid no corporate… – Continue reading

China suspends forex business for some foreign banks: sources

China’s central bank has suspended at least three foreign banks from conducting some foreign exchange business until the end of March, three sources who had seen the suspension notices told Reuters on Wednesday. Included among the suspended services are liquidation of spot positions for clients and some other activities related… – Continue reading

Tata Steel to refinance $1.5bn offshore debt

Tata Steel’s Singapore arm T S Global Holdings Pte raised $1.5 billion debt to settle outstanding loans, the company said in a statement. Tata Steel group executive director-finance and corporate Kaushik Chatterjee said, “Tata Steel actively reviews all its financing options and seeks to continuously optimise its debt based on… – Continue reading

Welbeck Solutions: Whistleblower exposes secretive city firm at the heart of vast tax avoidance operation

Company used actresses including former Alan Partridge star to bombard financial sector workers with cold calls The grey Basinghall Street office building, in the heart of London’s City financial district, gives few clues about the frenzy of activity that was going on inside. But for years, this was the home… – Continue reading

East West Bank falls short on preventing money laundering, Fed warns

Pasadena’s East West Bank must beef up its efforts to prevent money laundering after federal regulators said its practices were not sufficient. The bank, which has operations in the United States, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, was ordered by the Federal Reserve on Thursday to correct problems with its anti-money-laundering… – Continue reading

Top Wall Street Banks Stash Billions Of Dollars In Nearly 400 Offshore Tax Havens

Six of the nation’s largest banks — Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs — utilize a combined 395 known tax havens to avoid potential tax bills in the billions, according to a new analysis. In total, the big six banks kept $126 billion… – Continue reading

China Thwarts Morgan Stanley, UBS as It Opens Yuan Bond Market

When it comes to opening its $5.7 trillion bond market to global central banks, China is rolling out the red carpet. The world’s top underwriters are struggling to get in the back door. Morgan Stanley set up a joint venture that’s helped manage 30.2 billion yuan ($4.9 billion) of note… – Continue reading

Look Out, Washington: Goldman-Busting Senate Panel Now Sets Sights on Government

A U.S. Senate investigative subcommittee, which has used its power for more than a decade to scrutinize corporations and financial institutions for wrongdoing, is shifting its focus to keeping tabs on the government. The U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations is slated to hold its first hearing under new leadership… – Continue reading

Citigroup’s Mexican Operations Under Wider Scrutiny For Possible Money Laundering

Citigroup’s headache over inquires into its Mexican subsidiaries Banamex and Banamex USA’s alleged lax compliance with U.S. federal anti-money-laundering rules just got worse. Last week, the Department of Justice expanded its money-laundering probe of Banamex, Bloomberg reported on Friday. In January, the Department of Justice issued a subpoena to Banamex,… – Continue reading

UK bankers call for Budget rethink on levy

Banks have intensified their calls for George Osborne, the UK chancellor, to give them a break on the bank levy in this week’s Budget by arguing that it has already caused a 13 per cent shrinkage of UK banking assets, reports the Financial Times. Optimism is growing among senior bankers… – Continue reading

China’s Banks Taking on the Old Guard Win in Asia Debt Sales

Chinese banks, encouraged by Premier Li Keqiang’s “going-out” strategy, are rocketing up the international bond arranging league tables in Asia, leaving investment banking stalwarts in their wake. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd., the world’s biggest lender by assets, jumped four spots from the end of last year to… – Continue reading

Taxpayers Still Facing Big Challenges One Year After FATCA Goes Into Effect

June 30 — Taxpayers continue to wrestle with big questions a year after the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act opened for business. Acknowledging that the Internal Revenue Service is doing its best to implement a complex law, issues still remain as the reach of FATCA goes global, practitioners told Bloomberg… – Continue reading

Dubai: Shrinking western banks prompt DIFC to shift east

The Dubai International Financial Centre spent the first 10 years of its existence looking to banks in the West. It’s planning to spend the next decade looking East, reports the Gulf Times. DIFC, as the tax-free business park is called, became the Middle East’s biggest financial centre by attracting the… – Continue reading

REUTERS SUMMIT-Private bankers cautious over China onshore strategy

(Reuters) – Some large wealth managers feel the time is not ripe to start an onshore private bank in China, despite steps taken by Beijing to open up its financial services industry. Ownership restrictions and a relatively less developed capital market are impediments for Citigroup to start onshore private banking… – Continue reading

U.S. Probes Bank Links in FIFA Marketing Corruption Scandal

The U.S. is examining banks’ conduct as part of a wide-ranging corruption probe of international soccer that has led to charges against 14 people, including officials with the sport’s organizing body. Money involved in the two-decade-old bribery scheme passed through U.S. banks including Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co.,… – Continue reading

Big bucks, but no bankers jailed in $5.7B settlement

Six of the biggest names in global finance shelled out billions of dollars Wednesday to settle charges of rigging currency markets, but liberal lawmakers complain the government is just doling out slaps on the wrist. On Wednesday, the Justice Department announced a settlement that also saw five banks plead guilty… – Continue reading

The High Cost Of Offshore Tax Havens On Small Illinois Businesses

If Illinois small business owners were to collectively offset state and federal revenues lost annually due to corporations using offshore tax havens, they would each have to pay $4,570 in additional taxes a year. That what-if scenario is laid out in a recent report from the Illinois Public Interest Research… – Continue reading

Corporate giants often get huge tax breaks, while poor, undocumented immigrants have paid billions in state taxes

Ben Franklin’s famous dictum, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes” is crying out for an urgent revision. Why? Because even if still holds true for people like you and me, it has little to do with some of the country’s richest corporations. The truth is that for corporate giants… – Continue reading


Every year, corporations and wealthy individuals use complicated gimmicks to shift U.S. earnings to subsidiaries in offshore tax havens – countries with minimal or no taxes – in order to reduce their federal and state income tax liabilities by billions of dollars. While tax haven abusers benefit from America’s markets,… – Continue reading

Stop this egregious injustice: Why a bipartisan tax holiday is just another corporate handout

Corporations like Apple shouldn’t get a sweetheart deal to “onshore” profits, tax expert Scott Klinger tells Salon One of the more consequential paradoxes of American politics concerns the myth and the reality of bipartisan legislation. The myth is that American voters want it, and they want it bad. In fact,… – Continue reading

Banks Say “Thanks for the Bailout,” Now We’ll Park our Profits in Overseas Tax Havens

Giant financial institutions that benefitted from federal bailouts during the depths of the recession have repaid the American people’s largesse by hiding profits overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. According to a report (pdf) commissioned by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), four big banks—Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Bank of… – Continue reading

Regulators Increase Scrutiny On Banks Over Tax-Avoidance Derivatives

Bank of America and four other banks have been queried by financial regulators about a complex trading maneuver that allows hedge funds to escape certain taxes. Reuters Financial regulators are heightening their focus on banks involved in complex international trades designed to skirt taxes, the Wall Street Journal reports. The… – Continue reading

Citigroup unit probed by more authorities over money laundering

[NEW YORK] Citigroup Inc said additional government authorities have started probes of possible breaches of anti-money laundering laws at its Banamex USA unit. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a unit of the US Treasury, and the California Department of Business Oversight have asked the company for information on its compliance… – Continue reading

Big banks are giving up on their global ambitions

About 10 years ago Citigroup’s then chief executive Chuck Prince started his global apology tour, aimed at mending relationships with regulators and bolstering Citi’s reputation. Tokyo was the first stop. The US bank had been embroiled in scandals that led to the termination of its Japanese private banking licence. To… – Continue reading

US Corporate Giants Pay More to CEOs than in Federal Taxes

Seven of the biggest U.S. corporations received billions of dollars in tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service, while dolling out an average of US$17.3 million to CEOs. While Congress is set to renew a slew of corporate tax breaks, new research published Tuesday found some of United States’ biggest… – Continue reading

29% Of Largest Corporations Pay More To CEO Than Uncle Sam

CEG says the U.S. corporate tax system is in desperate need of reform A recent report from the Center for Effective Government (Fleecing Uncle Sam) highlights that many large U.S. companies pay little to no corporate taxes, and a few even get tax rebates from the federal government. Moreover, in… – Continue reading

Regulators fine global banks $4.3 billion in currency investigation

(Reuters) – Regulators fined six major banks a total of $4.3 billion for failing to stop traders from trying to manipulate the foreign exchange market, following a yearlong global investigation. HSBC Holdings Plc, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup Inc, UBS AG and Bank of… – Continue reading

Apple to IBM hoard $206b abroad to avoid US tax

The largest US-based companies added $206 billion to their stockpiles of offshore profits last year, parking earnings in low-tax countries until Congress gives them a reason not to. The multinational companies have accumulated $1.95 trillion outside the US, up 11.8 per cent from a year earlier, according to securities filings… – Continue reading