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Russian Tax Service approves British Virgin Islands’ removal from offshore list

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) removes the British Virgin Islands (BVI) from the black list of ‘tax havens’. This change will affect the interests of Russian owners of the local companies. Leaving BVI for another offshore may help them keep their secrets, but not forever. Removal of the BVI from… – Continue reading

Adventures in tax avoidance: Canada’s deep offshore tax haven connections

Much of the activity is legal, but it siphons away billions in tax revenue from government coffers The massive Panama Papers data leak shines a light not only on the dirty money being shuffled through tax havens, but also on the legal and common use of offshore accounts to significantly… – Continue reading

Private Client 2015: Trust & Advisory Services Analysis

In this edition we also include the leading trustees, private bankers and accountants serving the private client industry. RBC Wealth Management leads our research in trust and advisory services with an impressive 18 names recommended. Alan Binnington specialises in establishing and administering trust and fiduciary structures for high net worth… – Continue reading

National Assembly committee wants to hear from banks at tax haven hearings

Quebec — Tax havens are depriving Quebecers of at least $1.5 billion a year, said Québec solidaire MNA Amir Khadir on the opening day of parliamentary hearings on the worldwide phenomenon. The National Assembly’s public finances committee decided last June to dedicate several days this fall to the study of… – Continue reading

UK: In The Spotlight – Summer 2015

WINDS OF CHANGE – GEORGE OSBORNE’S FIRST BUDGET AS THE CHANCELLOR OF A CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT BROUGHT SEVERAL SIGNIFICANT ANNOUNCEMENTS. By Mark Wingate Taking a leaf from the Labour Party’s election manifesto, there will be a further tightening of the rules for non-doms. In an attempt to provide a more level… – Continue reading

Tax authorities urged to be more vigilant over the super-rich

Revenue authorities need to be “vigilant” in monitoring the super-rich, according to research that called on many of them to improve their scrutiny of their richest taxpayers, reports the Financial Times. The study by the Paris-based OECD is a further sign of the pressure on tax departments to squeeze more… – Continue reading

Syz Buys Royal Bank of Canada Swiss Unit as Foreigners Exit

Banque Syz SA of Geneva is buying Royal Bank of Canada’s Swiss private bank as foreign financial firms retreat from Switzerland amid higher regulatory costs. The business, based in Geneva, had 10 billion Swiss francs ($10.5 billion) of client assets under management at the end of October, Royal Bank said… – Continue reading

First cross-border payment for Canadian RMB Trading Hub

This week, the Royal Bank of Canada became the first bank to complete cross-border Renminbi (RMB) payment using Canada’s new RMB Trading Hub through the hub’s designated clearing bank, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Canada). On 23 March, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), other Canadian banks and government delegates… – Continue reading

Tax Evasion Case Against Billionaire Art Dealer Guy Wildenstein Exposes Dirty Money Trail

The tax man is coming for Guy Wildenstein, and may file charges against a wealth management company in the Bahamas in connection to the case against the billionaire art dealer. As reported by the Globe and Mail, the French agency that investigates tax evasion has recommended that a judge charge… – Continue reading

For Bigger Bank Dividends, It Could Pay to Go International

Following the financial crisis, dividend yields from American banks have remained below the level many income investors are looking for. While all four major American banks yield less than 3%, U.S. investors can still get fat bank dividends by looking abroad. The United Kingdom London has long been a financial… – Continue reading

RBC exits wealth management in Cayman Islands, Caribbean

RBC Wealth Management has announced plans to discontinue its private wealth management business in the Caribbean. The strategy to “realign certain businesses within [its] international operations” was presented to staff in an internal memorandum last Thursday. It is not clear whether the business will be closed or sold. Paul French,… – Continue reading