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FBR initiates scrutiny of offshore transactions

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has initiated audit of all those taxpayers who have made offshore transactions during the last six years, sources said on Tuesday. “All corporate and individual taxpayers, who have made offshore investments, have been selected for audit to check the tax concealment,” an official… – Continue reading

Pakistan mulls providing tax-free zones to stimulate investment

In order to encourage foreign investment in Pakistan, the federal government has decided to provide facilities like Panama and Virgin Islands to foreign investors in Pakistan. According to documents available with Daily Times that government is going to introduce the companies’ bill 2016 in parliament soon according to which incumbent… – Continue reading

Indian mining sector comes under scrutiny for fraud

KOLKATA ( – The Indian federal government has zeroed in on the mining sector as the prime repository of “black money” and unaccounted wealth stashed overseas, and was instructing a clampdown by tax authorities. In a directive to tax authorities, including the Income Tax Department (ITD), the Finance Ministry observed… – Continue reading

IRS Targets Secret Offshore Bank Accounts

US taxpayers with secret bank accounts in Belize are about to feel the full force of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A federal court in Miami has issued summonses against Belize Bank International and Belize Bank aiming to identify accounts controlled by US taxpayers from 2006 until 2014. Belize banks… – Continue reading

Barclays Bank Seychelles discontinues offshore banking services

(Seychelles News Agency) – The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) says it is engaging with Barclays Bank Seychelles to ensure that clients have sufficient time to shift their deposits in their offshore bank accounts, following a recent decision by Barclays to discontinue its banking services for non-residents in foreign currencies…. – Continue reading

Ingenious, HSBC, UBS and Coutts sued by ‘tax avoidance’ clients

Private client banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland’s Coutts, HSBC and UBS have been sued by clients for wrongly advising them to invest in film investment specialist Ingenious as its schemes have since been labelled by tax authorities as tax-avoidance vehicles. Ingenious Media and around 50 other associated financial… – Continue reading

International tax update – UK

Autumn Statement 2014, Budget 2015 and Finance Act 2015 The UK Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement on 3 December 2014 and his Budget speech on 18 March 2015. For an overview of some of the key announcements, please see our Autumn Statement 2014 briefing and Budget 2015 briefing. The UK’s… – Continue reading

Imagination at Work? GE Once Again Pays Less Than 1% in Federal Taxes

Notorious tax dodger GE recently released its annual financial report and the only thing eye-raising about the company’s paltry 0.9 percent federal income tax rate is that it’s marginally higher than the 0.4 percent average rate it paid over the past decade. Released without fanfare late in the afternoon last… – Continue reading

US citizens in Greece and US taxes: A word to the wise, and a seminar

It is estimated that there are at least 100,000 Greeks with American citizenship living in Greece. In addition, thousands of US citizens live and work in Greece, either on a short-term or permanent basis. According to US law, all of these citizens, with very few exceptions, are required to file… – Continue reading

Everything U.S. Expats Need to Know About IRS Tax Forms (But Were Afraid to Ask)

This is the time of the year for millions of Americans to begin the annual ritual of gathering information about income, taxes, charitable giving, health insurance, expenses and sundry other items, and prepare to send mountains of information to the IRS –and to those who prepare their tax returns. Overseas… – Continue reading

The UK emerges as a competitive holding company regime

UK and multinational enterprises are starting to consider (re)organising themselves under a UK holding company for their global operations, rather than using other traditional onshore holding company jurisdictions. This new trend is the result of a number of factors, which have moved the UK from an outside choice as an… – Continue reading


The Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver announces that as from 2nd April 2014 the payment of the annual fee of three hundred and fifty euros (€350) for the years 2011 and 2014 will be done only through the Department’s website and through JCCsmart. NO payment of the annual… – Continue reading