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Richard Kaplan: Additional Rauner tax-return disclosures probably won’t reveal much

Various reporters, editorialists and politicians are clamoring for Bruce Rauner, the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois, to release more of his tax returns — specifically, the detailed schedules that accompany the “top sheets” that he already has released. They probably will be disappointed, even if Mr. Rauner complies with… – Continue reading

Rauner’s old firm set up Cayman Island funds when he was boss

SRINGFIELD — Republican Bruce Rauner not only has personal investments in the Cayman Islands, but he presided over his former private equity firm as it set up other investment vehicles in the Caribbean tax haven known for its secrecy. The Chicago Sun-Times verified through the Cayman Islands’ government-run online business… – Continue reading

Super-Rich Gubernatorial Candidate Used Controversial Cayman Tax Gimmick To Maximize His Fortune

Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner (R) made part of his fortune from investments in a Caribbean tax haven, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. But because Rauner won’t release details on his tax filings it is impossible to tell just how much of his wealth comes from those offshore accounts. The newspaper… – Continue reading