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Cyprus link to ‘universally condemned’ Russia tax fraud case

Police last week raided the Nicosia offices of the law firm representing the Hermitage Fund, embroiled in the largest fraudulent tax rebate case in Russian history, the Cyprus Mail has learned. On Friday, two senior Russian interior ministry officials along with local police officers searched the Nicosia offices of a… – Continue reading

Australia: The transfer pricing Chevron decision – funding, parental support, currency… and the experts

Key Points: The rejection of the Commissioner’s position on the relevance of credit rating agencies and the relevance of implicit support will give rise to uncertainty going forward, as it is unclear how an arm’s length interest rate can be practically determined. The Federal Court’s recent decision in Chevron Australia… – Continue reading

Corning Inc. overseas profits become campaign issue

CORNING — Corning Inc.’s handling of profits it earns overseas has quickly become an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign. The Fortune 500 company’s refusal to bring back to the U.S. more than $12.4 billion in overseas profits first drew criticism from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont…. – Continue reading

Studies show, Congress Favors the Rich

When Hillary Clinton recently borrowed Elizabeth Warren’s talking points and claimed “the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top” (in our economic and political system) against regular working people, did she mention reforming the tax code — and then offer any solutions? The simple answer is… – Continue reading

Big banks are giving up on their global ambitions

About 10 years ago Citigroup’s then chief executive Chuck Prince started his global apology tour, aimed at mending relationships with regulators and bolstering Citi’s reputation. Tokyo was the first stop. The US bank had been embroiled in scandals that led to the termination of its Japanese private banking licence. To… – Continue reading