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Base erosion and profit shifting: limiting tax deductions for interest costs

Earlier this week the heads of state of the 20 largest global economies have agreed to adopt the 15 BEPS action points in their respective countries. Ample reason to take a closer look at the details and implications of one of the most far-reaching upcoming tax adjustments. Action 4 of… – Continue reading

Costello warns money will head offshore if shareholder tax credits changed

FORMER treasurer Peter Costello says changing or ending tax credits for shareholders who get dividends would see investors send their money offshore. The financial system inquiry (FSI) last year questioned the wisdom of dividend imputations, where shareholders get a tax credit for the profits a firm shares with investors via… – Continue reading

Luxembourg tax leaks put pressure on G20 leaders to act on loopholes

G20 leaders are under pressure to go further in their efforts to crack down on tax avoidance after the revelation that thousands of companies, including several major Australian firms and multinationals operating in Australia, have legally avoided tax with complicated deals negotiated through Luxembourg. The chairman of a Senate inquiry… – Continue reading