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Republicans debating remedies for corporate tax avoidance

President Donald Trump and Republican leaders in Congress will soon confront a complex challenge for tax reform: how to limit U.S. corporate tax avoidance schemes that take advantage of low tax rates in foreign countries. Congressional and administration staff have begun to examine options to address profit-shifting schemes that include… – Continue reading

Worldwide: The OECD’s Conquest Of Domestic Tax Codes: Understanding The Costs And Consequences Of The BEPS Project

Authored by IFC Media Recent global events from the release of the Panama Papers to a series of high-profile inversions have given international tax regulators both rhetorical ammunition and public support to execute a global crackdown on multinational tax planning. The goal is to increase total taxes paid by global… – Continue reading

Rate Competition Is New International Tax Planning Reality

Lower corporate tax rates around the world are expected to play an important part in multinational companies’ tax planning in 2017, with a rate as low as 15 percent on the table in the U.S. and countries such as the U.K. planning to maintain or lower their current rates. A… – Continue reading

Trump’s Corporate Tax Reforms: What CFOs Need to Know

While Trump wants to close loopholes, many of them stem from public policy concerns — not “special interests.” After a dramatic upset victory in one of the most bitterly contested presidential races in recent history, Donald Trump now has some serious work to do. His corporate tax policies—which are vital… – Continue reading

Multinationals Dodged Bullet on ‘Earnings Stripping’ Rules

Many kinds of U.S. multinational companies, including S-corporations, REITS, and financial services companies apparently dodged a bullet last month when the U.S. Treasury Dept. issued its final, substantially revised rules aimed at curtailing “earnings stripping.” The revised regulation represents an attempt by Treasury to help “narrow the rule and avoid… – Continue reading

Ireland risks being trampled in US/EU corporate tax fight

For the last three years, the international debate on tax policy was all about consensus. Led by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, countries across the globe agreed that aggressive tax planning by multinational corporations which pushed profits into low-tax countries – or indeed took profits outside the charge… – Continue reading

Republicans Take New Tack on Taxing Companies’ Overseas Profits

Democrats are likely to object to the House GOP’s and Donald Trump’s plans for sharply lower rates President Ronald Reagan once chided government’s approach to the economy as following this mantra: “If it moves, tax it.” Today’s Republicans are following Mr. Reagan’s ideas by trying the exact opposite approach. The… – Continue reading

What is the future of corporate tax reform?

On June 7, AEI hosted two panels on how the US could reform the corporate tax code, the first focusing on business-level taxation and the second focusing on shareholder-level taxation. Christopher H. Hanna of the Senate Finance Committee delivered the symposium’s opening remarks, with a major focus on how the… – Continue reading

Tim Cook addresses Apple’s US taxes, says no repatriation without ‘fair rate’

Apple CEO Tim Cook struck back at critics of the iPhone maker’s strategy to avoid paying U.S. taxes, telling The Washington Post in a wide ranging interview that the company would not bring that money back from abroad unless there was a “fair rate.” Along with other multinational companies, the… – Continue reading

Becoming a Tax Haven Is Harder Than It Looks

Slashing rates probably won’t be the U.K.’s magic bullet. As Britain plans its way out of the European Union, politicians have been looking for ways for the country to maintain its dominance as a center for global capital. One idea: turning the post-Brexit U.K. into a tax haven. In the… – Continue reading

IMF call for ‘comprehensive reform’ of US tax system

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) review has called for a comprehensive reform of the US tax system, with the aim of removing exemptions, simplifying the system, rebalancing from direct to indirect taxes, and reducing statutory rates for individual and corporate income taxes According to its annual Article IV consultation report… – Continue reading

Brexit – The UK and International Tax Consequences

The political, economic and constitutional fallout of the UK’s referendum decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) will continue for some time. In addition to considering some of the possible domestic UK tax implications of Brexit, this OnPoint also considers some of the potential tax implications from the perspective of… – Continue reading

IRS inversion rules face blowback

A regulatory effort by the Obama administration to crack down on tax deals is facing backlash from business groups and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules were intended to combat inversions — transactions in which a U.S. company combines with a foreign… – Continue reading

Tax crackdown is turning American companies into prey

New U.S. Treasury regulations aimed at curbing tax inversions, where U.S. companies acquire foreign counterparts and headquarter abroad, seem to be working. But their broader goal – to keep American corporate capital at home – has failed. Consider the recent mergers-and-acquisitions activity. Chicago-based CF Industrial Holdings and Netherlands-based OCI called… – Continue reading

U.S. companies are saving $100 billion a year by shifting profits overseas, report says

NEW YORK — U.S. multinational companies are saving $100 billion a year by shifting their profits overseas to lower their tax bills, according to a study released Tuesday that found that corporate tax-dodging is a bigger problem than previously estimated. Most U.S. companies pay far less than the country’s 35… – Continue reading

Barack Obama: Tax avoidance is a big global problem

US President Barack Obama has warned that “tax avoidance is a big global problem” and urged Congress to take action to eliminate tax loopholes. “A lot of it is legal, but that’s exactly the problem,” he said. His comments come a day after the US Treasury Department announced fresh plans… – Continue reading

Minn. Senator Proposes Taxing Corporations Based in Havens

March 31 — Minnesota Sen. John Marty (DFL) introduced legislation that would require corporations headquartered in 46 tax havens to be subject to the same taxation as domestic companies. While it’s still early in the legislative session—the bill was introduced March 29—a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce told… – Continue reading

Coalition urges Treasury action to prevent offshore tax deals

The Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition is urging the Treasury Department to take further action to prevent companies from reincorporating overseas to lower their taxes. “It is time we eliminate this egregious offshore loophole to make sure that the corporations that benefit from all of the resources, protections,… – Continue reading

How Treasury Could Take Action to Prevent Inversions

Even as more large companies announce plans to take advantage of the inversion loophole to avoid taxes, Congress has refused to move on commonsense legislation that would put an end to inversions. Fortunately, as outlined in a new letter signed by Citizens for Tax Justice and 54 other groups, there… – Continue reading

Follow Ireland’s Example on Corporate Tax to Stop Inversions

Ireland’s 12.5 percent corporate tax rate has encouraged several major U.S. companies like Medtronic, Pfizer, Johnson Controls, and Baxalta to move there in tax inversions in recent months, saving them billions of dollars of taxes and protecting themselves from international competition in the process. The U.S. corporate tax rate, on… – Continue reading

States vie with feds to punish company moves abroad. But does it work?

State lawmakers are getting into the act of demonizing corporate inversions even though there is not much they can do to stop them. Corporate inversions, in which U.S. companies merge with or are acquired by an overseas business, are a hot topic on the campaign trail and in the halls… – Continue reading

Vijay Mallya’s secrets buried in offshore tax havens

It’s not just the Indian banks that business tycoon Vijay Mallya has taken for a ride. The chairman of United Breweries (UB) group and promoter of now defunct Kingfisher Airlines also concealed in his election affidavit, filed before the Rajya Sabha, his business interests in offshore tax havens elsewhere. dna… – Continue reading

Brown to introduce new tax payment regulation for corporations

With American corporations keeping a record amount of profits offshore to avoid paying U.S. taxes, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) will introduce legislation requiring corporations to “Pay What You Owe Before You Go.” During a news conference call today, Brown will outline his bill that would require corporations to settle… – Continue reading

Trump, Sanders Agree on Ending Deferral of Overseas Earnings

During a political season in which populist fury and anger at big business is running high, two presidential candidates want to eliminate the ability of multinational firms to keep earnings overseas and avoid U.S. taxes. They also just happen to be the two most surprising and disruptive candidates in the… – Continue reading

US Democrat Bill Takes Further Aim At Inversions

On February 23, US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D – Michigan) and Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen (D – Maryland) introduced legislation aimed at reducing the number of corporate tax inversions by limiting the use of “earnings stripping.” Tax inversion techniques… – Continue reading

Poor Tax Policy Sends U.S. Businesses in Search of Friendlier Tax Climates

Pfizer, one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world, recently announced plans to merge with Allegran, Plc, a pharmaceutical company based in Ireland. The new merged corporation, worth a total of $160 billion, will move its headquarters to Dublin, Ireland to avoid the U.S. government’s “double taxation” of… – Continue reading

Big corporations will always cheat (yep, I said cheat) on their taxes. Here’s how to deal with it

Let me give you a heads up: First, I’m going to tell you some things that will make you ill. Then I’m going to present a cure. It will make you feel better—until, of course, you realize that knowing the cure brings us as close to implementing it as buying an… – Continue reading

Varner: Taxes and international trade

A while back in Germany, I was driving on the straight as an arrow B-1. That is Bundesstrasse, the equivalent of a U.S. highway, a notch below the Autobahn. Roads tend to curve around farmers’ fields, having been there first. The B-1 from Cologne on the Rhine toward Berlin was… – Continue reading

Canada: Insight – In Search Of Better Tax Outcomes

Taxing decisions With highly efficient labour markets, a solid institutional environment and a strong banking system, Canada has long been considered one of the most competitive nations in the world. In fact, in its most recent rankings in 2014, Bloomberg declared Canada the second best country in the world for… – Continue reading

How Much Revenue The U.S. Is Losing Through Tax Inversions, And How Much Worse It May Get

Yesterday was quite a day for corporate tax geeks. We saw a corporate tax inversion that comes with a long, Baroque history; an estimate by Reed College economist Kim Clausing that inversions and other income-shifting techniques reduced Treasury revenues by as much as $111 billion in 2012; and a new… – Continue reading

Bloomberg BNA Provides Insights into 2016 U.S and International Tax Policy

ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Bloomberg BNA today announced the publication of the Daily Tax Report’s 2016 Outlook on tax and accounting policy. Dozens of policy experts, along with current and former members of Congress, congressional staffers and federal agency officials provided insights on the year ahead regarding… – Continue reading

Shire sweetens the pot to bring $32bn deal for Baxalta over the line

Irish drug giant’s long-standing plan to acquire US rival – and lower its tax bill – is finally sealed thanks to beefed-up cash offer The drugs maker Shire yesterday clinched a $32bn (£22bn) takeover of US rival Baxalta after sweetening the deal with a bumper cash component despite fears such… – Continue reading

Tax Inversions Hinder Economy, Boost Large Caps

Tax inversions and corporate tax rate cuts would be huge for these stocks Certain politicians are decrying a tax move known as an “inversions,” which allow a U.S. company to merge with a foreign one with a more favorable tax rate. Yet, it’s the politicians who created the necessity for… – Continue reading

Doing the maths: how real is Ireland’s economic growth?

Official Irish statistics are being fattened up by massive tax inversions and the re-registering of companies, warns Dan White The ESRI estimates that the Irish economy grew by 6.7pc in 2015 and is forecasting GDP growth of 4.8pc for this year. GNP, which is generally regarded as a better measurement… – Continue reading

B&E | Measures to Control the Abuse of Offshore Tax Havens

“Cash Booked Offshore for Tax Purposes by U.S. Multinationals Doubled between 2008 and 2014” In recent years, U.S. multinational companies have sharply increased the amount of money that they book to foreign subsidiaries. An April 2015 study by research firm Audit Analytics found that the Russell 1000 list of U.S…. – Continue reading

CF Industries (CF), OCI N.V. Amend Merger Agreement

CF Industries (CF – Analyst Report) and Netherlands-based fertilizers and industrial chemicals producer – OCI N.V. – said that they have amended their merger agreement originally announced in Aug 2015. Under the modified agreement, the jurisdiction of incorporation and tax residency of the new combined company has been changed to… – Continue reading

BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Tax haven hypocrisy

A BALANCING ACT in London, folly and redemption in America’s District of Columbia and sheer hypocrisy in Brussels. And in every case, Barbados and many of its Caribbean neighbours were placed in the negative international spotlight at a time when some of the world’s major financial centres are casting about… – Continue reading

Tim Cook calls notion of Apple avoiding US taxes ‘political crap’

Apple CEO says the company pays ‘every tax dollar we owe’ amid debate in the US over corporations avoiding tax by using offshore units Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has dismissed as “total political crap” the notion that the technology giant was avoiding taxes. Cook’s remarks, made on CBS’ 60… – Continue reading

‘Pfizer tie-up ‘opportunity’ for Ireland says IDA boss

The $160bn (€146.5bn) merger of US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer with Dublin-based Allergan is an “opportunity” for Ireland, according to IDA chief executive Martin Shanahan. Last month Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, announced plans to merge with Botox manufacturer Allergan in a deal that will create the world’s biggest drug… – Continue reading

Icahn Says Stop Corporate Inversions By Giving Tax Break

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has a strong opinion on almost every subject, especially politics. He’s also quite happy to share that opinion with anyone who will listen to or read what he has to say. Icahn’s comments this week on how to stop future tax-motivated corporate inversions such as the… – Continue reading

Piper Jaffray Sees Renewed Monsanto (MON) Bid for Syngenta (SYT) Near Start of 2016

DuPont and Dow are now officially combining and Piper Jaffray analyst, Brett Wong, thinks further consolidation is coming with Monsanto (NYSE: MON) likely to renew the pursuit of Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) towards the beginning of the year. Piper thinks a renewed bid for Syngenta would be viewed negatively by investors… – Continue reading

Abandoned Yahoo Spinoff a Sign That Tax Is Fading as a Deal Driver

Yahoo has reportedly abandoned its plan to spin off its stake in Alibaba. Yahoo’s proposed spinoff had been driven by tax concerns. In a world without taxes, Yahoo could have simply sold its Alibaba shares and distributed the proceeds to shareholders. Yahoo will now concentrate on other strategic options, including… – Continue reading

IRS continues focus on corporate inversions

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) continues its focus on perceived abuses in corporate inversion transactions. On November 19, the IRS released Notice 2015-79, which places new limitations on the ability of a U.S. multinational corporation to reduce its U.S. tax burden by inverting its corporate structure. U.S.-based multinationals are subject… – Continue reading

Why are Tax Inversion” Relocations Accelerating?

Tax inversions — the process of U.S. firms, merging with or buying foreign companies to shift their taxpaying headquarters abroad — have deprived the U.S. Treasury of ever-increasing billions of dollars. Although President Barack Obama promised to take punitive action against companies deliberately engaging in mergers and/or acquisitions for tax… – Continue reading

Clinton offers new ‘exit tax’ on U.S.-foreign company mergers

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton on Wednesday will unveil a proposal for a new “exit tax” aimed at cracking down on corporate inversions, a practice that permits U.S. companies to merge with corporations overseas to lower their tax bill. The new tax would be part of a broader effort to target… – Continue reading

Pfizer and Allergan chiefs say merger is good for America

Employees at Allergan have been told a proposed merger with Pfizer is about changing healthcare – not skirting tax law. Allergan’s global chief executive Brent Saunders has written directly to the company’s employees – including around 1,000 in Ireland, telling them the controversial deal is not just about tax savings…. – Continue reading