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Icahn Says Stop Corporate Inversions By Giving Tax Break

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has a strong opinion on almost every subject, especially politics. He’s also quite happy to share that opinion with anyone who will listen to or read what he has to say. Icahn’s comments this week on how to stop future tax-motivated corporate inversions such as the… – Continue reading

Icahn Says He’ll Use New Super-PAC to Help America—and Himself

The New York billionaire is aiming his financial might at members of Congress who aren’t willing to cut deals on corporate tax policy. Sure, Carl Icahn might make money—lots of money—on his $6 billion stake in Apple Inc. if a political campaign he announced Wednesday to cut taxes on companies’… – Continue reading

Carl Icahn Forms Super PAC Aimed At Tax Reform

Carl Icahn, the iconic activist investor, has shifted, if only for today, his cross-hairs of contempt from the boardrooms of corporate America to the nation’s capital. Icahn sends members of Congress a word of warning Wednesday saw Carl Icahn warn several members of Congress a letter laying out his plans… – Continue reading