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Canada’s record on finding tax evaders is dismal

Only a week after the so-called Panama Papers burst into the media spotlight early last month, the Canadian government issued a news release vowing to “crack down on tax evasion and tax avoidance.” The leak of a staggering 11.5 million documents from a Panama City law firm promised to reveal… – Continue reading

UK: Data, Privacy And Taxation – A Very Modern Conflict

Since the revelations on government surveillance and data capture by Edward Snowden, journalists have rightfully raised concerns about governments’ insatiable appetite for data collection and the resulting encroachment on citizens’ civil liberties. In the EU an individual’s right to privacy is regarded as a human right in accordance with Art…. – Continue reading

Undisclosed foreign bank accounts: CBDT issues guidelines for compounding of offences

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has issued guidelines for compounding of offences under Income Tax Act, 1961/Wealth Tax Act, 1957, in cases of persons holding undisclosed foreign bank accounts/assets. The CBDT on Friday issued directions to all field formations, including principal chief commissioners, chief commissioners and… – Continue reading

Black money law: Beneficiaries in overseas discretionary trusts may face enquiry

MUMBAI: Indian tax authorities will ignore conventions to pierce trust structures used by most people to stash black money abroad. Persons who are named as beneficiaries in overseas discretionary trusts are likely to face enquiry even if they do not receive any money from such trusts. The taxman will look… – Continue reading

Singapore’s unlawful money fight faces compliance challenges

Singapore’s fight to stem illicit fund inflows has shoved private bankers into a new quandary – finding enough qualified compliance specialists to ensure the money passing through their accounts is clean. Like other wealth management centres around the world, Singapore is forcing banks to make more stringent checks on their… – Continue reading

First Germany, now UK objects to India ‘breach’ of secret bank data

The United Kingdom (UK) has followed Germany in lodging a formal protest with the Finance Ministry over the alleged breach of confidentiality of data and secret banking details received via diplomatic channels. While German authorities objected to the manner in which 18 names of Indian account holders in the LGT… – Continue reading