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Tax Evasion Case Against Billionaire Art Dealer Guy Wildenstein Exposes Dirty Money Trail

The tax man is coming for Guy Wildenstein, and may file charges against a wealth management company in the Bahamas in connection to the case against the billionaire art dealer. As reported by the Globe and Mail, the French agency that investigates tax evasion has recommended that a judge charge… – Continue reading

RBC’s Bahama unit caught up in allegations involving billionaire art dealer

Royal Bank of Canada’s wealth-management subsidiary in the Bahamas is caught up in tax fraud and money-laundering allegations involving billionaire international art dealer Guy Wildenstein. French prosecutor Franck Charon confirmed on Monday that France’s tax-evasion watchdog – Parquet national financer – has recommended to an investigating judge that RBC Trust… – Continue reading

Guy Wildenstein Ordered To Pay €20m Over Tax Avoidance Allegations

The Court of Appeal in Versailles has ordered the elusive international art dealer Guy Wildenstein, to pay a €20 million as a security deposit against tax avoidance allegations which have been levied against him. The funds must reach the court before by 15 October, according to the Le Monde newspaper…. – Continue reading