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Ireland tweaks tax regime to divert avoidance criticism

The Irish government is set to make further changes to the country’s corporate tax regime as it seeks to align itself with a global initiative to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance, reports the Financial Times. The change being considered will oblige companies that have global headquarters in Ireland to… – Continue reading

State to move on multinationals’ disclosure of tax data

Measures aimed at ensuring companies disclose more information to authorities Ireland is to become one of the first countries to introduce measures aimed at ensuring multinationals disclose more information to tax authorities. In the upcoming budget, the Government will introduce moves obliging multinationals to draft country-by-country reports on their global… – Continue reading

CRH subsidiary has €2.5bn in assets and no staff

Subsidiary funds companies within Irish multinational, says spokesman RH did not feature in the leaked files, but accounts for one of its Luxembourg subsidiaries show it had multibillion-euro intra-group loans going in and out of the state. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons Ireland’s largest indigenous multinational, building materials group CRH, has a… – Continue reading