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American Companies Dodge U.S. Taxes, Yet U.S. Government Still Awards Them Massive Contracts

“American” corporations that “invert,” or establish offshore domiciles in order to avoid payment of U.S. taxes, are still feeding at the government trough. They have benefited from American laws, courts and infrastructure, becoming obscenely wealthy – yet refuse to return the favor to We The People. And who and what… – Continue reading

Proposal Would Block Inverted Companies from Receiving Government Contracts

Corporations that have reclassified themselves as “foreign-owned” received approximately $1 billion in federal contracts over the last five years. These companies profit from American tax dollars despite avoiding U.S. taxes themselves. That could soon change. Two members of Congress have reintroduced legislation that would block these companies from winning lucrative… – Continue reading

Ingersoll-Rand Cleared for U.S. Contracts Despite Inversion

In August, President Barack Obama pledged to use the powers of his office to discourage the corporate tax-avoidance technique known as inversion, in which U.S. companies claim foreign tax addresses. Four months earlier, according to a previously unreported legal document, his Department of Homeland Security did just the opposite. It… – Continue reading