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Corporations paid no tax at Rio Olympics

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Visa and the rest of the corporate sponsors of the August 5–21 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro won’t be paying any taxes on the money they earn due to a tax exemption law that is set to cost Brazil hundreds of millions of dollars. The exemption, which… – Continue reading

Follow Ireland’s Example on Corporate Tax to Stop Inversions

Ireland’s 12.5 percent corporate tax rate has encouraged several major U.S. companies like Medtronic, Pfizer, Johnson Controls, and Baxalta to move there in tax inversions in recent months, saving them billions of dollars of taxes and protecting themselves from international competition in the process. The U.S. corporate tax rate, on… – Continue reading

Head of Brazilian House of Representatives investigated for tax evasion

RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) — Brazil’s Secretariat of Federal Revenue is carrying out an official investigation of Eduardo Cunha, head of House of Representatives, for tax evasion and other fiscal crimes, local daily O Globo said on Wednesday. Started in August, the investigation was based on information which… – Continue reading

Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron Call Off $10 Billion Merger

TOKYO — Two of the world’s largest manufacturers of the machinery used to produce semiconductors, Applied Materials of the United States and Tokyo Electron of Japan, on Monday dropped plans to merge after the Department of Justice said that combining their businesses would restrict competition. The proposed $10 billion deal… – Continue reading

European Union: European M+A News, Spring 2015

EUROPEAN M&A DOS AND DON’TS FOR NON-EUROPEAN BUYERS Inbound M&A in Europe by non-European buyers increased in 2014 by 68.6% compared to 2013, representing over a third of USD 901.4 billion total European M&A.1 For non-European buyers the basic framework of transactions may be similar, but there are a number… – Continue reading

Google, Apple tax crackdown will fail without US support

Jurisdictional issues will limit success. It’s no secret that companies including Apple, Google and Amazon, seem to pay less than their fair share of tax in Australia. Despite booking huge revenues from sales to Australian customers they are able to reduce their profits in this country by shifting profits to… – Continue reading

Adjudication forwards Q-Mobile tax evasion case to Preventive Karachi

KARACHI: The Pakistan Customs adjudication has forwarded the Q-Mobile tax evasion case to the Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Preventive, Karachi for seeking legal and technical reference from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The adjudication department, during the hearing, has completely redundant the view point of MCC-Multan, because as per… – Continue reading