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US companies warn tax avoidance crackdown will hit earnings

Investors alerted to risks of higher payments as crackdown closes loopholes A global crackdown on tax avoidance has forced a surge of warnings by multinational companies that higher payments are set to hit their earnings. A Financial Times analysis of company filings revealed that more than twice the number of… – Continue reading

US Virgin Islands Lures Businesses With Tax Breaks

The U.S. Virgin Islands is attempting to lure small businesses with substantial corporate tax breaks, in a bid to create jobs and diversify the tiny territory’s $4.2 billion economy. Democratic Gov. John de Jongh toured New York late last week with regional economic development officials, meeting companies and investors. De… – Continue reading

OECD urges quick action on multinational tax dodges

OECD tax director Pascal Saint-Amans has played down concerns that the United States might resist plans to make multinational companies such as Apple and Starbucks pay more tax, arguing that governments must move quickly to close multibillion-dollar loopholes or risk ordinary citizens ­losing faith in their taxation systems. Mr Saint-Amans… – Continue reading