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Monitor offshore investments, IMF tells Mauritius

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has askedMauritius to set up a ‘macro-prudential authority’ to monitor the offshore investments from the island. One of the largest destinations of such offshore investments is the Indian stock market. The proposed authority will have a central role for the banking regulator, the Bank of… – Continue reading

Ireland – the tax haven

‘We’re not a tax haven, we have never been involved in any kind of tax malpractice’ – Michael Noonan, Irish Minister for Finance 5th October 2015 ‘Nobody is using Ireland as a tax haven’ – Minister for Agriculture, Simon Conveney, The UN’s Philip Aston says, ‘When lists of tax havens… – Continue reading

Profitability or integrity? Why not both?

Growth and profitability have been at the crux of the corporate agenda and defined the way businesses function. Companies have nevertheless encountered challenges while trying to achieve these goals, which have inevitably required them to sometimes ‘work around the way of the land’. For instance, it is a common concern… – Continue reading

Profit shifting crackdown: captives in the crosshairs

A new international framework is targeting tax avoidance—and it has implications for captive insurers. Jenny Coletta of Ernst & Young explains In recent years, tax authorities around the world have been increasingly scrutinising captive insurance arrangements, focusing on questions relating to commercial purpose, pricing and substance. In what is likely… – Continue reading

Congress Scrutinizes OECD BEPS Corporate Tax Changes

The House and Senate held hearings Tuesday on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting action plan, also known as OECD BEPS, for combating tax avoidance by multinational corporations. A number of the lawmakers expressed a skeptical view of the international tax reforms. “The OECD’s… – Continue reading

Punters punting our tax pennies offshore

Australian punters will be thrilled to know that when they do their shirts gambling their post-tax dollars, those very same dollars, which become the pre-tax dollars of the British online betting giants, are funnelled off to places like Gibraltar, pre-tax. University of NSW accounting academic, Jeff Knapp, and Fairfax Media… – Continue reading

Previewing US Tax Reform

The latest Tax Reform Business Barometer survey, issued by The Tax Council and Ernst & Young, found that tax professionals expect Congress to approve tax reform legislation no earlier than 2017, with most congressional leaders having all but given up hope that tax reform is achievable in the remainder of… – Continue reading

I-T Dept inks 11 agreements to solve transfer-pricing issues

Of these, one advance pricing agreement has a ‘rollback provision’ The government has concluded 11 agreements to tax multi-national companies via the transfer-pricing mode. Of these, one advance pricing agreement (APA) has a ‘rollback provision’, which means those relating to previous years. The government has signed 22 APAs so far… – Continue reading

Finance Ministry to clean-up trade transfer pricing norms to make doing business easy

NEW DELHI: India proposes a major clean-up of decade-and-a-halfold rules that govern the prices of imports by related parties – such as arms of multinationals from their parent – in an attempt to reduce delays and disputes and make it easier to do business. The finance ministry is not just… – Continue reading

New PE Language for BEPS Scales Back Earlier Drafts

Through tweaks to the Model Tax Convention, the OECD believes its work on profit shifting will stem elaborate structures, such as commissionaire arrangements, used by large multinationals to avoid the creation of a permanent establishment. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, however, responded to concerns from taxpayers by narrowing… – Continue reading

Stricter norms likely for transfer pricing

MUMBAI: India’s forthcoming budget may draw from some of the recommendations, especially in the realm of transfer pricing, contained in the final package of ‘Base Erosion and Profit Shifting’ (BEPS) measures, rolled out in October. Certain anti-abuse measures, such as thin capitalization, which for tax purposes disallows interest payments beyond… – Continue reading

Retro tax still a concern for foreign investors: John Hobster

Foreign investors are still concerned about the retrospective taxation in India, but the concerns have alleviated a little due to assurances by the government, says John Hobster, global head (transfer pricing), EY. He tells Dilasha Seth that in terms of transfer pricing, things are changing in India not only at… – Continue reading

Developments in Transfer pricing and the impact of actions of OECD BEPS

2nd Symposium of CR for transfer pricing The 2nd Symposium Transfer Pricing organized by EY Greece, exactly one year after the successful organization of the 1st Symposium was intended as the developments in transfer pricing in Greece and international tax developments, focusing on the recently finalized OECD Actions tackling Erosion… – Continue reading

Transparency is best tonic for multinational tax avoidance

‘Special purpose’ approach by accountants hides corporate secrets Amid the maelstrom over the GST, the Senate last night passed what may be the most useful piece of legislation yet to combat multinational tax avoidance. The new law was not carried by the government, whose track record on tackling big tax… – Continue reading

EY: Broadening the taxable basis across the GCC and MENA

To increase the scope of income tax laws, GCC countries are pursuing tax determinations with significantly broader interpretations of activities or actions that constitute doing business in-country. New concepts like Virtual Service Permanent Establishment and dependent agents are being used in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to determine taxable presence or… – Continue reading

Tax system slow to adapt to digital economy’s rise

LOST REVENUE:A lack of regulations on taxing cross-border Web-based content and services providers puts their local peers at a disadvantage, Ernst & Young said The nation’s tax system is relatively behind developed markets in adapting to the proliferation of the digital economy, which has resulted in lost revenues for the… – Continue reading

Transfer pricing makes big splash on global taxes

Multinationals have generated big-time revenues with its subsidiaries spread all over the world, which means huge profits and that’s taxable income. In recent years, a number of conglomerates – Amazon, Apple, Google and Starbucks – have engaged in so-called profit-shifting (profit allocation) via transfer pricing methods to pay minuscule taxes…. – Continue reading

MNCs in India may find it difficult to dodge taxmen

Multinational companies (MNCs) in India which have been evading tax on profits created due to a function carried out in the country by shifting contractual risk to some other location may soon find it difficult to escape the domestic tax net. Experts closely working with the government on how to… – Continue reading

David Gauke Outlines UK’s Response To BEPS Reports

David Gauke, the Financial Secretary to the UK Treasury, has said that international agreement on the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) reports “is just the start of the process of reform.” In a speech to EY’s 34th Annual International Tax Conference, Gauke said: “To ensure timely, effective implementation,… – Continue reading

CBDT inks 4 more advance pricing pacts

MUMBAI: The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on October 13 signed four unilateral advance pricing agreements (APAs), including India’s second APA with a rollback provision. The nature of the transactions covered under these agreements varied from software development to share price valuation. According to government sources, the total number… – Continue reading

EY Malta to host a seminar on FATCA and OECD Common Reporting Standard

As a business leader, EY is proud to announce a seminar from its series of regulatory updates, aimed to keep stakeholders abreast of current changes in legislation. The FATCA and OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) seminar will be held on October 20, 2015 at the Hilton, St Julian’s between 08:30… – Continue reading

‘Mistrust’ hampering continental trade

Pretoria – Trade between African countries remains low, despite efforts to harmonise taxation to allow for the free movement of goods and services. Tax experts this week warned mistrust between countries remains the greatest detractor to achieve harmony and increase intra-trade. Intra-Africa trade was only 11.3 percent of the continent’s… – Continue reading

Proposal to make arbitration mandatory under MAP dropped

India opposed the proposal saying it impinges on the sovereign rights of developing countries in taxation New Delhi: An international proposal to make arbitration mandatory and binding under mutual agreement procedures (MAP) in tax treaties has been dropped after India strongly opposed it. Last year, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation… – Continue reading

Singapore bankers rattled by Asian moves to chase hidden wealth

Singapore-based wealth managers, already under pressure from a global move towards tax information sharing, face a more immediate threat as Asian countries including Indonesia and India look to chase undeclared money in the low-tax city state. A global crackdown on tax evasion launched during the 2008 financial crisis has already… – Continue reading

What we know will be in the Senate inquiry’s interim report on multinational tax avoidance

The Senate inquiry into multinational tax avoidance will table an interim report today detailing some of its findings after holding five public hearings and receiving more than 100 submissions from some of the world’s largest companies including Apple, Microsoft, BHP, Rio Tinto and Google. The final report is due to… – Continue reading

Tax authorities urged to be more vigilant over the super-rich

Revenue authorities need to be “vigilant” in monitoring the super-rich, according to research that called on many of them to improve their scrutiny of their richest taxpayers, reports the Financial Times. The study by the Paris-based OECD is a further sign of the pressure on tax departments to squeeze more… – Continue reading

EY: MENA governments considering new tax measures to meet budget expenditures

The evolving tax landscape in the MENA region was discussed at the EY MENA Tax Conference held recently in London. The conference was attended by EY Tax specialists and senior finance and tax executives from major European companies with investments in the MENA region. Sherif El-Kilany, MENA Tax Leader, EY,… – Continue reading

Justice Department Announces Two Banks Reach Resolutions under Swiss Bank Program : Banque Pasche SA Will Pay $7.229 Million Penalty and ARVEST Privatbank AG Will Pay $1.044 Million Penalty; Both Continue to Cooperate With Department of Justice

Washington, DC—(ENEWSPF)—July 9, 2015. The Department of Justice announced today that two banks, Banque Pasche SA and ARVEST Privatbank AG, have reached resolutions under the department’s Swiss Bank Program. “Banque Pasche and ARVEST have provided detailed information regarding the ways in which Swiss banks helped U.S. taxpayers conceal foreign accounts… – Continue reading

OECD establishes roadmap for membership with Lithuania

10/07/2015 – The OECD set out a clear path for Lithuania’s accession to the Organisation, reinforcing the OECD’s commitment to further extend its global membership. On 8 July 2015 the 34 OECD Members adopted the Roadmap for the Accession of Lithuania to the OECD Convention setting out the terms, conditions… – Continue reading

Crackdown on multinational tax avoidance likely to be thwarted, says expert

The G20’s efforts to crack down on multinational tax avoidance are likely to be defeated by national self-interest, particularly from the United States, one of Australasia’s top tax advisers says, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Rod Houng-Lee, formerly Asia Pacific Tax Leader head of tax in Asia Pacific for big-four… – Continue reading

Businesses lax on tax transparency – EY

In the face of increased regulatory pressure from the OECD, the European Commission and various national governments, tax transparency is becoming an extremely important issue. However, many companies lack the systems and resources to adequately respond to these new global tax disclosure and transparency requirements, according to a report from… – Continue reading

Unnerved by tax demands on capital gains, foreign funds flee for safety

The minimum alternate tax row has damaged the credibility of government promises to enforce an investor-friendly tax regime and made the Indian stock market Asia’s worst performer this year New Delhi/Mumbai: Castleton Investment Ltd, a unit of GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK), in 2012 asked an arm of the Indian finance ministry… – Continue reading

Bahamas Releases Proposed FATCA Legislation & Guidance Notes For Industry Consultation

The Bahamas Ministry of Financial Services released draft copies of the FATCA Legislation and the FATCA Guidance Notes to meet the International Tax Compliance Requirements of the Model 1 FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the Bahamas and the United States of America (US). The new FATCA Bill was drafted in… – Continue reading

Deloitte partner concerned proposed tax law changes targeting foreign corporates will sting NZ banks and thus NZers

There are fears the Government’s plans to prevent foreign controlled banks from slipping under the taxman’s radar, could end up hitting their New Zealand customers in the pocket. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is proposing to impose a higher tax burden on non-resident investors who get income from interest, dividends… – Continue reading

Relief for FIIs, India allays fears on tax claims topping US$6.4 bn

The government on Wednesday assured over 1,000 foreign institutional investors (FIIs) across the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore they can avail of treaty benefits to ward off tax demands on capital gains booked over the years till March 31, reports the Financial Express. The development is significant given the… – Continue reading

UFIA Bill could impact Make in India policy: Sonu Iyer

Interview with Partner and National Leader, Human Capital Services, EY India The Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of Tax) Bill, 2015, popularly called the “anti-black money bill” has been in the news for its stringent and sweeping provisions. Sonu Iyer, partner and national leader, human capital services, EY India,… – Continue reading

Future Fund refuses to appear before Senate tax avoidance inquiry

Inquiry sparked by leaked Luxembourg files naming the sovereign wealth fund among dozens of Australian companies using elaborate structures to cut tax bills The $100bn Future Fund has refused to give evidence to a Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance despite being named in leaked documents last year among scores… – Continue reading

Articles – Budget 2015 predictions: EY’s runner and riders

The Chancellor will take credit for the improving state of the economy and public finances, but real policy changes will have to wait until after the election. Chris Sanger, Head of Tax Policy at EY, comments: “With this Budget announced in the dying embers of the coalition, next week’s event… – Continue reading

seminar highlights FATCA and CRS challenges for 2015

Local businesses still have a lot to consider for the next stages of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) implementation, delegates heard at a recent breakfast seminar hosted by EY. The event, led by Wendy Martin, EY’s Tax Executive Director, highlighted the recent updates made to the FATCA guidance… – Continue reading

Big companies need to tell the public how much tax they pay, says business lobby group CTA

The group that represents most of the ASX 200 on tax issues, the Corporate Tax Association, has emerged as a surprise advocate of increasing transparency about the amount of taxes big companies pay. The Corporate Tax Association’s submission to the inquiry into corporate tax avoidance said it had concerns about… – Continue reading

Packer’s PBL in latest tax leak: report

Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL) allegedly negotiated a secret deal with the Swiss government when James Packer was chief executive officer, which set a tax rate of less than 2.15 per cent for the media group’s intra-company loans, The Australian Financial Review reports. According to correspondence obtained by the newspaper,… – Continue reading