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Tax Netflix and other e-commerce companies, say Canadians and CRA professionals

OTTAWA, Feb. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The federal government needn’t worry about a consumer backlash to a sales tax on Canadians’ Netflix accounts, if newly released results from an Environics Research poll and a separate survey of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax professionals are any indication, says the Professional… – Continue reading

Chile May Tax eCommerce Companies 19 Pct

Chile is considering a 19 percent tax on multinational eCommerce companies like Amazon, Netflix and Uber. Finance Minister Felipe Larrain made the announcement on Thursday (Jan. 10), and if it comes to fruition, the rate would be almost double what was originally proposed, Reuters reported. The Chilean Chamber of Commerce,… – Continue reading

‘Netflix’ tax fury boils over as locals seek level playing field

Australian small businesses are frustrated over the introduction of the “Netflix tax”, with claims the government is failing to properly crack down on multinational tax avoidance. As Australian consumers prepare to fork out up to 20 per cent more for digital services, business owners are calling foul, declaring the tax… – Continue reading

Apple, Netflix, MS and IBM may have to pay `google tax’

The `Google tax’ could soon ensnare the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Apple and Netflix, which provide online services in India. Cloud computing companies and content providers with customers in the country may be needed to pay equalisation levy on their revenue from the next financial year as… – Continue reading

Google And The UK Tax System – Tax Avoidance?

For several years now Google has been facing what appears to be a case of tax avoidance in the UK, at some point in time, the company went as far saying it did not make any money from business in the UK all in a desperate attempt to pay less… – Continue reading

‘Unavoidable’ Netflix Tax enters Parliament

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison says overseas companies selling digital products to Australians will not be able to avoid paying the GST. The so-called Netflix Tax that would see overseas-based businesses selling digital products to Australians collect 10 percent GST has entered the House of Representatives. Introduced by Treasurer Scott Morrison,… – Continue reading

Netflix is latest multi-million-pound global company that does not pay UK corporation tax despite generating £200m of revenue in Britain

Netflix the online movie rental service did not pay any UK corporation tax last year, despite generating an income of £200million in Britain. The world’s biggest internet movie streaming service has five million subscribers in the UK alone and has proved a hit by offering U.S. shows like House of… – Continue reading

Call for care on tax changes

New Zealand needs to be careful not to get out of step with the rest of the world in implementing tax changes on multinational companies seeking to minimise their tax obligations, Deloitte Dunedin tax partner Peter Truman says. The Government this week released a report on Base Erosion and Profit… – Continue reading

Govt amends ‘Netflix’ tax bill for GST on digital goods

Multinationals selling more than $75k into Australia asked to comply. The Australian government has released its revised exposure draft of legislation that would see GST added to all locally-bought digital products and services sold by overseas vendors by July 2017. In May this year former Treasurer Joe Hockey revealed plans… – Continue reading

These eight Massachusetts companies have used offshore tax havens

BOSTON – Tax havens are legal, but proponents of tax reform say eight companies headquartered in Massachusetts are using them and costing the state millions of dollars in revenue. The MassPIRG Education Fund and Citizens for Tax Justice released a report on Tuesday saying 72 percent of Fortune 500 companies… – Continue reading

The “Netflix tax” – coming to a country near you

The arrival of Netflix in Australia has brought into sharp relief the GST base erosion problem caused by global digital commerce. Along with the non-taxation of low-value imported goods, the absence of GST on services and digital products imported by consumers represents an omission from the tax base that is… – Continue reading

Senate tax inquiry: Google, Apple, Microsoft policies highlight golden days of tax laxness

There was a moment on Tuesday evening – hours before the first public hearing of the Senate inquiry into corporate tax evasion – when Treasurer Joe Hockey and his advisers should have sensed a firestorm approaching. Sandwiched between a story on a Gold Coast diet blogger accused of pinching other… – Continue reading

Google, Apple and Microsoft defend tax set-up that shifts revenue offshore

Executives tell Senate inquiry paying tax overseas for Australian sales is how the global tax system works, while News Corp Australia demands Netflix pays GST Senior executives from three major tech firms have defended corporate structures which allow most of the revenue from their Australian operations to be taxed in… – Continue reading

Simon Moutter says offshore online rivals enjoy an unfair tax advantage and should have to make an equal contribution to NZ society

It has been said taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society. So what happens when some of the wealthiest companies in the world don’t pay toward the upkeep of the societies they operate in? No one likes paying taxes. In my opinion taxes should be as low… – Continue reading

Netflix won’t charge Australians GST

Sparks are flying after Netflix said it would not charge GST on the Australian version of its online television service which launches next Tuesday. United States-based Netflix, Quickflix, Foxtel Play, Presto and Stan, partly owned by Fairfax Media, are locked in a bidding battle to secure the best programs for… – Continue reading

Digital tax increase to take effect in Europe

Europe’s tax showdown could be headed straight to people’s wallets. With the new year, a change in fiscal rules in the European Union is increasing the tax on many purchases of digital content like e-books and smartphone applications. Under the new rules, first approved in 2008, the tax rate on… – Continue reading

Report: Netflix Sets French Headquarters In Luxembourg to Bypass Regulations

PARIS — Netflix is set to follow iTunes and Google’s footsteps: The service is expected to launch in Gaul in the fall but will be headquartered Luxembourg in order to avoid the heavy French regulations. French newspaper Les Echos reported the move will bring Netflix’s French outpost together with its other European headquarters —… – Continue reading

Brazil tries to grasp online cross-border taxation

The Brazilian government has been trying to catch up on a number of areas of the digital economy, one of them being online cross-border taxation – but not without controversy. During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) last month, the Brazilian communications minister Paulo Bernardo said Brazil is a “tax haven”… – Continue reading