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Luxembourg removed from blacklist

Meeting in Barbados, members of the Global Forum will vote Friday night on Luxembourg on the report examining the country in line with international standards of fiscal transparency. This vote will be a mere formality since experts have already been doing an inventory of business reforms by the government for… – Continue reading

Malta remains against tax harmonization

Speaking at an informal meeting of the Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) in Luxembourg, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna once again expressed Malta’s opposition to tax harmonization. “Taxation remains a sensitive area for Malta, not only because of its obvious role in the revenue collection process, but also as an important… – Continue reading

EIB must tighten rules on low tax jurisdictions, NGOs warn

The European Investment Bank (EIB) must tighten up its lending rules to prevent its money being funnelled through tax havens, NGOs have warned in a new report, reports EU Observer. The report ‘Towards a Responsible Taxation Policy for the EIB’, published on Tuesday (21 April) by transparency NGOs Re-Common and… – Continue reading

EIB: From bad banking to good banking

Like many other public banks, the European Investment Bank (EIB) leverages its own means by acting as a catalyst for private investment through various financial mechanisms. Too often, though, attempts to attract private capital result in unpredictable risks and higher-than projected costs for the public coffer, write Xavier Sol and… – Continue reading

Action Aid Zambia urges ZRA to get information on Tax evasion from EIB

Action Aid Zambia has welcomed the European Ombudsman ruling that the European Investment Bank (EIB) should reconsider its refusal to grant access to the findings of their investigation into alleged tax dodging by mining company Glencore’s Mopani subsidiary. And Action Aid Zambia has called on Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to… – Continue reading

EU bank breaches own rules in Glencore Zambia tax dodging investigation

The European Investment Bank, which gives loans and grants using taxpayers’ money, acted wrongly when it refused to disclose details of alleged tax evasion by mining giant Glencore, the EU’s watchdog has ruled. The EIB failed to disclose the results of its own investigation into the allegations surrounding a mining… – Continue reading

ActionAid Asks EIB to Publish Report on Mopani Tax Evasion

The following joint press release was circulated by non-governmental organisations ActionAid Zambia, Christian Aid, and Counter Balance, including the full text of their letter appealing to the European Investment Bank (EIB) to publish their findings on possible tax evasion activity at the Mopani Copper Mine, which is owned and operated… – Continue reading

Glencore report: European Investment Bank must drag its secrets into the light

Reasons given by the bank for refusing to publish findings of an investigation into alleged tax evasion remain unconvincing When commodities giant Glencore publishes its half-yearly report on Wednesday, it is unlikely to mention what may be a significant victory for the firm. This relates to an investigation into allegations… – Continue reading