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EU targets lawyers and accountants in tax-avoidance clampdown

Jean-Claude Juncker tells MEPs legislation will try to solve ‘real problem’ of experts helping clients exploit tax laws Brussels is preparing to crack down on accountants and lawyers running tax-avoidance schemes in response to the Panama Papers scandal that showed how the rich and powerful hide their money. Jean-Claude Juncker,… – Continue reading

Juncker accused of blocking EU efforts against tax avoidance

Jean-Claude Juncker deliberately blocked the EU’s efforts to fight tax avoidance while in office as prime minister of Luxembourg, according to documents revealed by The Guardian and the International Consortium of Journalists. EurActiv France reports. Member states have supposedly spent the last two decades cooperating in the committee on business… – Continue reading

Luxembourg to sharpen tax rules for intra-group financing

Luxembourg on Tuesday said it would sharpen its corporate tax rules, making it more difficult for large corporations to avoid tax by channelling funds through the small European country, a practice exposed in media reports known as “LuxLeaks”. The rules, entering into force on Jan. 1, firm up the “arm’s… – Continue reading

European Parliament Begins Panama Papers Probe Despite Tax Haven Splits

Members of the European Parliament, September 27, have begun their investigation into the Panama Papers scandal, which exposed the sheer extent of rich people and companies using offshore tax havens to reduce their tax liabilities in EU member states. However, the latest probe comes on the back of another investigation… – Continue reading

Luxembourg may be focus of another Brussels tax inquiry

After state aid inquiries into Amazon and McDonald’s, EU looks again at Luxembourg The European Commission may open a fresh investigation into tax rulings offered by Luxembourg as early as this week, as EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager continues her clampdown against corporate tax avoidance. Luxembourg is already awaiting a… – Continue reading

Ireland risks being trampled in US/EU corporate tax fight

For the last three years, the international debate on tax policy was all about consensus. Led by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, countries across the globe agreed that aggressive tax planning by multinational corporations which pushed profits into low-tax countries – or indeed took profits outside the charge… – Continue reading

Exclusive: EU aims to rule on Amazon’s Luxembourg tax deal by July – sources

BRUSSELS – EU state aid regulators aim to rule on Amazon’s (AMZN.O) tax deal with Luxembourg by July, two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday, and it may order the country’s tax authorities to recover about 400 million euros ($448 million) in back taxes. The European Commission’s decision… – Continue reading

Tax tensions between the US and Europe hit new high

In the final session of the two day Global Tax Conference at Dublin Castle yesterday, a senior Canadian tax advisor used the analogy of children playing football to describe the relationship between multinationals and government when it comes to tax. In a kids football match, he said, when the ball… – Continue reading

Revealed: how Project Goldcrest helped Amazon avoid huge sums in tax

Documents released during the internet giant’s court battle with the US Internal Revenue Service over a possible $1.5bn in unpaid taxes detail a complex restructuring and a deal with Luxembourg that delivered Amazon multimillion-dollar savings Amazon is facing a landmark court ruling in the US that could prise open its… – Continue reading

EU Tax Proposal Expected To Target Multinational Corporations

Large multinational corporations such as, Apple, Google and Starbucks with operations in Europe have long been able to keep the tax rate they pay in one country secret, not only from neighboring nations but also from their competitors. Critics say this lack of transparency has allowed companies to unfairly… – Continue reading

EU to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance schemes

Multinational companies are facing severe constraints on their ability to avoid taxes on their activities in Europe as regulators seek to close loopholes laid bare by the LuxLeaks scandal Pierre Moscovici, the EU’s tax policy chief, will set out plans next week to curb practices such as using debt interest… – Continue reading

Law Case Launched Against European Commission Over Tax Probe Cover-Up

Documentary Evidence European Union lawmakers sitting on the TAXE committee investigating corporate tax evasion in Europe say they have become frustrated at changes to their mandate and the unwillingness of the European Commission to hand over documents for their investigation. The matter is all the more personal as Commission President… – Continue reading

McDonald’s Investigated for European Tax Evasion

The U.S. multinational will likely be investigated for evading taxes with Luxembourg’s help, following a report by trade unions earlier this year. McDonald’s is under investigation by European Union regulators for illegal tax deals with Luxembourg, according to sources close to the inquiry. The multinational—joining a list of EU tax… – Continue reading

‘Dark clouds on horizon’ for Malta’s financial services industry

KPMG, PN leader warn that proposals recently approved by European Parliament could threaten Malta’s booming financial services industry New European initiatives could threaten Malta’s sovereignty over its own fiscal affairs, KPMG partner Juanita Bencini warned. “There are dark clouds on the horizon and a closer European union may not necessarily… – Continue reading

Preferential multinational tax agreements under fire – European Parliament

A European Parliamentary debate this afternoon discussed measures that would lead to the curtailing of tax evasion and avoidance. A debate was sparked last year when it was revealed that Luxembourg had struck preferential multi-billion dollar tax deals with some of the world’s largest multinational corporations. This debate has been… – Continue reading

Taxing issue: multinationals respond to EP proposals to make them pay their fair share

€1 trillion a year: that’s how much tax evasion and tax avoidance is costing European tax payers every year, according to the European Commission. Parliament set up a special committee to investigate these practices in the wake of the Luxleaks scandals and came up with plans to ensure multinationals pay… – Continue reading

Cantillon: no escape from tax talk at G20 summit

Leaders of world’s major economies gather in Turkish city of Antalya Leaders of the world’s major economies gather in the Turkish city of Antalya this weekend for the tenth annual G20 summit. The summit takes place at a sensitive moment in international affairs. The war in Syria and the resulting… – Continue reading

Evidence of efforts to help multinationals avoid tax strengthen call for proper EU investigation

Over the weekend, German news magazine, Der Spiegel, reported that over many years EU member states such as Luxembourg and the Netherlands have sabotaged attempts to counter profit shifting to low tax jurisdictions via ‘patent boxes’ under the political leadership of current President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker,… – Continue reading

LuxLeaks: Little change in tax avoidance loopholes one year on from revelations

British MEP Anneliese Dodds has accused national governments of hampering progress in tackling corporate tax dodging, warning that EU capitals are “far too focussed on their own self-interests”. On the anniversary of the breaking of the LuxLeaks scandal, Dodds said MEPs had made some progress in stamping out aggressive tax… – Continue reading

Tusk and Juncker set out the EU’s agenda in advance of G20 meeting

The President of the European Council Donald Tusk and the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who are representing the European Union at the G20 summit in Antalya (Turkey) on November 15th and 16th, have set out the EU’s agenda in a joint letter sent to EU Heads of… – Continue reading

Is Europe Honest Enough To Deal With Tax-Dodgers?

The EU tax rulings against Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler are but trifles compared to the ones extant against Apple and Amazon. Everyone lies about tax. Holland said it followed international tax standards when everyone knows it’s a corporate tax haven. That’s why ST has its HQ there. Ireland and Luxembourg… – Continue reading

Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler’s tax avoidance deals to be ruled illegal

Companies face multimillion-euro repayment bills after EC’s 15-month investigation. Rulings on Amazon and Apple will follow Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler are expected to be billed for tens of millions of euros in additional taxes as the European commission prepares to rule that they had unlawful deals with the Netherlands and… – Continue reading

A Tax Revolution in the Making in EU

Europe’s stiff-neckedness is difficult to cure. To come to an agreement for supranational treatment of a certain issue there needs to be a large cataclysm or at least a large scandal. In the case of taxation policy the problem begins to gain urgent and most importantly European status after the… – Continue reading

OECD Beps: Biggest corporate tax reform plan since 1920s

On Monday (5 Oct) the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will present its final Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (Beps) project corporate tax reform proposals and on Tuesday the Ecofin council of EU finance ministers, is expected to agree on the exchange of tax rulings between member… – Continue reading

EU’s Juncker releases secret ‘Luxleaks’ tax advice

Secret Luxembourg document discussed risks of special tax deals, but Jean-Claude Juncker says he cannot remember discussing it with its author The president of the European Commission faces fresh questions about his role in designing Luxembourg’s controversial system of “sweetheart” tax deals after he released an 18-year old document that… – Continue reading

Jean-Claude Juncker denies link to Luxembourg tax deals

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has denied involvement in sweetheart deals that allowed hundreds of multinationals to slash their tax bills by locating to Luxembourg, despite being prime minister of the country for almost 20 years, reports the Financial Times. Facing questions from a committee of EU lawmakers set up… – Continue reading

Facebook lobbyists face ban ban from European Parliament

EU committee set up to investigate aggressive tax planning concludes its report in weeks Lobbyists representing internet company Facebook could be banned from entering the European Parliament following a request by the parliament’s special committee on tax to revoke access to multinationals who refused to cooperate with the committee’s inquiries…. – Continue reading

Transparency International: Juncker must endorse public scrutiny of multinationals

Transparency International called today on European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to publicly support legislation that would allow citizens to scrutinise the corporate taxes paid by multinational companies to governments. Juncker will appear tomorrow in front of a special tax committee at the European Parliament to defend the Commission’s track record… – Continue reading

Tax scandal probe hit by setback as EU refuses to hand over documents to MEPs

The European Commission is refusing to hand over documents to MEPs investigating whether EU member states are using special tax regimes that favour large multinational corporations such as Facebook and Amazon. EU economics commissioner Pierre Moscovici wrote to the European Parliament’s special committee on tax rulings (TAXE) this week claiming… – Continue reading

Member states stonewall EP tax probe

HMRC reintroduces Australian fund to Rops listEU member states are lobbying the European Commission to prevent it from disclosing information on tax rulings to a European Parliament probe, reports the EU Observer. EU economics commissioner Pierre Moscovici, in a letter sent Monday (31 August) to the head of the parliament’s… – Continue reading

Luxembourg’s Euro Note Love Affair Raises Eyebrows Over Taxes

While the European single currency’s existential crisis drags on in Athens, it turns out Luxembourg likes its euros — a lot — as foreigners with accounts in the Grand Duchy try to stay one step ahead of the taxman. Luxembourg’s central bank issued 15 percent more euro notes in 2013,… – Continue reading

intellectual property state aid apple fiat starbucks jean-claude juncker ireland luxembourg netherlands automatic exchange of information eu legislation Tax Information Exchange Agreements

Governments that offer multi-national firms sweetheart tax deals should not be allowed to benefit if the European Union orders them to claw back the aid, according to a new report by the European Parliament’s special committee on tax rulings. Instead, the proceeds should be “returned to the member states which… – Continue reading

Multinationals must publish tax payments, MEPs say

MEPs have backed rules that would require multinationals to report their tax payments on a country-by-country basis. Deputies in Strasbourg voted by a 556 votes to 67 margin on Wednesday (8 July) to approve plans to re-write the EU’s eight-year old Shareholders’ Rights Directive that would require listed companies to… – Continue reading

EU finance ministers back efforts to fight tax avoidance by multinationals

European finance ministers have backed efforts to fight rampant tax avoidance by multinationals in the wake of the LuxLeaks scandal. But European Union members face tough negotiations to work out the details. Under a new plan the bloc’s 28 countries would share tax deals agreed with some of the world’s… – Continue reading

EIB: From bad banking to good banking

Like many other public banks, the European Investment Bank (EIB) leverages its own means by acting as a catalyst for private investment through various financial mechanisms. Too often, though, attempts to attract private capital result in unpredictable risks and higher-than projected costs for the public coffer, write Xavier Sol and… – Continue reading

He’s only in the job 27 days but the EC boss has already survived a motion of no confidence

The new head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has faced, and survived a motion of no confidence, just weeks after taking up his role. MEPs wanted to censure the Commission, headed by the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, in the wake of revelations that multinational companies used his country… – Continue reading

Jean-Claude Juncker saved from censure over Luxembourg tax schemes

Centrist parties vote down European parliament motion criticising commission president’s role in tax avoidance schemes Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European commission, has survived a motion of censure in the European parliament brought because of his role in tax avoidance schemes. The motion brought by Britain’s Ukip, France’s Front National,… – Continue reading

Juncker holds ground on tax avoidance before EU confidence vote

Strasbourg, France (dpa) – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker urged lawmakers on Monday to trust his determination to tackle tax avoidance, ahead of a parliamentary confidence vote related to a tax scandal in his native Luxembourg. The controversy, known as LuxLeaks, grew out of allegations by a team of investigative… – Continue reading