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Norway’s Parliament Rejects ‘Google Tax’ Proposal

Norway’s parliament, the Storting, has rejected a legislative proposal for the introduction of a tax on digital business models, labeled the “Google tax,” recommending instead that the Government explore the issue of digital taxation in partnership with the OECD. In rejecting the proposal, introduced by parliamentary commissioner Une Bastholm of… – Continue reading

Norway Advocates Global Digital Tax Solution

The Norwegian Government is considering possibilities for the taxation of multinational companies’ “value creation” in Norway, including in the area of value-added tax, although it said that it would prefer a multilateral agreement on any new measure. In a letter to the parliamentary finance committee dated January 18, Finance Minister… – Continue reading

There Is a Raging Battle of Tax Codes with China and the US Starting the Race

The GOP tax bill that was signed into law by the white house late last year, significantly reduced corporate taxes which has piled pressure on other significant economies around the world to adjust so as not to lose investors to the United States. Just hours after President Trump signed the… – Continue reading

Study: The ultra-rich hide 25 percent of their wealth in tax havens

A study released May 28 by University of California Berkeley economist Gabriel Zucman and two Scandinavian colleagues, “Tax Evasion and Inequality,” demonstrates that global wealth inequality is drastically underestimated in official statistics because of how successful the super-rich are at evading taxes. According to the paper, the super-rich, that is… – Continue reading

Swedish Bank Merger Rules Aim to Limit Risk of Tax Imbalance

A plan by Nordea Bank AB to merge with subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland and Norway has prompted Sweden to revise its laws to minimize the risk of a tax imbalance when a foreign company’s shares and other financial instruments are merged with those of domestic company. Effective Jan. 1, the… – Continue reading

Switzerland eyes AEOI with 21 countries

Switzerland, which has been working to end its years-long practice of banking secrecy, on Thursday said it aimed to dramatically increase the number of countries it cooperates with toward international fiscal transparency. The Swiss government said in a statement that it wanted to extend the automatic exchange of information (AEOI)… – Continue reading

Ireland risks being trampled in US/EU corporate tax fight

For the last three years, the international debate on tax policy was all about consensus. Led by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, countries across the globe agreed that aggressive tax planning by multinational corporations which pushed profits into low-tax countries – or indeed took profits outside the charge… – Continue reading

After Brexit, EU proposes tougher tax rules on trusts

The European Commission will propose on Tuesday stricter rules on trusts to prevent tax evasion, according to draft legislation seen by Reuters, in a move that Britain has long opposed and which was deferred until after the Brexit referendum. The EU push to identify owners of trusts has been in… – Continue reading

Beyond FATCA, Costa Rica Adopts “GATCA” Tax Reporting Measures

The unpopular Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) of the United States has set off a rash of similar legislation around the world, and Costa Rica has been eager to adopt these international asset reporting treaties, which many taxpayers consider overreaching and in violation of financial privacy. The Costa Rica… – Continue reading

DNB to reveal tax haven customers

Scandal-plagued Norwegian bank DNB has agreed to turn over information to state tax authorities about Norwegian customers who have held bank accounts set up in tax havens by DNB’s own operation in Luxembourg. The future of DNB’s board of directors, meanwhile, was in doubt following heavy criticism that neither DNB’s… – Continue reading

Once A Tax Haven, Gibraltar Now Says It’s Low-Tax

Gibraltar, a tiny British territory at Europe’s southern tip, is famous for its geography — a huge limestone rock — that appears on the Prudential logo. It’s a global center for offshore banking, with the trappings of wealth to prove it: Luxury high-rises tower over super yachts in Gibraltar’s marina. The… – Continue reading

David Cameron’s finances touched a nerve – tax openness is the answer

Nearly half of people say the Prime Minister’s handling of his finances was ‘morally repugnant’, according to our opinion poll, and they support public tax returns for all As the fallout from the fallout from the Panama Papers leak begins to settle, the Prime Minister is left contemplating the damage… – Continue reading

UAE, Finland sign agreement on exchange of information for tax purposes

ABU DHABI: The United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Finland have signed an agreement on the exchange of information for tax purposes between the two countries. The agreement was signed by Younis Haji Al Khoori, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, MoF, and Riitta Swan, Ambassador of Finland to… – Continue reading

Zambia signing its way out of tax revenues-ActionAid Zambia

A new report from ActionAid titled ‘Mistreated’ released this week has revealed that Zambia has 13 restrictive tax treaties that dramatically restrict the government’s power to tax global companies doing business on our soil and therefore unfairly limit our country’s potential to collect tax revenue. The report also found that… – Continue reading

Getting to the crux of Ncell buyout deal

CAN NEPAL IMPOSE CAPITAL GAINS TAX ON NCELL BUYOUT DEAL? This question has been making rounds ever since TeliaSonera, the largest shareholder in Nepali telecom operator, Ncell, announced its decision to sell 60.4 per cent of its stake in the telecom company to Malaysian giant, Axiata, for $1.03 billion. Divergent… – Continue reading

Tanzania: Managing Tax Risks – Double Tax Treaties and Implications

Can tax treaty provisions override domestic law?In our last article we defined double taxation as an exposure to tax more than once on the same profit or income. We also highlighted the two types of double taxation i.e. economic double taxation and juridical double taxation and also noted that a… – Continue reading

31 nations sign agreement on exchange of country-by-country transfer pricing reports

In an effort to provide their tax administrations with more tools to combat corporate tax avoidance through transfer pricing, officials from 31 countries today signed an agreement setting out the parameters for automatic exchange of country-by-country reports on large multinational corporations. The agreement — the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on… – Continue reading

S. Korea, Macau to sign tax information exchange agreement

Macau’s Financial Services Bureau (DSF) has confirmed to Business Daily that the local authority is to sign a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with South Korea, which would add to the existing 15 jurisdictions that have already signed this agreement with the territory. According to the Bureau, its South Korean… – Continue reading

Can new guidelines get Nigerians into tax net?

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) which is now saddled with the onerous task of getting alternative sources of revenue for the federal government has since adopted a stick and carrot approach to bringing tax payers into the tax net. Assistant Editor, Nduka Chiejina looks at the issues contained in… – Continue reading

Norway: Country-by-country reporting proposal, public consultation

The Norwegian Ministry of Finance published a public consultation paper regarding country-by country reporting for tax purposes. The proposal suggests that multinational groups—when the ultimate parent company is a resident in Norway—would be required to submit country-by country reports. The reporting requirements could also affect foreign group entities that are… – Continue reading

2015: A Watershed Year in Corporate Tax?

Multinational companies have enjoyed a sustained period of falling corporate tax rates around the world. However, with the conclusion of the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting project earlier this year marking the start of fundamental changes to the international tax system, and with governments more determined than ever to… – Continue reading

Swiss, Italy agree deal on taxing cross-border commuters

ZURICH: Negotiators from Switzerland and neighbour Italy reached agreement on Tuesday on how to tax cross-border commuters, wrapping up months of talks that aimed to help Italy crack down on undeclared foreign wealth. The accord, which must be approved by both national governments and parliaments, would see workers paying up… – Continue reading

Broker denies tax fraud

Norway’s organisation which investigates economic crimes, Økokrin, has accused Stein Harald Schie, 63, of hiding NOK485m from the taxman, according to Norwegian daily E24. The brokern disputes that he has withheld tax and said via his defender Nicolai V. Skjerdal that he lives abroad. In a four-page document the Norwegian… – Continue reading

Germany: Tax treaty with Australia, other countries; stock-for-stock transactions

Germany and Australia signed a new income tax treaty that follows, in some instances, the OECD Model Tax Convention, but not in other instances. For example, the treaty includes definitions for installation permanent establishments (PEs) and agency PEs, with the latter defined with a view to the OECD’s base erosion… – Continue reading

France: French Tax Update – Amending Finance Bill For 2015 And Noteworthy Q4 Case Law

The present French Tax Update contains (i) an overview of the main provisions proposed by the draft amending finance bill for 2015 (loi de finances rectificative pour 2015, 2015 Draft Amending Finance Bill), (ii) an update of the parliamentary amendments adopted in respect of the draft finance bill for 2016… – Continue reading

Corporate tax revenues falling- OECD

Corporate tax revenues have been falling across OECD countries since the global economic crisis, putting greater pressure on individual taxpayers to ensure that governments meet financing requirements, according to new data from the OECD’s annual Revenue Statistics publication. Average revenues from corporate incomes and gains fell from 3.6% to 2.8%… – Continue reading


By SYLVESTER MWALE – THE Government has resolved to liquidate the outstanding US$300 million owed to Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development (PTA) Bank accumulated through petroleum importation. The arrears would be dismantled in four installments within a period of one year. Chief Government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili said in… – Continue reading

Kenya and South Africa tax deal takes effect in January

The Kenya-South Africa double taxation agreement comes into force from January 1. An announcement in the November 19, South African government gazette says the agreement applies for taxes withheld at source. “A resident of Kenya will not be taxed on any South African business profits, unless it carries on business… – Continue reading

How Greek shipowners talk up their role, and why that costs Athens millions

On the day he took office as Greece’s shipping minister in June 2012, Kostis Moussouroulis received a visit from a 90-year-old shipowner. He still remembers the older man’s words: “Don’t forget, the best minister of shipping and maritime affairs is the minister who is doing nothing for the shipping industry…. – Continue reading

Tax Inspection With a Human Face?

The FINANCIAL — Apostle Matthew was a tax collector in Galilee — perhaps the most hated occupation in the ancient world. By quitting his job and deciding to follow Jesus, Mathew accomplished one the greatest transformations possible in a person’s life. Modern tax inspectors are certainly not expected to follow… – Continue reading

UAE signs agreement on exchange of information for tax purposes with Norway

The visit aimed to explore ways of developing and promoting the technical partnership as well as exchanging experience on financial and economic affairs between the two parties. The UAE delegation started off with a visit to the Capital of Norway Oslo, during which the Ministry of Finance (MoF), signed an… – Continue reading

EY tax partner warns that foreigners keen to do business here are paying for new property rules requiring you to open a NZ bank account to get an IRD number

Frustrations are mounting, as foreigners keen to do business in New Zealand are getting tangled in red tape aimed at regulating overseas property speculators. EY tax partner, Aaron Quintal, warns the new laws requiring “offshore persons” to have a New Zealand bank account to get an IRD number, are causing… – Continue reading

Swiss Federal Council Approves Liechtenstein, Norway DTAs

The Swiss Federal Council has adopted dispatches on a new double tax agreement (DTA) with Liechtenstein and a protocol to the agreement with Norway. The DTA with Liechtenstein was signed on July 10, 2015. It replaces the existing 1995 treaty. The agreement provides that old age and survivors’ insurance (AHV)… – Continue reading

Israel looks to join int’l anti-money laundering task force

A Financial Action Task Force (FATF) delegation visits Israel this week to consider Israel’s application for membership. “Israel is working tirelessly to upgrade its standing as a regional leader in the struggle against money laundering and financing of terrorism through persistent regulatory changes and a more effective regime. Up until… – Continue reading

Europe wants to get to the core of our Apple issue

The European Commission looks highly likely to make a finding against Ireland in relation to its tax arrangements with Apple, following two similar findings during the week involving Starbucks and Fiat. It is perplexing that the EC doesn’t just come out and make the announcement. The delay is leading to… – Continue reading

Tax Planning for Chinese Investment in U.S. Real Estate

According to recent estimates, Chinese investors represented the largest group of foreign investors in U.S. real estate in the second quarter of 2015 with $1.9 billion in acquisitions. In the last 12 months, Chinese investors acquired $5.9 billion in commercial U.S. real estate, and Asia was second overall to Europe… – Continue reading

Sevan’s agent implicated in Petrobras bribery scandal

An agent who brokered offshore contracts between Sevan Marine and Petrobras in Brazil has come under scrutiny after receiving up to $40m of Sevan’s money into its offshore bank account, Norwegian reports say. The agent’s company is now part of the investigation into whether ex-Sevan Marine employees made bribes to… – Continue reading

NBR to sign deal with Bhutan to avoid double taxation

Bangladesh is set to sign an agreement with Bhutan to avoid double taxation to boost investments, trade and facilitate information exchange between the two Saarc nations, the National Board of Revenue said in a statement. A team led by NBR Chairman Md Nojibur Rahman is now in Thimpu to take… – Continue reading


The Norwegian conservative government on 7 October 2015 published both the proposed state budget for 2016 and a “white paper” containing proposals for tax reform. The proposed tax reform in the white paper is a follow-up action from a report on tax reform, presented by the Tax Commission in late… – Continue reading

OECD: countries commit to minimum standards on international tax dispute resolution

Countries should commit to minimum standards on the resolution of international tax disputes, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said in a report published as part of its base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project.06 Oct 2015 The standards would include a commitment to “seek to resolve” cases… – Continue reading

Singapore: Singapore Tax Treaties: The End Of Limitation Of Relief?

What is limitation of relief? Here is an actual illustration: A client in Singapore has loans to a Spanish SOCIMI, a real estate investment company equivalent to a REIT. Spain requires tax to be deducted at source when interest becomes payable even if in fact the interest is not actually… – Continue reading

Internal Revenue Service Begins Reciprocal Automatic Exchange of Tax Information Under FATCA IGAs

On October 2, 2015, the Internal Revenue Service announced that it had achieved a key milestone in implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), a critical anti-tax evasion law passed by Congress in 2010 but not fully implemented until July 2014. The milestone announced by the IRS was… – Continue reading

It’s Here; The Automatic Exchange of Information Under FATCA Began September 30th

The IRS has announced that as of September 30, 2015 it will implement the automatic exchange of tax information as set forth in the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, (FATCA). The IRS Commissioner in announcing the implementation of the automatic exchange of information stated: “This information exchange is part of… – Continue reading