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Low Paid Don’t Need Pension Tax Breaks, Claims Think-Tank

Don’t give pension saving tax breaks to the poor – they can’t afford to take advantage of them, says an international think-tank that comes up with financial policy for governments. Instead of wasting the retirement incentives on the poor, they should be aimed at high earners who struggle to save… – Continue reading

Finland allowed to tax pensioners in Portugal

Following pressure from the Finnish government and public opinion in the Scandinavian country, Helsinki has announced a deal which will allow it to come after expat pensioners, who are residing in Portugal, for income tax payments from which they were previously exempt. Other EU states have also expressed their aversion… – Continue reading

Malta: Taxation Of Private Pensions

Introduction Malta is increasingly becoming a financial services centre of repute looked at by a number of financial services operators as the ideal platform to set up their private pension schemes. Malta’s success is attributable to the flexible and prudent manner in which the industry is regulated, providing the desired… – Continue reading

Credit Suisse says Milan offices searched by Italian tax police

(Reuters) – Credit Suisse said its offices in Milan were searched by Italian tax police last month, following media reports of an investigation into whether a Bermuda subsidiary of the bank helped wealthy Italians hide undeclared funds. The searches follow a series of investigations against Swiss banks, including Credit Suisse,… – Continue reading