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East West Bank falls short on preventing money laundering, Fed warns

Pasadena’s East West Bank must beef up its efforts to prevent money laundering after federal regulators said its practices were not sufficient. The bank, which has operations in the United States, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, was ordered by the Federal Reserve on Thursday to correct problems with its anti-money-laundering… – Continue reading

Citigroup’s Mexican Operations Under Wider Scrutiny For Possible Money Laundering

Citigroup’s headache over inquires into its Mexican subsidiaries Banamex and Banamex USA’s alleged lax compliance with U.S. federal anti-money-laundering rules just got worse. Last week, the Department of Justice expanded its money-laundering probe of Banamex, Bloomberg reported on Friday. In January, the Department of Justice issued a subpoena to Banamex,… – Continue reading