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Australians ‘wising up’ to use of tax havens, says Andrew Leigh

Shadow assistant treasurer suggests companies consider the image their tax minimisation methods project Andrew Leigh, the shadow assistant federal treasurer, has said companies using offshore tax havens to “get around corporate tax” in Australia risk losing what they save in tax via damage to their reputation. Speaking to Guardian Australia… – Continue reading

Web of Australian Adani solar companies leads to offshore tax havens

Three companies are ultimately owned in the Cayman and British Virgin islands, raising questions about the tax implications of profits generated by solar assets Adani has spread its use of offshore tax havens to its Australian solar projects, providing another avenue that could allow the wealthy Indian family behind the… – Continue reading

Benchmarks trim losses; trade continues in red

Indian equity markets trimmed their losses and continue to trade weak in late morning session on account of selling in frontline blue chip counters. Sentiments remained down-beat with the repot that the Finance Ministry has cut its ambitious disinvestment revenue target by 57% to Rs 30,000 crore for the current… – Continue reading

Chevron tax dodge busted for $322 million

Profit-shifting has not paid off for petroleum multinational Chevron, slugged with a tax bill for $322 million thanks to a Supreme Court decision on Friday. Chevron has been under close scrutiny this year, particularly since a senate inquiry into tax-avoidance in April which also put mining giants BHP, Rio Tinto,… – Continue reading

Treasury doubts over Adani’s Carmichael coal mine: ‘It is unlikely to stack up’

Australia’s largest new coal project will struggle for finance and amounts to a gamble on the future of India’s power supply Queensland Treasury warned the state’s government as it pondered pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the development of the Galilee Basin. Documents released under Queensland’s freedom of information… – Continue reading